Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Trying to find ways to make the weeks slow down and enjoy the little moments but finding it difficult. If anyone has any books that would help "teach" me to do this please send the titles and authors my way! I'd love to evaluate my timing and how to live life in slow motion to live in the moment. On another note, I'm already half-way through trying to hit 1000 things in my life I'm thankful for! WooHoo!!

  • The opportunity to participate in Polka With The Stars (spin-off of DWTS but with local celebs and our Czech talent)
  • Rumors of new and exciting adventures in my horizon, a girl can hope and dream for the best!
  • Entering into the final week of this quarter!! Break time :)
  • Fellowship with high school friends, nothing will hopefully tear our lasting friendships apart
  • My blogging buddies for sending words of encouragement and reaching out to check-in on me 
  • Dad for being a supporter of anything I attempt to accomplish
  • The communities encouragement to continue the toy drive, we haven't officially collected yet but what we have collected for toys is stupendous! I'm so surprised and blessed to organizing such a fab event to help families in need
  • Choir practice for giving me an escape for the everyday routine, I'm so glad I'm back in the swing of being busy on weeknights
  • Ordering Christmas cards in time so they'll be sent before Christmas! (this is always my procrastination time but this year they should be here a whole week before Christmas)
  • Thankfully I've pulled up last year's Christmas Card list, so less work involved for me :)
  • Joan for simple phone calls filling me in on some life changing news, ohh, I wish I could blab, but just hold on and wait for a new post
  • Pandora Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift stations for keeping me on track and my head held high
  • Me for attempting new recipes, I haven't found a lot that I really like but hey, we're trying
  • My patience that have held me together over the past couple days, I know Trav's just doing his thing but the littlest things seem to upset me. Here's where that "pick your battles" comes into play and I've just been silently killing him ;)
  • My sister, for being, a sister... Finally she's coming around to the idea we're stuck together forever
  • The Lord for teaching me more about myself and just how thin I can stretch if needed
  • My 101 in 1001 list for encouraging me to reach my short term goals and doing things outside of my bubble
Mistakes are proof that you are trying
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