Friday, March 29, 2013

Worlds Coolest Cousin Award

I've decided that if I don't win this award I'm giving up. Well, giving up on Easter presents getting mailed maybe but spoiled H and R. No way! Since Texas is about thirteen hours away and I don't get to see the kiddos all the time I've decided to do something extra special for them. I'm super close with their family and to not see them on holiday's stinks. Instead, I decided to make them a little care package!!

What kid wouldn't love all those goodies?! I filled the eggs with random candies and a couple coins. I know how many toys they have and it's really made me re-consider when it comes to gift giving. It's not a bag thing to have so many toys but I know that their parents would prefer something that they'll enjoy a bit longer than a toy. Candy? hehe Ok, so I went overboard on the candy! But, I also did include some coins. They've got little piggy banks so I figured it'd be a treat just to drop some coins in. I also included some fun stickers to add to some eggs in hopes that it's a mess free project they could diy!

Look how cool the goodies look in this clear box I got! I saved the box from some Christmas presents knowing that one day it would come in handy. Boom! Handy just came up! I love the idea of sending things in clear packages. Don't ask me why, I just love it! Awhile back I sent some goodies in a clear water bottle, to me it was sweet. Imagine the delight when they saw frogs, coloring pages, crayons and stickers without having to even tear it open!? 

Now let's just hope the mailman gets a kick out of it and they don't complain to me. I'm going to attempt to send the chocolate bunnies to my other cousins kiddos. Let's see if I can mail those as is no packaging. Think they'll do it? Cross your fingers and stick around, I'll keep you in the loop when I go and drop off the loot to get mailed!

-Keep On Keepin Up

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I have less than 30 days to hit 279 more things to be thankful for... This goal is looking like it's out of reach, I'd have to find 9 daily to hit it. I'm still sticking to my guts, it doesn't matter how fast I get there it just matters what the quality of thankful's I've come to appreciate!

  • Having connections to people who can help do good things for me (crossing finger's yet again)
  • An open evening to spend with family at a local event
  • Getting to see a live drama about Jesus, it really puts it into perspective
  • Patience while I fold a billion tiny newspaper boxes to start planting my garden seedlings in (trying this go green thing)
  • Making a new friend who I can genuinely connect with, in this bloggy world some people seem fake, so to really connect feels exciting!
  • Sunglasses to shade my eyes from the bright morning
  • Mandisa for reminding me it's a GOOD MORNING, shining on a brand new day! (video below)
  • The Bible tv series, I've had it on DVR because I didn't have time to watch it but the episode I did have time to watch has me hooked. I cannot wait to finish it and see what else is in store.
  • Google Calendar for keeping my life on track, I'm so noodle brained lately
  • RunKeeper for keeping me going, and the fitness program I started through their app
  • The nicer weather for allowing me to take a nice 3.1 miles jog/walk
  • Lunch with the girls, Mexican food, yummy
  • The laughter that I hear when I'm enjoying family time
  • Hearing that people miss me when I'm not in church
  • Fresh made tea, from tea bags (and if you know of a use for the used tea bags please let me know, I'd like to re-purpose them!)
  • Being able to run still after banging my knee hard on my Tahoe door jam
  • Getting signed up for a photography class, here's to hoping I enjoy it!
  • A local bargain find on a pew from a church, I cannot wait to turn it into a cute entryway bench!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

She's Finally Engaged!!

I cannot express to you how extremely excited I am that my bestest friend from college is FINALLY engaged. She deserves it, she loves this boy, he loves her and they're gonna live happily ever after!

So this girl, she really is a bestie and she knows the perfect thing to say to make my day better. I mentioned her a couple times on here, including the time we had a little Besties Are The Best conversation, and also I posted about How You Know you have a bestie. Both of those are surrounding the one and only Jessi!

This picture was taken in like 2010ish? OLDIE!

A little bit about our friendship before I fill you in on how she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Well, we met in college, not exactly sure on the exact deets but basically we found out we're similar in that we like to party, we like to laugh, we're both those weirdos that could possibly be mistaken as psyc patients and we both enjoy a lovely night locked in our house doing nothing with our boy. We used to get into trouble in class because we were constantly giggling and would quote random movies. I'M GONNA BEAT YOU WITH A PILLOWCASE FULL OF BARS OF SOAP! And, well, we did some occassionally dumb things. Like the time we watched NFR, sipped on some lemonade ruined by vodka and took a look at some er, magazines.

