Wednesday, January 2, 2013

In Search Of...

In search of MAN (or woman) who is going to fit the following description: 

Must be willing to put God first.
God first, how hard can that be? Pretty difficult as proven by many! I want a relationship that God is given the first choice in what happens. Someone openly willing to pray and discuss God's plans without hesitation. I've met plenty of "men" who say they're worshipers of God but their actions always show that they do not respect their religion or women. If they truly loved a woman for her heart they wouldn't hurt her or cause tears. I have always been a seeker of a Christian Warrior of God's Army but I always end up short handed finding that "one" who is leaving a lasting impression of what a Christian relationship looks like. 

Must be willing to put me second.
Well duh! After God comes me right?! I'm not "God-Like" or even trying to put that out there but I feel if you want to marry someone you want to put their emotions, their health and their life ahead of any other priority in life. I truly believe that my husband's needs will come before mine. I want a man who is all about skipping a boys night for me if I have plans, a man whose wanting to watch sappy love crap just for me because it's a new movie out. I know it's selfish but shouldn't I come first after God's needs?!

Must be willing to put family third.
Alright, so after me comes family. Not just mom's and dad's, and the siblings but my extended family and in-laws. Then, once the kiddos come into play (after praying and asking God what he wants for my marriage) then the kiddos take top priority. Even over me!! Family is what makes the household structure form. I want someone whose all about family, creating memories and having too many pictures to choose from of fun times for the Christmas cards at the end of the year. I want to do big vacations, I want to laugh uncontrollably at the crazy moments where my father-in-law is dancing to some Miley Cyrus song, or my two year old is farting and the distraught old lady sitting next to us tells me I have terrible parenting skills because I'm high-fiving said kiddo.

Must be willing to put work fourth.
I understand vacations, houses, vehicles and food cannot come without work being done and that envious green crap comes rolling in but it's not a major priority in my life. It's not something I NEED in order to live. I want to leave this earth with memories of giving back to my community and for my family to know I spent as much time with them as I could. Money is good but you cannot take it with you, have enough to keep you afloat and some in reserve but spend it. Go on that vacation, buy that gadget you saw that all your friends have. Upgrade the bathroom with that jet tub I've been wanting. Hard work shows dedication to your career but don't be so busy building your career that you forget that in the blink of an eye your loved one can be gone and you don't have another chance to tell them you loved them.

Must be willing to put up with my crazy shenanigans.
Just gonna throw it out there, I'm a nut case waiting for my straight jacket to come in the mail! I like to have fun and get loud. I always have been a "free spirit" as some refer to me as and I need someone who can keep up or stand on the sideline to pick my drunk ass up and hold my hair back if need be. I often take on my alter ego "Sara" and I like to flirt. It's a fault but it's a great characteristic to have if you like free drinks and meeting new people. I don't let it go any farther than that, I come home to you ever night so that in itself should prove that I love you but most people don't understand that. I don't mind attention but I do mind when the attention is taken too far. Which leads too...

Must be willing to stand up for me.
Yes, I bring a lot of unwanted attention to myself but I also have a knack for attracting creepers who do not know when to stop. If it's a friend trying to talk to me and I'm not into it just let it go, but if it's some guy who will not leave me alone and refuses to let things go when I tell him I won't dance with him by all means take it away and step in. Here's a little secret to you readers (us ladies like seeing a man who steps up for us once in awhile). It makes us feel like you're protecting us! We love it :) But on the flip side of it, don't start fights just to be a jerk. Know when the right time is to step in but let us handle our own once in awhile.

Must be willing to be interested in fitness.
Now this is something that is totally new in my life but I seriously LOVE IT! I take running seriously, I may not be an avid marathoner or anything like that but I do enjoy running and I want someone who is willing to show interest in it and even participate in fitness activities with me. I'm not a gym rat by any means but I'm all about trying new ways to improve my body. I want a man whose out there running with me, who cares about his food intake and is wanting to improve our lives by working fitness into our daily lifestyles. And, if all else fails and he doesn't actually show interest in running, the least he can do is be super encouraging and be by my side to high five me all the time!

Must be in love with Dolly Parton.
Pssh, ya right. I know it's not realistic but hey a girl can dream right?! No but really, I love her, and as crazy as she may dress her morals and faith is what attracts me to her. Look her up sometime, she gives back as much as she can and she loves God. She writes her music based off of her faith and trust that there's better days coming all the time. Google that woman! 

Alright, those are the basics that deserved to be elaborated on. Now, here are some other requests that I'm just throwing out there. Must be willing to:

Take on home diy projects and make them fun to do together.
Act interested in my blogging since I do it a lot.
Watch chick flicks while chowing down on healthy junk food.
Listen to country music but able to switch over to Miley at any given moment.
Clean up the house!!!!!! (do dishes specifically, I'll do the rest)
Drive to Chipotle's to get me a Chicken Bowl at all hours of the day/night as I request.
Go to kids' games and other events that they're involved in.
Live in the country on a gravel road with dirt roads surrounding us.
Cuddle (without complaints).

So there is my list. Yup, I'm needy and selfish and at this point I don't really care! Like me or leave me, you're either all in or all out. Hard to find it all bundled into one so that's what I'm not picky if you're a male OR female at this point. 

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