Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Ok, back onto blogging and finally over-coming my slump! I've gotta think up a whole bunch if I want to hit 1000 thankful's in less than two months!! I've gotta post 38 a week to hit my 1,000 goal in one year. Think I can do it?! Also, today's the 14th, I've got a couple posts that need to go out today so bear with me on this over-posting day.

  • Youth Group kids for finding interest in Lent facts
  • Creating a Gratitude jar that we will contribute to each week
  • Repeat but Pandora radio, I seriously can not be thankful enough for it!
  • Pinterest projects that I intend to someday do
  • The potential of moving sooner than we thought, don't worry, we won't be going far. You'll learn more if/when we decide for sure on a date and that jazz.
  • New recipes that we've tried and fallen in love with, that Runza one is really great and simple
  • Giving out Happy V-Day msgs to close friends and fam
  • Signing up for another 5k fun run with friends
  • The quality pictures my new camera take, love playing with it
  • The passion and dedication that Travis has for his cattle and farm work. He was at the farm until almost two last night due to a calf being born into a muddy mess in the cold. Then he had to finish up a tractor project because it needed to be moved this morning. He's so tough!
  • The income to sign up for two more direct sales companies, no I promise I won't publish all that jazz but I do enjoy getting the product kits, even if I don't intend to sell those products just focus on Scentsy
  • It finally being my Friday! (hello 3 day weekend)
  • Getting to see Trav's grandma on V-Day
  • Finally being in my last quarter of schooling. I submitted graduation applications so now all that's left is to finish up my class and hit the real world! Hello two degrees! :)
  • My bestie for getting engaged! I seriously am so excited for her, I kinda cried when she told me, which was bad news because I was eating tacos and got taco sauce in my eye, which really burned! (I know the story is too weird to be made up, belive me that really happened)
  • Getting to hang out with my Scentsy girls for a day filled with training and fun
  • The ability and self-control to give up addicting things for lent (day 1 in the books and still going strong on the no mobile fbook thing!)
  • app on my droid, it's allowing me to do a 365 program to get through the Bible in one year, I'm ahead of time and listening to a couple of days worth of lyrics everyday so it'll be fun to see how far I get!!
  • I'm thankful I can hold my tongue on situations where I want to yell and scream, instead I swallow my pride and all people their time of ranting about me and then I walk away.
  • Finishing up a single tube of Chap Stick without losing it
  • The warm weather, I actually came to work with a winter coat on for once
  • I went out of my bubble and bought a pomegranate. I love the taste of pomegranate stuff so I figured I'd try the re-deal fruit, everyone says they're wonderful
  • New camera lense coming in the mail today
  • Peanut butter M&M's for helping keep my bored eating cravings alive
  • "Be mine" text from dad on vday, of course I'll always be his!
  • The feeling after I get done tanning (yup, I broke down and started tanning again, almost 5 months later)
  • Getting back into a running routine
  • Fritos Flavor Twist Honey BBQ chips, ugh, they're my weakness!!
  • Finding love and support through my church family, I really missed them


  1. Hi Kelsey!

    I just got your comment on my About Me :) Thanks for following! I tried responding to your comment, but you were a no-reply blogger so I figured I would come say hello here!

    Hope you are having a great day!


    1. UGH! Do you know how to fix it? Seriously! I cannot figure it out, others have told me that as well but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change it! Glad you stopped by :)

  2. Great list! I had no idea there was a repeat button on Pandora. I need to find that.
    I think you will hit 1000 thankfuls in two months. You can do it!


  3. Congrats on getting through the Chapstick, ha that deserves a whole award in itself! :)

    1. Agreed! I rarely get through a whole one without losing it or having to trash it because someone washes it.... UGH!


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