Monday, January 7, 2013

Feature #2, WooHoo!

Ok, insert happy dance here! Imagine me jumping around excited-ly at about midnight because it's the first time the whole weekend I've got on my blog to check things out and I see my picture on Bliss & Domestic's blog. I was surprised, then scrolled down and low and behold, there I am! A link-back with me :) I was SUPER excited to be featured again on someone's blog! Look at this lil bloggy grow! I'm hoping someday to make it to the big leagues but until then I'll just be happy to be featured in others blogs! Go check out her site, I follow it and of course love her because she's got umpteen million organizing and savings ideas. She's kind like me, except more organized and less scatter brained ;)

Blissful and Domestic

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