Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Opportunities for Advertising!

So, now that I've hit the 45 followers mark I'd LOVE to launch a new chapter in my little bloggy blog. I'm going to start selling ads!! Prices are super cheap because obviously I don't have a lot of traffic (or experience). But, with that being said I'm still hitting over 150 (usually around 200) page views a day so I still consider that successful and I've recently started doing some ad swaps with fellow bloggers that I'm finding to be fun blog buddies with. I've also hit over 18,000 page views so to me, this is another sign that my blog is becoming successful. Go check out my Sponsor Info page for more info and if you have ANY questions please feel free to shoot me an e-mail and I can hopefully reply within an hour or so. 

On another totally separate note, what do you think of the name Keeping Up With Kelsey? Too Long? I'm considering a name change and I'm just gonna throw it out there for you, my followers, to tell me your thoughts!

 So, here's my idea, "Crops, Crafts & Coupons." Ok, now tell me your input  I realize that the design itself isn't finalized I just needed to pull something together quick to give you a visual effect of what the new one could potentially turn into. The other name change I thought of was "Crops, Cows, Crafts & Coupons" but I was wondering if it'd be a little long...

The reasons behind the change are kind of obvious. The main topics I discuss are the 3C's so I figured why not change it? It'd help newbies find me potentially and if I ever choose to buy my domain KuwK is already taken so I'd have to get creative with spelling or something. Plus, I don't like adding my name to the front of my blog link (kelseyhomolka-keepingupwithkelsey) so if I choose something totally different there wouldn't be a need for my name on the blog links! (crops,crafts&

The con's for changing include the fact that I may not talk about the 3C's forever, I may indeed become married or have kiddos and discuss other C's (crap, crying, celebrating, cake, corsages). Or perhaps people already know it as Keeping Up With Kelsey and if I were to change it they wouldn't be able to fine me and they'd loose me forever? I'd love to change it before I get more followers or do anymore formatting or bloggy buttons.

OR, I could completely change it, I received an e-mail from my dad today (love ya dad!) and he suggested that since I'm always preparing things like meals and my grocery store stock ups perhaps I could use the name "Preparation H".... Yes, hilarious I too agree!! The "H" comes from my last name, Homolka. What do you think? Prep H? hehe

All thoughts and input are graciously accepted! Please let it all out and give me your ideas too of course :)

Also, would you do me a favor? I recently started a Facebook page for this lil blog, please go over to Keeping Up With Kelsey and "like" it so you can stay up to date on new posts and I also add other info on there that you might not see make it to my blog!


  1. thanks for the follow! I'm now following you as well. I think Keeping Up With Kelsey is a fine blog name, but if you want to change Preparation H is funny and creative

    1. Thanks for the tips! I'm considering keeping it as is now that I've got all this lovely input! :)

  2. I like all your ideas. I like Keeping Up With Kelsey but it does seem your itching to change, so it is better to do it early on! (although, Dana formerly of FiveThirtyThree just changed to Bloom & Inspire and she's at almost 500 followers) so to each her own! Just go with whatever feel best described you. I talk fairly often... daily... about alcohol, but rarely bourbon. And only occasionally about glitter. As long as it makes you happy, everyone else will love it too!

    1. Ugh! Such tough decisions!! I'm thinking and reconsidering keeping it as KuwK all of a sudeen. Thankfully your guys' imput has made me realize that it's just me. I just need to stick with me thus if I ever have changes it'll still work with me :)

  3. Hey there girl! I'm a new follower! I found your blog while surfing around other blogs :) I see you featured and cruised on over! I know what you mean about name changing and trying to make your blog more or less "your dream job!" I just recently changed mine because I thought my old one didn't fit me anymore. I also just recently bought a domain for my blog. My old blog name already had the matching domain bought so I think that was another reason why I changed. I like Keeping Up With Kelsey. You don't necessarily have to buy that domain. You could do keeping up {dot} com or something else if it's available. Also, if you do purchase a domain, I would just link up that way and not change your blogger address. You will lose your followers and all when you do.

    My blog is located over at but my blogger addy is ... see what I mean? They both go to the same blog which is now {Country} Life with a Front Porch View.

    I just recently started blogging as well. It's been such a rush! I'm loving it! I also love your blog. I read several of your posts on my phone before going to break out the computer to message you!!! If you'd be interested in doing a ad swap with me, I'd love nothing more than to list you on my page. Just let me know! I'm new to the whole advertising part!!

    Here's to a new friendship :)


    1. Eeek! Absolutely let's do some swapping!! Go ahead and add yourself to my sponsor page and use the code to get a free ad and I'll go ahead and check yours out! I love helping fellow bloggers! Any swapping is welcome! Also, I think you're right. Keeping Up With Kelsey is me, it's something that can grow with me and I can find a way to tweak it to really get my url to work. I considered also but that's taken. I'll figure it out eventually! So excited to get to know you a little better and super pumped you found me :)

    2. I got it all done.. I think {lol} and your button is up on my blog as well :)

      I'm so glad we found each other as well! I can't wait to learn new and exciting things from you!! Thanks for the pin also :)

      Btw, what about something like ??? It just came to me, thought I'd throw it out there!

      If you have a personal Facebook page, feel free to add me


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