Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Closet Clean-Out

So here's the deal, I've got a huge closet. Like, this closet is a room full of clothes...

Sad part, I've got three loads of laundry downstairs that still need to be finished up. Oh and yes, my t-shirts are in color ROY-G-BIV order for all you fellow OCD-ers like me out there.

This "closet" has a lot of clothes that I'm not wearing or haven't worn in the past year. Said clothes deserve a chance to get worn and loved by someone. So, in hopes to get rid of them and give them a second life, I've created a fbook page and posted other items in there. If you're interested in anything lemme know, we'll work it out. I've shipped a ton out already and can ship it wherever you are! We'll split shipping just to make it fair and I hope you'll give my clothes and other goodies a second life that they deserve. Most of the items are barely worn and some still have tags on them.

On another totally unrelated note, look at my scarf hanger, yup just made it! Now I need to collect all the stragglers laying around the house and add them to this little gem. Oh, and I've got a ton of boots/shoes that I need to clean out still. This is only the pile that stays upstairs. My running shoes have their own separate section hehe

Also, go check out Tennessee Honey, I did my first ever blog post over there!! 
She's a sweetie and I cannot wait to introduce her here on my blog! She'll soon be guest posting for me :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Shop Party 2013

Every year we always do a customer appreciation dinner for all of the clients who have helped to support Travis' business, Spring Creek Repair, over the past year. This year was just as memorable as the previous years with many new memories made. We invite over all of the neighbors and landlords, the customers and of course family and friends and everyone brings over a covered dish. I have to admit, although I do love the good company my favorite part about the evening has to be hands down the food!

The shop gets cleared out of projects and tool boxes, we rent and roll in tables and chairs and we just take a  night off to relax and enjoy each others company. It's a time to get together, enjoy an evening with people you probably won't be spending a whole lot of time with come spring (planting time) and reminisce over the past years fortunes. The place gets packed and if you want to find a spot to sit you'd better hurry otherwise you'll be left standing to socialize. Take a look at these shots I took.

Seriously, not joking, the place. fills. up. The "after" shot was taken that evening once we loaded up the rental tables, the shop looks so empty when all the tables were taken down!

The day of the party the boys set out to cook meat, they always start in the morning and make it an all day thing, I use that alone time to quickly clean the house and fix a couple sides of food if needed. Oh, and I get side tracked and try to catch up on my DVR since it's almost full of episodes of junk I'm watching. ;) Here are some shots of the boys cutting up the meat and all that jazz.

Check out that HUGE smoker they use. We love it when Bruce and the Wohl's come over and take care of making some scrumptious meat! Super yummy, I'm pretty sure they're hired for life! It's hooked up to the new truck the boys bought this year. I was never a major black truck fan but seeing this baby and I'm hooked! It's gorgeous! :)

So then I got a little artsy, this is on the front of their smoker trailer. Cute?! I loved it!

Ok, so like I said earlier, the best part besides the socializing thing, would hands down be the food. I'm talkin all these neighbors that have wives that cook amazing homemade meals, well they all bring over their best covered dish and I'm the lucky soul who gets to sample one of everything! Seriously, nothing I've tasted yet is bad, I'm loving food!! Check out the "empty" and "full" tables, ya, that'd be like five or six long tables FULL of just main course food, then the side tables of about three or four are filled with all the pies and cookies you could dream of. Oh, notice the TEN trays of deviled eggs?! Ya, they were all gone when I got through the line at the end... And check out the meat! Mmm! It's so tasty, like it's super moist and falls apart in your mouth. I'm so lucky that leftovers get taken home with us. I could munch on this for awhile and survive.

And of course, what kind of party would it be without some polkas?! I absolutely love spending time with the Nerud's and I'm always lucky enough to have my dad and my family friends come over to share their talent of Czech music with the group. Bonus, my bestie Mo came with the boys! (She's that young gal mingled in with those old farts). The polka crew I grew up around, Bob is like a second dad to me and Johnny is the offspring of one of my dad's band leaders. Many memories shared with this crew that I will forever cherish!

