Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snow Day!

Well, yesterday was a snow day! The weather called for 6+ inches of snow but I'm thinking we only got 3-4 inches total. The drifting was what made it worse, with 40+ mph wind the east/west roads were drifted shut meaning my driveway got a good three foot drift that my Tahoe didn't really feel like plowing through.

So, to sum up my snowed in day here was my "knight in shining armor" or er maybe just my boy's dad and his big snow scoopin truck. The front of the yard (where he's pushing snow in this picture) doesn't usually have a lot of snow since it all blows and gathers in our yard so there wasn't too much to push here. The other side of the yard however, that's where all that drifting happens and we need his services. I swear, the Nerud's are the best people I could get stuck with sometimes. Travis' dad offered to take me to work today but I told him it wasn't necessary. What a sweetie though to make the offer! I'm so lucky (and spoiled) to have such a caring family whose willing to help me out. Once he finished up our driveway and yard he had to go scoop out his own driveway and go feed the cows by Crete too!

While I watched him scoop us back into the real world, I sat around and stuffed envelopes. Yes, I've had our Christmas cards for about a week now, but I've been lazy and I haven't got around to mailing them. I guess I should have got on it though because I discovered I'm about 20 short so I had to do some quick one hour photo printing at Wal-Mart to get more. It took forever to stuff, lick and label/stamp all of them I tell ya! But, Merry Christmas to all and sorry for those who I forgot to mail them too :)

Oh, and we made SNOW ICE CREAM!! ...wait, you've never heard of it? And you've never had it?! Ohh, girl you're missin out! It's pretty much delish, it tastes like soft serve ice cream you get from Dairy Queen, and here's the kicker, it's easy to make!! Here's how we made it:

-2 eggs
-1 tsp vanilla
-1/2 cup sugar
-1/2 cup half & half
-1 "pinch" of salt
-bowl full of snow

Beat together eggs and vanilla. Combine sugar, half & half and salt with eggs and vanilla mixture. Slowly spoon in snow one big spoon full at a time then "fold" liquid mixture into the snow until it forms an ice cream like texture. Can throw in freezer but it changes textures and becomes more like a sold sheet of ice instead of an ice cream texture. We, of course, never have enough to store in the freezer ;)

I was thinking about it and I think I'm going to attempt some chocolate ice cream. I was thinking about using dry powdered chocolate milk shake mix or maybe some chocolate milk powder. Good luck and find some use of all the snow you're getting this winter. :)

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  1. Snow ice cream is always a great way to celebrate a snow day!

  2. I love snow cream but we never used eggs in our.

    1. I have heard from several others about not using eggs, I'm gonna have to try to come up with a concoction without eggs, just too see if it works without. I'm sure it'd taste just fine ;)

  3. That does look yummy, but I can't imagine finding snow I'd be willing to eat out here on my farm. :-)

    1. hehe That's how we feel sometimes! You should see it now, we were grinding hay yesterday so it's all brown now! Just after a fresh snowfall is of course the recommended time to hunt down some clean snow ;)


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