Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thankful Thursday

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind for my little blog! I was lucky enough to be featured in some bigger blogs and in response my stats have really increased. Gotta catch my break someday right?!

  • ChapStick for taking care of me in these times of dry lips (specifically EOS brand)
  • Travis for making me breakfast without me begging or whining about it
  • The hilarious new show Double Divas, seriously, check it out
  • Coupon Contact Challenge for pushing me to contact companies for more coups
  • The rain, we've needed it!
  • My four-wheel-drive in my Tahoe (see above for reasoning)
  • ALL of my new followers, I've had like 20+ newbies and I love you all, thanks for getting the word out there for me :)
  • Swagbucks shop online tool for giving me more points which will be used for giftcards for friends
  • Big Brother for coming back on tv in June (hey I've gotta have something to look forward too)
  • Dad for surprising me with a gift of beef! We've been in need of it but we're just tight asses who are getting by with chicken and steaks. Finally BEEF! I'm so excited for this :)
  • Friends for asking questions on couponing and the ways I use my system, I love helping others 
  • Fellow bloggers for featuring me in their blogs! Nothing better than getting a message letting me know I've been featured
  • The feeling of finally being back in my couponing realm, it's been a couple weeks off and I miss it!
  • An evening with the two boys grocery shopping at Sam's club, they can always make a trip more fun
  • Heated leather seats in the Tahoe, these 19 degree mornings can be a bit chilly for my bum
  • School for being almost done, two more classes left and this girl will have TWO degrees, woop woop!
  • Smell of twenty new Scentsy bars all mixed together
  • Shoes... Let's Get Some Shoes... (youtube it)
  • A night out on the town with my girls who kidnapped me last weekend, oh it's so fun to be kidnapped and love by friends
  • Neighing of a pony excited to see me
  • Fog and all it's mysteries it brings to a new morning
  • Pinterest and my recipe boards for inspiring me to get creative and try new things


  1. Glad you are getting great exposure Kelsey! I hope it will all come full circle for me as well :)

    1. It'll come with time! Trust me, I started mine not pushing for other followers and I'm slowily getting them now! Keep your chin up and try pushing for link-ups ;)

  2. I can't wait for Big Brother either! I'm obsessed with that show.

    1. Ohhh goody! Now I have someone to complain to when the wrong ppl get voted off ;)


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