Little history about me and Maureen for ya: Her dad's the one playing the bass and the one with the kahki pants on, that's my dad (love ya dad), they grew up together, got into a lot of trouble together, drank a couple beers together and played a lot of music in several different bands together. They grew up (not very tall) and they both got married and decided to start families. Well, Galen had Mo and dad was lucky enough to get me. We are both the old child, and we've both got younger sisters. Mo's about a month older than me, we grew up together (not very tall) and we hang out a lot. Don't get into as much trouble as our dad's but we do tend to pull some stunts that we look back on and laugh at. I could not ask for a better friend, she's been there through it all and has never once walked away from a situation when I needed her. It's funny how with time you begin to realize how much a true friendship can mean to a person. I've found a true friend who I'm so excited to pull some more dumb stunts with! So, there's the history on us, now let's hope we both have kiddos that can play together and carry the Beck/Homolka generations on! Perhaps we'll get lucky and both have boys?! 

Ok, back to the shop party. We played polkas and loved it! Those funny looking squeeze boxes, they're called accordion's and if you're Czech (or German) you'd know that we love playing them. Polka music is right up there in the ranks with country classics, I love it! The boom, it's really hard to explain but if you dump salt on a board you can make a grunting/bass noise that kind of sounds good when you mix it all together. The kiddos could care less about the rest of the music they were just fascinated with the broom concept. We danced, oh we danced so much when that band played. Didn't get the concept of two-step but that's ok. Got them interested! Perhaps someday I'll be teaching them the Beseda in the senior group?! We can only hope! 

These pictures are my crazy awesome family. The top picture is of me, my sister and my dad. We love him to death of course. Who wouldn't love a guy who gives you everything and prays for you at night? Ya, I'm gonna have to say that no one will ever replace my dad or get as much love from me. He's pretty special. I know that you're supposed to outlive your parents, but I'm really not sure I want too. I mean, I'm not sure I'd be strong enough to watch the world spin without my dad there for me.

That crazy chick standing next to me is my sister. She's a brat, but we have learned to accept her being a brat and kind of get along. That boy standing next to my sister? Ya, she's his brat. He's actually a cool cat! Real nice, real tall and real cool if you ask me. 

And that boy on the right huggin me, ya he's all mine! Kinda funny, kinda boring, kinda makes me laugh. Back off ladies, that broom that everyone was using to play some tunes was my ride home too!

These two handsome guys below, they melt my heart. That'd be my dad and my boy. If something were to happen to either of them, I'd be lost and my world would fall apart.  I'm pretty sure I'm super lucky to be blessed with such great guys who not only get along, but can play music together! How awesome is that?! Bet you can't say that now can you...

So, that broom was also used to give rides home that night too... don't judge

After most of the guests left we were left with a small crowd of our closest friends. We sat around and socialized for awhile and the kiddos willingly put themselves on clean-up crew. Look how cute they look!!

Once all the tables and chairs were put away we pulled out the accordion and jammed out a little more. Even Darin got in on the fun!!

All in all, another successful year for Spring Creek Repair! With this tough economy it's so nice to know that the shop can still do business and we're lucky enough to have so many supportive customers who continue to do business through the boys.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Sorry I haven't posted as much. This cold weather is really making me fall into a blogging slump. I promise to be out of it and posting soon! In the meantime, enjoy some guest posts by buddies and go check out some of my older posts.

  • You guys for giving me my biggest pageview day of all time, over 816 pageviews
  • All of the lovely ladies that will be sponsoring a giveaway on here (more deets to come)
  • The weather for not getting too chilly
  • Success with selling more clothes, time to start purging
  • Travis for helping with supper
  • Snow for making a lovely white blanket on the farm
  • The ponies for greeting me with anxious neighs
  • Invite from church friends for a Bible study group, it's always great to feel welcomed

Farming On The Four's

We dropped our first official calf of the spring calving season on Sunday, January 20th! You know what that means, babies are coming to the farm! Ohh, I love calving season, not as much as harvest, but calving is right up in there. Seeing a cow carry around their little babe, allowing it to grow inside her for 283 days until it is just perfect is one of God's great gifts and is so magical. Once the lil babies are older they are so fun to watch jump around, chase, climb poo piles and play with each other. 