When she called to tell me about her engagement I literary laughed it off and called her a liar about fifteen times. Reason being, we always joke around and ask so are you prego or engaged yet. It's kind of our convo starter. But then I made her prove it by sending me a picture of the ring, yup, she's legit engaged! I was eating some Taco Bell and I got some hot sauce in my eye, I lied and told Trav the reason for me crying was because I had hot sauce in my eye. Well it was partially true but the tears were actually tears of joy. I've been besties with Jessi and to see her finally happily "in love" with a cool cat just made me over-emotional? I'm lame right?

I can remember the first blind date she went on with him. Not gonna go into deets but I do remember the next day talking to her about it. She said she gave him the ultimate test and then explained, I lol'd (out loud!!) because of course it's what she would do to a guy. He survived, they started dating and now they're obvi getting married!

So, change of subjects, we've got a weird friendship as mentioned above. So weird in fact that we live like maybe 40 miles apart max but yet we haven't seen each other in almost three years. Ya, THREE years. But, after I was notified of this engaged thing I insisted we meet up. I wanted to see the gorg ring in person. So, we met up at our fav mexican restaurant (I can't resist the free chips and salsa) and had a little girls night. Chit chatted about life, the future children we might have, the burn on my thumb that I was soaking in my glass of ice water and about our boys. Then, sheep got serious, she handed me a cute lil box:

That box was too adorbs I just couldn't open it.... Ok, fine, ya I did open it. I actually was so excited when I opened it and saw this!!

Yes, she's cute! I've seen it floating around Pinterest and I just couldn't get enough of it!! I'm so excited, and yes, the diamond is from her Grandma. She's not here right now. Like, not at work with me. But ya, she's fine. Oh forgot to mention, I said YES!

So now where do I start? I'm so excited, I ordered my dress (on the day it was due) and I'm more than willing to plan the bach party. She insisted I do not plan it, otherwise it might get out of hand. I cannot wait for her special day, seriously, I love her to death and she deserves the best wedding ever!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guest Post: Cassie from History In The Making

Guest post Tuesday again ladies! You know what that means... You get to meet a buddy of mine!! I  can't remember exactly when me and Cassie met up but we became buddies and I'm constantly stopping by her blog and I love how she's constantly mixing things up and always blogging about random things. Well, enough about my perspective, get to know her yourself!


hey hey hey! Kelsey has so generously offered to have me guest post on her blog today, thank ya Kelsey! I suppose I should introduce myself, I'm Cassie and I blog over at History in the Making.
yes, those are beer glasses.
Like Kelsey, I too am from a small town, and I love it! I'm currently attending Kent State University for PTA physical therapy assistant, working at a local coffee shop, and coaching middle school volleyball. History in the Making is where I document my life, recent obsessions, the adventures I go on, and everything in between. you'll often find me talking about my family, sports, late night shenanigans, lots of movies, and maybe a book or two. lets be honest.. describing myself in a guest post is way harder than I thought it was going to be. so instead of me just jiber-jabing in giant run-on sentences I'll make this short and sweet...
I'm not a(n),
good chef//cook.
city girl.
interior decorator.
exterior decorator.
tall person.
avid do-it-yourself-er.
morning person. 
but I am, or like to think I am, a(n),
sports enthusiast.
lover of laughter.
 avid movie watcher.
down-to-earth//easy going gal.
country girl.
slightly ocd.
 list maker. obvs.
dessert lover.
short person.
health nut wannabe. big emphasis on the wannabe. 
there ya have it, a little about me. oh, and a birthday shout-out to mi madre, Happy Birthday Momma! okay okay, I'll quit boring you now.. feel free to stop by my blog and say hi. I love meeting fellow bloggers and making new friends! I hope you'll grab a drink and stay awhile :)
thanks for having me, Kelsey! :)


Cutie right?! If you're interested in guest posting let me know. Here's the schedule and any date that isn't filled I'm open for someone posting.

April 2nd- Light & Sweet

April 16th- open

April 23rd- open
April 30th- open
May 7th- open
May 14th- open

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Review

This past weekend was all about celebrations! 

Friday- After work I went to Wilber to help with the Fish Fry at the church. I love my church family and we always find ways to create laughter. We ended up running out of fish half an hour early, so I'd say it was a successful evening. 

