Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thankful Thursdays

Well, the time has come, I know you're all tired of reading these weekly so I'm going to post only every other week but hopefully with twice the amount of blessings.

  • The hectic holiday season for being over.
  • My 2013 starting off to a great start, granted we've only had two days so the years been great so far!
  • A clean(er) house to come home to.
  • Smell of fresh bread baking in the oven
  • The needed days off to get away and reboot my system
  • Snow ice cream and the fresh snow to make it with
  • Setting goals and being excited about them for 2013
  • Taylor Swift on iTunes for getting me through nights of boredom
  • The good Lord for saving my ol pup. He was run over by the tractor yesterday and although he's limping and I'm sure in pain/sore he's still here! I spoiled him and let him in the house last night for awhile and gave him a whole bunch of doggie treats and canned dog food
  • New recipes to try out (thanks for the Christmas present Tina)
  • I Love Lucy for helping me to drift away to dreamland (confession, I cannot fall asleep without Lucy on)
  • Travis for going on my grocery shopping extravaganza with me
  • Perfecting the art of counting to ten and breathing techniques
  • Books for keeping my brain occupied
  • New Years Eve for an evening of staying home and relaxing
  • All of the amazing presents from family and friends
  • Warm space heaters to keep me cozy while I'm upstairs blogging at night
  • Morning neighs from cold ponies begging for a second helping of alfalfa
  • Scent of a new body lotion
On a total side note, would anyone be up for being a "sponsor" on my blog? Ads would be SUPER CHEAP beings I'm still just a small peon in the world of blogging and I'd offer some spots for free even :) Lemme know if you're interested or would have an interest. Would love to help trade spots to give other newbies some help in launching their blog as well. 

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  1. Well I still love your thankfuls! :) I know you already got your free space on my blog, and you are welcome to stay as long as you like!


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