Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Review

This weekend was actually a somewhat relaxing weekend. Celebrated an evening out with friends on Saturday in Lincoln, then Sunday went to church to watch the adorable kids' Christmas program. It was so fun and I can remember when it was me up there wearing Mary's little robe and t-shirt wrap on my head. Now, it's the future generations learning about the birth of our Savior and singing Go Tell It On The Mountain. Cute!!

Sunday evening the youth group crew and I along with my lovely helper Travis (thanks again for being a good sport) drifted up to York to deliver toys. It was almost like we were little elves delivering our goodies to their sleigh, which in turn would allow Santa to distribute them to those little ones who were in need of toys and gifts this Christmas season.

We started out by listening to Thatcher explain to us a little about the history of Epworth Village, then he explained the do's and don't's of hanging out with the guys, nothing too difficult just use common sense. Some small things could potentially cause "triggers" for the boys. Then he "released" them to go hang out with the boys. They were all courteous and kind of shy at first but we slowly warmed up to them and we even got a couple laughs out of them once they realized how much of a goof troop we are. We played pool, ping pong and some other fun games for awhile. Once we finished up playing a couple fun games we let the boys go back to their housing so they could go get supper.

We then followed Thatcher over to one of the living units, it was being re-done but it was one of the higher levels of being watched units. The boys were the ones who were at the same level as a if they were in a psych ward. It's hard for the kids to really grasp the concept of not having the freedom's they have now. We showed them the room where kids that cannot be controlled are placed until they calm down, it's just a simple room that has a steel door that locks. After the touring we took all of the toys over to the "Christmas Store". The kids were amazed at how many toys and clothes were donated, I too, must admit it was overwhelming. Of course a trip wouldn't be complete without eating supper at McDonald's, so we chowed down on some healthy food and then made our way back home.

It was extremely rewarding for not only myself but for the youth to see what a small act of kindness can do for others. I really hope that they will help to continue this toy drive and promote community involvement! Those boxes were huge and we had at least 5 filled along with the others stacked in front. We never did get an official count for all of them but I do know we've got more coming in as some of the pick-up locations still had some left. I cannot wait to see how big the next load will be! I did pull some back for the families in need in our area. I've got at least another box full just for those families so I cannot wait to give them their toys. Such a great community project I can hope and pray builds up and gets bigger! The need is out there, now we just need the helpers.

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