Of course, it's a little early (and cold) in my eyes to be calving but mother nature told the mamma's its time to drop those babes. Travis is such a trooper, when it's time to calve you've gotta watch the momma's and make sure nothing goes wrong when she's getting ready to have her baby. Which means, you'll be checking cows every couple hours, even throughout the night. Yesterday evening Travis checked and another baby decided to join us, so we've got about 20 left to calve, doesn't seem like too many but we fall calf and have some spring calves. So, we're spreading out the babies through the year. And it's easier to keep track of whose families are whose, Travis' cow's are bred to calve in fall, Dan's (Trav's dad) cattle calve in spring (now). Pairs stay in separate places and no one gets mixed up!

It's always a fun little game to name the first bucket calf of the season, last year the first spring calf I named Eugene, he was a cute little bug! The picture above is of him, he was a bit older as you can tell by the t-shirt and green grass but I still loved him! This past fall, the first bottle calf I named Dolly, if you know me, you'd know her last name is Parton... You can read more about little miss Dolly P on this post. Oh and the second bottle calf from fall, named him Dwight, take a guess on his last name. (starts with a Y and I went to his concert earlier this year)

Check out our fall calves and their mamma's  Since it was cold we laid out some new straw for them, and they nicely laid in a straight line right where we left the straw. Kind of silly to see all the families out there cuddled into a nice straight line! So, around forty families didn't all fit into that little row but the ones who did were super glad we gave them some warmth and bedding to rest on.

The weather right now downright stinks and I'm ready to pick up and move out! It's five degrees outside, literally, and my toes have been frozen for a month straight. I cannot wait for the warm weather, I want to be laying in my hammock reading a book or even gardening, oh how I long to be sweating right now! Hmph!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update to Company Contact Challenge

Updating my Company Contact Challenge list from my previous post, here's what I've gotten from those I've contacted this far. I'll of course check back in later with more updates, I haven't had time with the holidays to contact more companies but by golly I'm gonna make it a mission to continue to find more companies and contact hopefully ten to twenty a week from here on out! Once I tackle this list I'm going to attempt to add more and organize this list for others, I'd like to see sections so if you're looking for specific products you can find them easier.

Here's a sweet challenge I found and I encourage all of you to join me in it! It's the Company Contact Challenge. The challenge, to contact as many of these companies as possible and ask for free products or coupons. I've started it, and I'll keep track by crossing the items off as I contact them. I'll update with what they've contacted me with if I get something in response or products from them. I hope you join me, let's see who finishes the list first and who gets the most goodies out of the deal!

**Update, forgot to mention that I extremely suggest that you create a separate e-mail account and dedicate it just to this and couponing. I used to get a ton of junk mail from companies and it would clog up my inbox so by creating a separate e-mail addy I use it for stuff like this and keep my personal one less bogged down.**

