Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday

This week was actually kind of normal, not running like a chicken with my head cut off but not staring at the clock praying the time hurries up cause the days are dragging. I suppose you could say I had time to just enjoy a week or sanity!

  • A brisk wind nipping at my fingers and toes
  • Smiling faces greeting me at the bank when I come to deposit money
  • The smell of freshly baked chicken
  • Random "love ya" text messages
  • Greeting cards from neighbors and friends
  • Great customer service at Verizon
  • My puppy for not barking all night last night
  • Bubbles baths with steaming hot water
  • The wind whispering prayers and praises at night in the dark
  • Christmas lights shining brightly
  • Sun coming up slowly in the morning, its bright shining rays are signs of hope for a new day again and again, God forgives and promises tomorrow is gonna be even better yet!
  • "likes" from friends I haven't talked to in ages
  • Conversation's overhead from teenage boys at Subway talking about different "screening option plays"  they practiced at basketball practice
  • The beautiful fuzzy hair growing on the ponies reminding us that winter's here
  • Birds singing about the new day ahead that God has restored for us
  • New replacement phone for my broken down blown out speaker one
  • Local stores for having my crafting supply needs (and cheaper than Lincoln)
  • Travis for encouraging me with "words of wisdom"
  • Pinterest for giving me homemade Christmas present ideas, and step by step instructions on how to re-create them!


  1. Aw I like these! The one about the boys is Subway is too cute.

    1. Aww! Well thank you! I love doing it, finding random joys in the world should be done more often. Makes you feel more grateful for the things you do have :)


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