Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sponsor My Giveaway

Short post, but wanted to let everyone know I'm doing a giveaway since I've hit so many awesome followers! I wanted to thank you guys for helping me to get a good kick start on this bloggy so if you've got something you'd like to include in the giveaway by all means contact me! This could be the perfect opportunity to get a little PR time in for your blog and spread the word in hopes to get new followers also. Whether it be an ad spot on your blog, an actual product you make/sell or even a gift card any products are welcome. I'll of course highlight all the sponsors of the giveaway and give you a guest post if you'd like! Or, if you're interested we can swap sponsorship in giveaways, I'm willing to give products to your giveaway if you've got one coming up! Let me know ladies (and gents) and we'll get the ball rolling so we can release this awesome giveaway to everyone soon! :)

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