Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!!

Happy New Years! Ok, so first post of 2013, make it a good one. HA! Well, I got nothing huge to show off with but I will tell you that last night we did a little celebrating by staying home, making a homemade pizza, and making some more snow ice cream since it snowed all day.

I'm not talkin homemade pizza via the freezer, I'm talking pull out the KitchenAid, dump the yeast in and let the dough rise for an hour homemade pizza. Oh, and it was a personal pan pizza to boot! We added some stuffed crust pizza with like umpteen different kinds of meat and about two pounds of cheese. It was quite scrumptious! We didn't go out last night. We were going to go out but it snowed all day and quite frankly, I didn't feel like getting all gussied up just to go drink too much and stay up too late. So instead, we rang in our third year together at home, making homemade pizza, sipping on some wine (and beer for the mister) and dozing off while attempting to make it to midnight. I love having some alone time to relax and not have to entertain or be the entertainment because I feel like we never just get "us" time. Time where we can relax, watch silly tv shows and celebrate the successful year we've just finished up.

I did everything I could to stay awake, Trav on the other hand, snored half the night away, I finally woke him back up around 11:30 and begged him to watch the MTV NYE show with me. We watched the ball drop, then, within fifteen minutes, we were in bed. But, then I couldn't sleep... Insomniac?! So, there I was at 2:45 am watching I Love Lucy and munching on a kiwi that I cut up. Crazy night I tell ya!

I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store for me. I've come so far and worked my booty off in hopes that someday I can look back and smile knowing I'm doing so many things to help my community. I am so greatful the Lord has found so many positive ways to use me and can only imagine what creative ideas he'll put me through in the years to come. So from us to you, hope your 2013 will make many new memories and you find yourself even more self-fulfilled with many new blessings by this time next year!

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