Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Shower Gift

So, I was wanting to do a homemade type gift for a friends baby shower but I waited until last minute so I didn't have a ton of time to pull something together. I'm one of those people who likes to personalize gifts, I mean everyone can buy a simple gift but I want my friends to remember that I gave them the gift when they go to use those items. I would have loved to make a wet-bag or those cute stickers for onesies for each month, I guess it's unfortunate I'm such a procrastinator. Instead, I opted for store bought gifts (off of her registry) and then made they cute-sie by adding little quotes to go with the items.

Here's what I started out with. A bunch of random items off of her registry. I choose a lot of smaller items because I like to give practical items that the mommy asks for. I try to veer away from binkys and bottles but I knew she wanted these so I'm hoping she'll get some use out of them. It's so hard to buy the right binky and I swear that you can buy 50 different kinds before you find one that your baby likes (talking to other mama's, that's what they claim anyways.) Also the hangers are totally re-usable for other babies and spoons and bowls are always needed.

The bag, I choose to use a reusable tote because it's not a cute gift bag that gets tossed but can be used for baby and toddler time after time. Bonus, it's HUGE so you can shove a ton of stuff in it.

Then, I made up cute little rhymes to go with each item. I know some were really cheesy and some didn't really rhyme but it worked. Printed them off, stuck them to some card stock paper I had and then tied them on with some string. I would have liked to use some cute ribbon but I only had girl colors so passed on those.

Here are some close up shots of all of the items and what the little tags attached to them look like. Cute!!

Here are the rhymes that I used for each item. You can of course find other rhymes that match if you buy other items for the baby.

Bowls: Being away from food too long can take its toll, but not as long as you remember to take my bowl.
Bottle: I love my bottle when I take a sip, so sit back awhile and don't take it away until the last drip.
Binky: Use this binky instead of a pinky to keep me quite so I'm not cranky.
Lotion: This is the perfect potion, I love the smell of my new lotion.
Brush/Comb: Comb me, brush me, just don't forget to love me!
Toy Blocks: Baby loves to laugh and play, let's hope these blocks will make his day!
Clothes: It's a brand new day, dress me up and take me out to play!
Nail Clippers: Mommy don't forget my feet! Use these tiny clippers to make sure I don't scratch my sheets.
Wipes: Don't forget the wipes, you'll need these to clean my dipes.
Hangers: I know my clothes may be small, but trust me mom you'll need these once I learn to crawl!
Spoons: Time to eat! Use these little spoons to give my tummy something yummy to eat!
Monkey Toy: Crinkle, Crinkle, I love the sound when it wrinkles!

Just top with a little tissue paper once you arrange all the items nicely. So, there you ladies have it! This is a cute, personalized gift you can give to soon-to-be mommy's that steps up the ordinary registry items a special touch!

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  1. Cute and creative. I bet she'll love it!

    1. She did actually! The shower was this past weekend and it was a hit. Except for my silly rhyming that was horrible!!

  2. It's so nice to get cute clothes and all when you have a baby, but it's ever BETTER to get useful things like this!


    1. I agree! I'm sure it's great to get some awesome clothes but baby outgrows them quickly. Cups and spoons will be used later down the line!!

  3. Love it! Packed full of great must haves for baby :) Stopping by from Diana Rambles and pinning to my Baby Shower board. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Ahh wonderful! Thanks for stopping by, there's a ton of other cool idaes stored inside my blog too! ;)

  4. Great idea! Stopping by from Pin Me, come by if you get a moment Running Away? I'll Help You Pack!

  5. SO cute! It's been sooo long since I've been to a baby shower!


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