Friday, December 7, 2012

Wreath Display & Storage

Newest idea I created!! I'm tired of all my wreaths getting crushed when I store them during the off seasons. So, I decided instead I'll just hang them in my storage room on the wall. This way it's easy to see which one I need to pull out and what I all have. It was quite simple to do, basically just nail some nails into a wall, or if you live in a place where you can't damage the walls try the command hooks, I'm sure those would hold them just as well. I've got more that will eventually get pulled out and hang up after each season but for now, it's a start.

Also, here's a picture of all of my cute nicely organized storage bins. I have this OCD thing where they all have to match. I found some sweet clear stickers that you attach to the bins and then can place labels in them with what you've got inside. Travis brought up the point that since they're clear they don't really need the labels on them, but I insisted because I love them! Eventually if I ever convert and start buying new totes that aren't clear then I can use the system more efficiently but for now, they work great for what I've intended them for. I just need to print off the rest of the labels to insert into the clear sheets. Oh, and ignore the hideous carpet... It's gross, and I can't help it. I refuse to put new stuff down as we hopefully won't be here forever so spending money doesn't seem plausible!

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