Letter/Mail Responses: 43/66
  1. BirdsEye (no coupons available at this time)
  2. Sensodyone (mailed 16 misc coupons for products, $20 total in coupons)
  3. Starkist Tuna (subscribe to our mailing list to receive coupons)
  4. Idahoan (not running any coupons, but added to coupon club)
  5. Cole’s Garlic Bread
  6. Arm & Hammer
  7. Windex
  8. Uncle Ben’s (no coupons available at this time, join website to find coupons)
  9. Whiskas (mailed me $4 in coupons)
  10. Lipton (sent me $10.60 in coupons, 12 coupons total)
  11. Zatarains (mailed $1 in coupons)
  12. Mrs. T’s Pierogies
  13. 9 Lives
  14. Barber Foods (mailing me coupons)
  15. Banquet
  16. Del Monte Veggies (sign up for our coupon club online)
  17. Blue Diamond (mailed $5.50 in coupons)
  18. Florida’s Natural (mailed $1 worth of coupons)
  19. Campbell’s (sign up for our coupon club and look in newspapers)
  20. Jose Ole
  21. Malt O Meal (mailed $1.50 in coupons)
  22. Haagen Dazs (mailed me $1 in coupons)
  23. Tillamook (nothing available at this time)
  24. Michelena’s (mailed $2 in coupons)
  25. Kotex
  26. Luigi’s Italian Ice (mailed me $.50 in coupons)
  27. Hostess (check website for occasional coupons)
  28. Edy’s (mailed $1.50 in coupons)
  29. Tyson (checking with the coupon dept if they have any)
  30. Hatfield (told me to join the coupon club)
  31. Hillshire Farm
  32. Bic
  33. Eucerin (mailed $9 in coupons)
  34. Farm Rich
  35. Kozy Shack
  36. Mt. Olive (mailed $7.10 in coupons, 9 total and also a magnet)
  37. Pilgrim’s Pride (gave me a link to print coupons 2/month)
  38. Healthy Balance
  39. Mrs. Smith’s (don't send out coupons, look in stores for sales)
  40. Perdue (don't send out coupons, sign up for the club if want some)
  41. Viva Paper Towel
  42. Edward’s Pies (no coupons available at this time)
  43. Kashi (don't send out coupons, told to look in newspapers)
  44. Schick
  45. Smart Ones
  46. Ling Ling’s (mailing me coupons)
  47. Horizon (mailed $.55 in coupons, only send 1 coupon per customer)
  48. Land O Lakes (can request coupons twice per year, mailed $2.65 in coupons)
  49. Sargento
  50. Dannon (no coupons available at this time)
  51. Bolthouse Juice
  52. Tribe Hummus (Mailed $3 in coupons)
  53. 7 Up (can't send coupons, too many requests)
  54. Morningstar Farms (don't send out coupons, watch for promos)
  55. Welch’s (mailed $1.50 in coupons)
  56. McCain’s Fries (not offering coupons, watch paper for coupons)
  57. Vlasic
  58. Stonyfield Farm (don't send out coupons, sign up for their e-mails)
  59. Keebler (don't send out coupons, watch for coupons in the paper)
  60. Arnold Bread
  61. Freihof’s Bread (not offering coupons right now)
  62. St. Ives (don't send coupons, sign up for their e-mail club)
  63. Ronzoni (don't offer coupons right now)
  64. Tropicana (not offering any right now)
  65. Ball Park Franks
  66. Clorox (don't offer any besides what you can print on their site)
  67. PictSweet
  68. Lean Cuisine (thanks for compliments, no coupons offered)
  69. Olivio
  70. Tide (look in the paper)
  71. Chef Boyardee
  72. Propel (don't mail coupons out)
  73. Bagel Bites
  74. Snapple (impossible to send coupons to everyone)
  75. Clearasil (don't send out coupons, look in the paper)
  76. Rumba Juice
  77. Luna Bars
  78. Mott’s
  79. White House Applesauce
  80. Natures Own Breads (not available in our area)
  81. Cascadian Farms
  82. Brach’s Candy
  83. Fast Fixin’s
  84. Carl Budding
  85. Bar-S Hot Dogs
  86. Hawaiian Punch
  87. Bigelow Tea
  88. El Montery
  89. Wylers Soups
  90. Nexcare
  91. Sunny Delight
  92. Freschetta
  93. Dunkin Donuts
  94. Blistex
  95. Little Crow Foods
  96. Promise
  97. Pepperidge Farm
  98. Greenies
  99. Crayola
  100. Gorton’s Fish
  101. Hanes
  102. Marie Calendar
  103. Pine-Sol
  104. Foster Farms
  105. General Mills
  106. Rhodes Bread
  107. Breyers
  108. Duncan Hines
  109. Sea Pak Shrimp
  110. Dole
  111. Mama Mary’s
  112. IBC Root Beer
  113. Dial Soap
  114. Bakers Joy
  115. Jennie-O Turkey
  116. Barbara’s Bakery
  117. Ian’s Natural
  118. Hansen’s Beverage
  119. Alexia Foods
  120. Brown Cow Yogurt
  121. Ocean Spray
  122. Flat Out Bread
  123. Rudi’s Organic
  124. Mussleman’s Applesauce
  125. Skinny Cow
  126. Baker’s Inn Bread
  127. Silk Soy Milk
  128. Shady Brook Farms
  129. Mrs. Dash
  130. Rice Dream
  131. Blue Bunny
  132. Sobe
  133. Michangelo’s Frozen Entrees
  134. Mission Tortillas
  135. State Fair Corn Dogs
  136. Splenda
  137. Equal Exchange
  138. Odwalla
  139. Ray’s New York Bagels
  140. Nissin Noodles
  141. Yogi Tea
  142. Al Fresco
  143. Ben and Jerry’s
  144. Tony’s Pizza
  145. Asian Sensations
  146. Red Baron
  147. Freschetta
  148. Gillette Venus
  149. Suave
  150. Lady Speed Stick
  151. Jennie O
  152. Downy
  153. Glade
  154. Mardi Gras
  155. Oreida
  156. Skintamate
  157. Raid
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting To Know Each Other

