Saturday, February 23, 2013

Guest Posting Reminder

So here's the dealo, I wanna help you, help yourself! In order to help you I need you to step forth and say you want to take over my blog for the day! I'm offering up a guest post every other Tuesday (or every Tues if we have enough interest) if you're interested on stopping by. Here's my schedule:

March 5th- Eleven Sixty
March 12th- Horseshoes & Pearls
March 19th- Fashion & Beauty Finds
March 26th- open
April 2nd- open
April 9th- open
April 16th- open

As you can tell I'm kinda open right now, please don't be shy, I love introducing newbies to everyone :)

Email me at kelseyhomolka @ OR kelseyhomolka @ OR comment on the post!


  1. At some point I would love to but I'm a new new newbie! ;)

    1. You're welcome to go ahead and sign up at any time :)

  2. I'd love to do a guest post! Would you like me to take March 19th?

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

    1. Absolutely! Shoot me an e-mail and we'll work it out! I'll put you down for that time of course :)

  3. I'm interested, but I've never done one before so I might need some guidance lol

    1. Shoot me an e-mail we'll work out the deets!


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