Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Perfect Guy

Ok, so I'll admit it, I'm one of those crazy type A "list makers." I've been making lists since I was old enough to write. What I need at the grocery store, things I need to return, projects I'm working on, homework that's due on certain days, things I'm thankful for, 101 in 1001 goals, yada yada you get my idea. Then, I found this amazing app, WunderList, and fell in love! I am now a cyber list maker, makes life easy being able to pull it up on my phone and computer depending where I'm at!

I also like to keep journals, hence why my blogging career began. I keep oodles and oodles of journals, I find them randomly when going through boxes from high school and college and love reading about my daily life I once had. Man I tell you what though, if I had half the problems I did back when I was in high school my life would be a breeze now! "I didn't want to go to practice tonight, the coaches were mad at us because we lost a game so we had to run an extra half a mile." HA! This blog was a way for me to make my journal of my adult-hood. I wanted to make a public journal to keep me accountable for continuing to write down all the things in my life that have been happening along with wanting to find a way to keep friends and family (and fellow blogger buddies) informed in what's going on in my daily life.

While thumbing through journals I wrote in high school, I came across this "list" I created. I wrote it on 7/15/09, a year after I graduated. (young pup, I know you're saying it in your head!) It was a list about "my perfect guy." Hilarious that I took the time to write a list about this looking back now, but at the time, I guess I was just trying to figure it all out and wanted to be sure the man I would find would fit what I wanted. Well, to date I think Travis really fits into most if not all of these categories! Let's go over it shall we?!
  • Farming potential, wants to farm and has a genuine passion for it -Uh, well, he's a full time self employed farmer so I suppose this fits him perfectly
  • Red tractors! -Kind of true, we run blue tractors but red combines, our older tractors are red but the newbies are blue (same brand just cheaper)
  • Understanding in how big my Czech heritage is/means to me, wants to participate and help with misc related events -Yup, he's got this one "Czeched" off! ;) He actually, is getting better about dancing with me too, I know he puts on a big show about hating to polka with me, but when we are dancing, I see a little smile pop out once in awhile
  • Big with family time -Well, he's getting better about the idea of spending time with me, I'm hoping that once kids are in the picture he'll take more time to spend at home, until then, I enjoy the small moments I do get with him
  • Wants kids (2 or 3, maybe twins) -See!! Even back then I insisted I want twins! But yes, still stuck on 2-3 kiddos, once I have the first, that'll be the decision maker-breaker in more...
  • Likes Fords or Dodges -I can't hold this against him because I now own a Chevy Tahoe so this one I'm willing to forgive him for
  • Wants to settle down in my hometown area or Saline County -Good news, we live less than ten miles from my mom and dads (where I grew up) so in my lifetime thus far, I've never lived farther away from my parents than I could run.
  • Believes in God and is willing and open to talk about religion -He's slow to be a church go-er with me but he has offered to come to service with me once (without me begging) and does come wtih me on holidays, well, it's a start right guys!?
  • Hard working but knows when to put work aside and make me the center of attention -Yes, yes and kinda... He works his rear off and is always trying to finish today what should wait for tomorrow. Hoping that he'll put me first but I've learned that tractors, combines, corn and beans are way more important than MTV or TLC shows.
Well, he fits the description almost down to every last one! Think he's a keeper? I'm thinkin, at least for now he is!! ...Ok, so yes, he's a keeper!

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