So, I saw this awesome post and it "inspired" me to go ahead and give it a try! I know I've got a small amount of followers but you've got to start the interaction sometime, so I suppose we can start here. Today we're going to do something fun, I want to learn more about my followers, some of you I know personally, other's I have yet to meet. Fill out the questioner and let me get to know you better. Some of these are totally random but I found them comical. Good luck!

Leave a comment with your answers or blog your answers and "link up" to this post! Don't forget to add my button so people can play along with us. I'll of course be adding fun new random questions so be sure to follow me so you can get in on future rounds!
  1. Which shoe do you put on first? Really it depends on what I've got in my hands or if they're sitting perfectly lined up or thrown in a pile. Typically right though.
  2. What is the one thing you love most about my blog? Finding buddies and followers, plus getting to tell my story and having something to look back on and remember my daily life in years to come
  3. Do you re-gift gifts you've received from others? Well, what the crap am I going to do with fifty bottles of lotion?! Is that even a fair question?!
  4. Have you ever tried to sue someone? Not yet, but there are days that I'm likely to get sued due to premeditated murderous thoughts ;)
  5. What's the reasoning behind your blog name (if you have one)? Well, my name's Kelsey, and I'm using this space to let you know what I've been up too... simple enough
  6. What body part do you wash first? Personal, TMI but I suppose I go right into it and go for the hair, let those little strands soak I say!
  7. When's your birthday? Once a year
  8. Do you enjoy the name your parents named you or would you change it? Yup, sure enjoy Kelsey-Love-To-Polka-Homolka, the only possible change I'd ever make is my last name, let's just hope I find something hilarious to rhyme Nerud with
  9. Can you parallel park or do you drive around the block? I drive a Tahoe, nope, drive around the block and walk the distance
  10. Any funny nicknames you've received over the years? Don't judge, but in high school, my nickname was Homo, (homoLKA) is my last name, you get the drift...
  11. Have you ever been cow-tipping or snipe-hunting? Uh, nope, but I've sent a couple friends out for the snipes while I was the get-away vehicle ;)
  12. Pinterest? What's the one thing you pin the most? (leave your link too!) Probably a toss up between food/wedding/babies... All that I realistically don't have. Follow me!
  13. What do you loathe about housework the most? The dusting or the dishes, I despise them equally
  14. Are you a morning or night person? All nighter baby!!!
  15. What's your favorite holiday? Czech Days, then Christmas...
Told you some of them are silly! Throw in your info and link it up! Also, don't forget to leave your blog link so I can find you and "follow" you if I don't already!

PS: Don't forget I'm gearing up for a fun giveaway soon! If you're interested in sponsoring get a hold of me! Plenty of PR for you and a great opportunity to get your foot in the door, I'll offer a larger ad space if you choose to sponsor also!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

#86 from 101 in 1001

86. Update with at least one recipe a week for a month straight

Well, I'd say I hit that (finally)! I just needed a couple weeks off of classes so I had enough time in the week to gather the needed supplies to throw the recipes together. The best part, I'm loving having new things to add to my cook book!

