Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Review

Sorry I've been in hiding. I've got some posts in my head but have lacked ambition to write them out. I blame it on the nasty cold and a slight case of winter depression. Let's hope it fades soon, I'm tired of being tired!!

Friday- We had a girls night. Dolly Parton fan club meeting and making snacks for a friend's husband's surprise 30th birthday party. Then, we brought all the goodies to the bar and decorated. It ended with some hilarious rides on a little scooter that Margo had for her surgery. And taking pictures with our friends. (not that we're "hugging" them, not groping them)

Saturday- I got to finally see my besties house in Fairbury! She had a Mary Kay party so I got to see her pretty house that she bought a year ago. So happy for her and the house is gorgeous!! Then, we helped celebrate a friend's hubby's big 3-0. We enjoyed an evening out with friends but I always hate coming home late. I wish we could have an extra two hours of sleep if we stay out past a certain time. Fair right?

Sunday- This was deff a "God's Day" in the books. Spent the morning at Bible study, then church, then home to work on finding some fun lesson plans for the meeting then a youth group meeting and then home to finish up some homework that was due that evening. If that day wasn't spent focusing on God then I don't know what is!? I love spending time with my church friends and nothing is more important than that.

Here's hoping for a good week, let's all pray that I finish up some fun posts that have been sitting in drafts and publish them for all my friends to see!


  1. Hello! I just started following, came across your blog through Chores and Chandeliers, I was born and raised in NE, looking forward to reading more about you! :)

    1. Woop Woop! Finally commenting but so glad we're buddies :) I love reading about your rodeo travels and live my Chris LeDoux dreams through you :P


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