Friday, February 22, 2013

National FFA Week

Happy National FFA Week!! I know I'm a little late on this post but it's still well deserved! FFA (Future Farmers of America) is an organization that I joined in junior high because it was a place I fit in. A place that gladly accepted cowboy boots, trucks and rebels like myself. I was a bit of an outlaw as my parents will abide to, due to a rebel like stage I felt I needed to go through. But to me, FFA was more than just a group of hicks, it was a group of friends that molded me into a lover of all things ag. It was an inspiration to major in Agriculture and spread my love of the land to others. 

Now I'll have to admit, one of the main people that was always encouraging me was my Ag Teacher in high school. He was always a bit harder on me (I always felt I was the one to get called out when a group of us were doing something wrong) but at the same time, he knew I had the guilty feelings of knowing it was wrong and would learn from it. I loved his classes, he was always finding way to make us laugh (Exhibits A & B, the two middle pictures of us with him, he was always photo bombing everything!) and he was always the one to kick us in gear to excel and do extra projects and fill out more proficiency's for awards or get more scholarship money through ag grants. At the time, we all rolled our eyes, now looking back, I'm super grateful for that lil poker he'd chase us with called ambition. Oh, did I mention that my senior year I spent 5 out of my 8 classes with him? Ya, it's true, he was a pretty cool cat my senior year! :) He really was a great inspiration though in all honesty. Was always encouraging us to do more, to be more involved, to try something new and to work on hitting new levels of awards in all the activities we were involved in.

Another inspiration to my ag love was my dad and grandpa. They always had me out in the grain trucks and tractors with them. I have so many memories of spending time outside with my dad and those memories are ones I'll always cherish. He taught me how to love the land, spend the time needed to make things look nice and truly care about the things that surround you. My grandpa taught me to be patient while sitting in line at COOP and also, that if you give a big ol grandpa I love you smile, you can get a soda and a bag of chips too! Those two men encouraged me to always surround myself with love and laughter, and well, ag and all things that have to do with the country inspire me to love the simplest things in life.

FFA has given me so many opportunities that I otherwise, might not have had the chance to do. I've traveled on countless trips to other schools, other counties, and other states because of contests and to learn more about agriculture. I've got to experience all sorts of aspects of the agricultural world, and I promise there are more opportunities than just farming and working cattle in the ag world. FFA has grown me into a strong, independent woman who knows when to stand my ground and when to allow the soft side to come out.

Another thing that FFA in turn encouraged me to do was to start my Farming On The Four's posts, I mean, they all surround agriculture and what's happening on our farm along with educating all of my blog buddies about how farming operations work and the reasoning behind why we do what we do. My dream job would deff be to get PAID to blog for you guys, to get PAID to educate you on the ag world and what we do to help feed you guys. How cool would that be?!

So, for anyone who knows anything about Agriculture, you'll know the FFA creed. It's what we say about the love for ag and it's a breakdown of all the things we promise to do to promote the love for all things ag. Without further ado, here you go!


So happy ag week my friends! Enjoy a big juicy burger, take a gulp of milk and go thank a farmer/rancher for being an inspiration to us kiddos who are still trying to figure ourselves out in this world of agriculture! 


  1. I was in FFA my freshman year of high school. We went to the convention in KC. Good times!

    1. I too went to KC and then the next year to Indy! It was a total blast and very memorable! Well worth the time spent in the "club" hanging with other aggies!

  2. My son who is a Junior in HS has been in FFA for the past 3 years. We are total "city folk" and I thought FFA would be a fun way for him to experience things that aren't part of our normal life. Little did I know he would learn so much about not only Farming, but how to be a better person, how to work as a team and how to reach goals. I am so grateful for FFA and what he has gone for my son....always good to see others priase it as well.

    1. It has taught him just a small portion of what he'll continue to learn if he stays active with FFA! Congrats and welcome to getting to know more about us farmer folks, glad to know that everyone is interested! It's such a rewarding program to stay involved in!!

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  4. Commenting because it is now 2017 and not 2013 anymore, the weather sucks!


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