Nov 26th Oreo Truffles
Dec 3rd  Grilled Avocado Sandwich
Dec 11th Bacon & Corn Bread
Dec 20th Snow Ice Cream
Dec 28th Chicken Alfredo Bake
Jan 4th Amish White Bread
Jan 8th Crockpot Cheesy Chicken Pasta Bake
Jan 16th Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

So, there's my list of four PLUS a couple more weeks added on. Oh, did I mention that I've got three or four more written but waiting to post? I'm waiting for the perfect opportunity to post them. I feel like with the holiday's I've been overwhelming you with a million posts so I figured a few a day and eventually I'll get all of them out there. I also re-organized my recipe binders, I'll post about that later as well.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sponsor My Giveaway

Short post, but wanted to let everyone know I'm doing a giveaway since I've hit so many awesome followers! I wanted to thank you guys for helping me to get a good kick start on this bloggy so if you've got something you'd like to include in the giveaway by all means contact me! This could be the perfect opportunity to get a little PR time in for your blog and spread the word in hopes to get new followers also. Whether it be an ad spot on your blog, an actual product you make/sell or even a gift card any products are welcome. I'll of course highlight all the sponsors of the giveaway and give you a guest post if you'd like! Or, if you're interested we can swap sponsorship in giveaways, I'm willing to give products to your giveaway if you've got one coming up! Let me know ladies (and gents) and we'll get the ball rolling so we can release this awesome giveaway to everyone soon! :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Shower Gift

So, I was wanting to do a homemade type gift for a friends baby shower but I waited until last minute so I didn't have a ton of time to pull something together. I'm one of those people who likes to personalize gifts, I mean everyone can buy a simple gift but I want my friends to remember that I gave them the gift when they go to use those items. I would have loved to make a wet-bag or those cute stickers for onesies for each month, I guess it's unfortunate I'm such a procrastinator. Instead, I opted for store bought gifts (off of her registry) and then made they cute-sie by adding little quotes to go with the items.

Here's what I started out with. A bunch of random items off of her registry. I choose a lot of smaller items because I like to give practical items that the mommy asks for. I try to veer away from binkys and bottles but I knew she wanted these so I'm hoping she'll get some use out of them. It's so hard to buy the right binky and I swear that you can buy 50 different kinds before you find one that your baby likes (talking to other mama's, that's what they claim anyways.) Also the hangers are totally re-usable for other babies and spoons and bowls are always needed.

The bag, I choose to use a reusable tote because it's not a cute gift bag that gets tossed but can be used for baby and toddler time after time. Bonus, it's HUGE so you can shove a ton of stuff in it.

Then, I made up cute little rhymes to go with each item. I know some were really cheesy and some didn't really rhyme but it worked. Printed them off, stuck them to some card stock paper I had and then tied them on with some string. I would have liked to use some cute ribbon but I only had girl colors so passed on those.

Here are some close up shots of all of the items and what the little tags attached to them look like. Cute!!

Here are the rhymes that I used for each item. You can of course find other rhymes that match if you buy other items for the baby.

Bowls: Being away from food too long can take its toll, but not as long as you remember to take my bowl.
Bottle: I love my bottle when I take a sip, so sit back awhile and don't take it away until the last drip.
Binky: Use this binky instead of a pinky to keep me quite so I'm not cranky.
Lotion: This is the perfect potion, I love the smell of my new lotion.
Brush/Comb: Comb me, brush me, just don't forget to love me!
Toy Blocks: Baby loves to laugh and play, let's hope these blocks will make his day!
Clothes: It's a brand new day, dress me up and take me out to play!
Nail Clippers: Mommy don't forget my feet! Use these tiny clippers to make sure I don't scratch my sheets.
Wipes: Don't forget the wipes, you'll need these to clean my dipes.
Hangers: I know my clothes may be small, but trust me mom you'll need these once I learn to crawl!
Spoons: Time to eat! Use these little spoons to give my tummy something yummy to eat!
Monkey Toy: Crinkle, Crinkle, I love the sound when it wrinkles!

Just top with a little tissue paper once you arrange all the items nicely. So, there you ladies have it! This is a cute, personalized gift you can give to soon-to-be mommy's that steps up the ordinary registry items a special touch!

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind for my little blog! I was lucky enough to be featured in some bigger blogs and in response my stats have really increased. Gotta catch my break someday right?!

