Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Update to Company Contact Challenge

Updating my Company Contact Challenge list from my previous post, here's what I've gotten from those I've contacted this far. I'll of course check back in later with more updates, I haven't had time with the holidays to contact more companies but by golly I'm gonna make it a mission to continue to find more companies and contact hopefully ten to twenty a week from here on out! Once I tackle this list I'm going to attempt to add more and organize this list for others, I'd like to see sections so if you're looking for specific products you can find them easier.

Here's a sweet challenge I found and I encourage all of you to join me in it! It's the Company Contact Challenge. The challenge, to contact as many of these companies as possible and ask for free products or coupons. I've started it, and I'll keep track by crossing the items off as I contact them. I'll update with what they've contacted me with if I get something in response or products from them. I hope you join me, let's see who finishes the list first and who gets the most goodies out of the deal!

**Update, forgot to mention that I extremely suggest that you create a separate e-mail account and dedicate it just to this and couponing. I used to get a ton of junk mail from companies and it would clog up my inbox so by creating a separate e-mail addy I use it for stuff like this and keep my personal one less bogged down.**

Letter/Mail Responses: 43/66
  1. BirdsEye (no coupons available at this time)
  2. Sensodyone (mailed 16 misc coupons for products, $20 total in coupons)
  3. Starkist Tuna (subscribe to our mailing list to receive coupons)
  4. Idahoan (not running any coupons, but added to coupon club)
  5. Cole’s Garlic Bread
  6. Arm & Hammer
  7. Windex
  8. Uncle Ben’s (no coupons available at this time, join website to find coupons)
  9. Whiskas (mailed me $4 in coupons)
  10. Lipton (sent me $10.60 in coupons, 12 coupons total)
  11. Zatarains (mailed $1 in coupons)
  12. Mrs. T’s Pierogies
  13. 9 Lives
  14. Barber Foods (mailing me coupons)
  15. Banquet
  16. Del Monte Veggies (sign up for our coupon club online)
  17. Blue Diamond (mailed $5.50 in coupons)
  18. Florida’s Natural (mailed $1 worth of coupons)
  19. Campbell’s (sign up for our coupon club and look in newspapers)
  20. Jose Ole
  21. Malt O Meal (mailed $1.50 in coupons)
  22. Haagen Dazs (mailed me $1 in coupons)
  23. Tillamook (nothing available at this time)
  24. Michelena’s (mailed $2 in coupons)
  25. Kotex
  26. Luigi’s Italian Ice (mailed me $.50 in coupons)
  27. Hostess (check website for occasional coupons)
  28. Edy’s (mailed $1.50 in coupons)
  29. Tyson (checking with the coupon dept if they have any)
  30. Hatfield (told me to join the coupon club)
  31. Hillshire Farm
  32. Bic
  33. Eucerin (mailed $9 in coupons)
  34. Farm Rich
  35. Kozy Shack
  36. Mt. Olive (mailed $7.10 in coupons, 9 total and also a magnet)
  37. Pilgrim’s Pride (gave me a link to print coupons 2/month)
  38. Healthy Balance
  39. Mrs. Smith’s (don't send out coupons, look in stores for sales)
  40. Perdue (don't send out coupons, sign up for the club if want some)
  41. Viva Paper Towel
  42. Edward’s Pies (no coupons available at this time)
  43. Kashi (don't send out coupons, told to look in newspapers)
  44. Schick
  45. Smart Ones
  46. Ling Ling’s (mailing me coupons)
  47. Horizon (mailed $.55 in coupons, only send 1 coupon per customer)
  48. Land O Lakes (can request coupons twice per year, mailed $2.65 in coupons)
  49. Sargento
  50. Dannon (no coupons available at this time)
  51. Bolthouse Juice
  52. Tribe Hummus (Mailed $3 in coupons)
  53. 7 Up (can't send coupons, too many requests)
  54. Morningstar Farms (don't send out coupons, watch for promos)
  55. Welch’s (mailed $1.50 in coupons)
  56. McCain’s Fries (not offering coupons, watch paper for coupons)
  57. Vlasic
  58. Stonyfield Farm (don't send out coupons, sign up for their e-mails)
  59. Keebler (don't send out coupons, watch for coupons in the paper)
  60. Arnold Bread
  61. Freihof’s Bread (not offering coupons right now)
  62. St. Ives (don't send coupons, sign up for their e-mail club)
  63. Ronzoni (don't offer coupons right now)
  64. Tropicana (not offering any right now)
  65. Ball Park Franks
  66. Clorox (don't offer any besides what you can print on their site)
  67. PictSweet
  68. Lean Cuisine (thanks for compliments, no coupons offered)
  69. Olivio
  70. Tide (look in the paper)
  71. Chef Boyardee
  72. Propel (don't mail coupons out)
  73. Bagel Bites
  74. Snapple (impossible to send coupons to everyone)
  75. Clearasil (don't send out coupons, look in the paper)
  76. Rumba Juice
  77. Luna Bars
  78. Mott’s
  79. White House Applesauce
  80. Natures Own Breads (not available in our area)
  81. Cascadian Farms
  82. Brach’s Candy
  83. Fast Fixin’s
  84. Carl Budding
  85. Bar-S Hot Dogs
  86. Hawaiian Punch
  87. Bigelow Tea
  88. El Montery
  89. Wylers Soups
  90. Nexcare
  91. Sunny Delight
  92. Freschetta
  93. Dunkin Donuts
  94. Blistex
  95. Little Crow Foods
  96. Promise
  97. Pepperidge Farm
  98. Greenies
  99. Crayola
  100. Gorton’s Fish
  101. Hanes
  102. Marie Calendar
  103. Pine-Sol
  104. Foster Farms
  105. General Mills
  106. Rhodes Bread
  107. Breyers
  108. Duncan Hines
  109. Sea Pak Shrimp
  110. Dole
  111. Mama Mary’s
  112. IBC Root Beer
  113. Dial Soap
  114. Bakers Joy
  115. Jennie-O Turkey
  116. Barbara’s Bakery
  117. Ian’s Natural
  118. Hansen’s Beverage
  119. Alexia Foods
  120. Brown Cow Yogurt
  121. Ocean Spray
  122. Flat Out Bread
  123. Rudi’s Organic
  124. Mussleman’s Applesauce
  125. Skinny Cow
  126. Baker’s Inn Bread
  127. Silk Soy Milk
  128. Shady Brook Farms
  129. Mrs. Dash
  130. Rice Dream
  131. Blue Bunny
  132. Sobe
  133. Michangelo’s Frozen Entrees
  134. Mission Tortillas
  135. State Fair Corn Dogs
  136. Splenda
  137. Equal Exchange
  138. Odwalla
  139. Ray’s New York Bagels
  140. Nissin Noodles
  141. Yogi Tea
  142. Al Fresco
  143. Ben and Jerry’s
  144. Tony’s Pizza
  145. Asian Sensations
  146. Red Baron
  147. Freschetta
  148. Gillette Venus
  149. Suave
  150. Lady Speed Stick
  151. Jennie O
  152. Downy
  153. Glade
  154. Mardi Gras
  155. Oreida
  156. Skintamate
  157. Raid
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  1. You are... brilliant! I would've never even thought of this idea. If I ever find the time, I am going to do this!

    1. Take it a day at a time, I obviously only got 10-20 more done since my first post, it takes FOREVER to do so I promise you won't finish it in a day or two ;)

  2. wow. Dedication. There's a word. I'd love to have you link this to my party. Have a great weekend. Linda

  3. This is a great idea!! I don't use a lot of name brands, but may consider doing this for the ones I do use!!


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