Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Closet Clean-Out

So here's the deal, I've got a huge closet. Like, this closet is a room full of clothes...

Sad part, I've got three loads of laundry downstairs that still need to be finished up. Oh and yes, my t-shirts are in color ROY-G-BIV order for all you fellow OCD-ers like me out there.

This "closet" has a lot of clothes that I'm not wearing or haven't worn in the past year. Said clothes deserve a chance to get worn and loved by someone. So, in hopes to get rid of them and give them a second life, I've created a fbook page and posted other items in there. If you're interested in anything lemme know, we'll work it out. I've shipped a ton out already and can ship it wherever you are! We'll split shipping just to make it fair and I hope you'll give my clothes and other goodies a second life that they deserve. Most of the items are barely worn and some still have tags on them.

On another totally unrelated note, look at my scarf hanger, yup just made it! Now I need to collect all the stragglers laying around the house and add them to this little gem. Oh, and I've got a ton of boots/shoes that I need to clean out still. This is only the pile that stays upstairs. My running shoes have their own separate section hehe

Also, go check out Tennessee Honey, I did my first ever blog post over there!! 
She's a sweetie and I cannot wait to introduce her here on my blog! She'll soon be guest posting for me :)


  1. Feels good to clean everything out! my closet looks so much better, hopefully my friends little sisters like everything they're inheriting.

    1. Oh how lucky! Ya, I'm doing a final attempt to sell then the rest will be free to whomever wants it! I've already sold over $400 worth of clothes and that was before I posted the rest on that page. Ugh, time to clean out and get new cute stuff :)

  2. I'm so jealous of your closet!! Mine is so tiny right now and I hate it! Oh, and I love your scarf collection! A girl can never have enough scarves haha:)

  3. I so wish I had your closet! I have a ton of clothes just jammed packed in mine! I may do what you did and run some items for sale on Facebook. I had never thought about that!!

    *Hugs to ya*

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Demi @

  4. Such a giant closet! The place I currently live doesn't even have half of that! Rehoming clothes is such a great idea though.


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