  • ChapStick for taking care of me in these times of dry lips (specifically EOS brand)
  • Travis for making me breakfast without me begging or whining about it
  • The hilarious new show Double Divas, seriously, check it out
  • Coupon Contact Challenge for pushing me to contact companies for more coups
  • The rain, we've needed it!
  • My four-wheel-drive in my Tahoe (see above for reasoning)
  • ALL of my new followers, I've had like 20+ newbies and I love you all, thanks for getting the word out there for me :)
  • Swagbucks shop online tool for giving me more points which will be used for giftcards for friends
  • Big Brother for coming back on tv in June (hey I've gotta have something to look forward too)
  • Dad for surprising me with a gift of beef! We've been in need of it but we're just tight asses who are getting by with chicken and steaks. Finally BEEF! I'm so excited for this :)
  • Friends for asking questions on couponing and the ways I use my system, I love helping others 
  • Fellow bloggers for featuring me in their blogs! Nothing better than getting a message letting me know I've been featured
  • The feeling of finally being back in my couponing realm, it's been a couple weeks off and I miss it!
  • An evening with the two boys grocery shopping at Sam's club, they can always make a trip more fun
  • Heated leather seats in the Tahoe, these 19 degree mornings can be a bit chilly for my bum
  • School for being almost done, two more classes left and this girl will have TWO degrees, woop woop!
  • Smell of twenty new Scentsy bars all mixed together
  • Shoes... Let's Get Some Shoes... (youtube it)
  • A night out on the town with my girls who kidnapped me last weekend, oh it's so fun to be kidnapped and love by friends
  • Neighing of a pony excited to see me
  • Fog and all it's mysteries it brings to a new morning
  • Pinterest and my recipe boards for inspiring me to get creative and try new things

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

Who remembers eating those frozen Banquet Chicken Pot Pies as a kid? I can fondly remember them and quite frankly, fell in love with the turkey ones myself.  Now I'm not complaining about them, they were quick and easy and since most of the time we were too busy to sit down and eat meals together these worked great to make something for yourself.

Buut, you know me and my 2013 goals of trying to make more homemade meals and buy less, so of course I jumped on the new recipe I got from my cousin in her cookbook she made me for Christmas. Best part, the recipe was a success and WILL make it into my cookbook! The prep time was minimal and the cook time wasn't that long either. Although Travis hates peas he agreed that this was alright and he'd suffer through them because the rest tasted so good. Score!

-24 oz frozen mixed veggies
-2 (10 3/4 oz) cans of cream of chicken soup
-3 chicken breasts (cooked and diced)
-2 thawed pic crusts

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Cook up chicken breasts and set aside to cool, once cooled cube into bit sized pieces
3. Prepare veggies as directed on package. Do not drain. I tweaked this part a little bit, at Wal-Mart the baggies were $.98 for 16 oz so I bought two, instead of adding 24 oz exactly I ended up using only 16 oz and we felt there were plenty of veggies. If you really want the 24 oz feel free to add it but rest assured that 16 oz will be plenty if you choose to get the smaller bag. Also, which cooking my veggies I added a ton of spices and butter. You can of course omit the butter but make sure to add your own spices otherwise it'll end up extremely bland!
4. Mix in cream of chicken soup and cooked chicken breasts. Here was another tweak, we used about 3 1/2 chicken breasts because we're big meat eaters. If you choose the 24 oz of veggies you might not need to add the extra chicken.
5. Heat mixture until bubbly, I put it on medium heat until just warm and mine turned out fine.
6. Unwrap pie crusts and roll one onto the bottom of the pie tin. If you'd like to cut a fun shape into the top one with a cookie cutter here's your chance. We didn't because I was too lazy to drag mine out. Lay the other pie crust aside to go on top.
7. Add chicken and veggie mixture into the pie pan.
8. Cover with other pie crust and make sure to seal edges so your mixture doesn't leak out! If you didn't use a cookie cutter shape on the top make sure to poke holes to allow air to get out while cooking. I did a cute little design with a knife.
9. Bake for 25 minutes or until crust is golden brown.

*Can also put mixture into a casserole dish and top with biscuits instead of using pie crust*

It turned out amazing like I've already said a million times. Next time we're going to try some roast chunks and add in cream of mushroom soup instead. Fingers crossed it turns out as yummy as this did!

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