Saturday- A baby shower for a neighbor to kick-off the morning, me and Shelby decided on some morning mimosas and we loved helping her celebrate baby that's due in May! I've struggled "fitting in" since me and Travis got together. Although I only moved about six miles down the road from my parents house he went to a different school so we really didn't hang out in high school. That means his whole crew I never was around. It was really hard to find friends, they were all in different stages of their lives and most were married by the time me and Travis got together. It was tough, but I'm so lucky to now have a solid group of girls I feel comfortable calling my friends. We don't have girls night slumber parties but we do take the time to check in on each other. Lucky me :)

Saturday I also enjoyed going to a powerful musical drama of Jesus at the Southview Baptist Church. Er Mer Gerd it was amazing!! Seriously, I had tears in my eyes when they showed them crucifying Jesus, and they even hung him on a cross! Crazy good!! If you're in Nebraska you should probably check it out and add it to your calendar to go watch next year. They had live animals, real babies and I'd say at least 40-50 actors in the play. It was even free to go to! This thing was a huge deal, the time, effort and money put into this was amazingly worth going to, I really wish they would have had a donation box I could have added to!

Then that evening we met up as a family and went to a Pheasants Forever banquet supper. The prime rib was amazing, the socializing was great and I got to hang out with the fam. Bonus! It's nice hanging out with people I don't see as often. I got to chit chat with our neighbors and boy do I miss Ardie's witty-ness! Travis somehow got sucked into staying late at my parents, luckily for me we drove separate. I was home and in bed by one, he was not. Somehow he ended up at the neighbors after he checked cows and was up until 4 am?! Crazy!!

Sunday- Ya, woke up late, missed my alarm and skipped both Bible Study and Church. Ooops! Decided I should do something so I cleaned the house up, organized the office a little bit and vegged out in front of the tv. If you have me on Instagram you'll notice that I snapped this shot on the right. Yup, that's right ladies and gents, I'm officially DONE with school! Like with all of my classes! WOOOOHOOOO!! In four years I have accomplished finishing up both my AgriBusines Degree AND my BusinessAdmin degree. I feel so accomplished and excited to be DONE with classes. This was my first Sunday in four years that I wasn't sitting down to finish up homework that was due at midnight. As an extra special celebration me and Travis went out for Chinese. Then, lucky me he offered to go grocery shopping with me. I ended up using on $10 in coups but hey, I wasn't preparing for this trip!!

This weekend was one of the more eventful ones I've had in awhile, but of course, wouldn't change it!! 

*On another completely separate note: I cannot believe that it's been three years to the day that my grandma Dorothy Homolka reached her Heavenly destination. I was extremely close with my Homolka grandparents and I spent a lot of time with them growing up. I miss her dearly and I often think of her especially around this time of year and on holidays. I often wonder what she'd think or tell me if she were around today. What she'd think of me and my accomplishments, of my ever-creative ways to bring in a side income, of my attitude and grace towards others, about my effort and time I put into volunteer work and how rewarding it's all been. I often laugh and wonder if she's up in Heaven watching me pull my crazy shenanigans on Czech Days and laughing while sitting in the information booth up there. The one thing I really wish I could know is what her and grandpa think of Travis. Would they love him to death as much as I do? But the question that burns the most is when will we be able to see each other again and make some strudel's, play kings on the corner and drink diet sodas together? I'll always miss you and I'm sure that you and grandpa are getting your polka on up there. Being's grandpa has those young legs back and you'll have that sassy dark hair again! Oh how I miss both of you so much. Today I've been sending up some extra prayers that the Lord will wrap his arms around me and give me extra hugs in hopes that it'll make the pain of missing you hurt a little less. 

This was the last picture taken of me with grandma, it was taken about a week or so before she passed away. I was crowned the Wilber Czech Queen and I was so blessed she decided to attend it. It was almost as if she held on, wanting to make it to see me being crowned. I dedicated my "running" that year to my grandparents, they are the ones, afterall, who pushed me to take pride in my Czech heritage and promote my love of it to others. I love my family more than anything and without them, I'd have no support system. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Farming On The Four's

WE'RE DONE CALVING!! Coincidence that it happened on the 24th? Not by chance! That little baby wanted me to blog about him! You haven't the slightest clue how excited I am about finally being done with calving! We're so lucky that we've had no issues this year, and as sad as I am about it, we don't have any bottle calves. Less work for us but they're so fun to play with! I always name the first bottle calf of the season but this time I obviously didn't get to name anyone so instead I took a picture with the last baby of the season. (ignore the nasty old coat, I didn't wanna get my workout clothes dirty so I threw it on)

With the snow covering the ground not a whole lot has been happening. I'm late posting but Monday night Travis had another Saline County Extension Board meeting. He got lucky and got to listen to a couple guest speakers from the University. I'm kind of jealous that he gets filled in on ag teaching. I really do miss hearing speakers and the only reason I'd ever elect to go back to college is for the ability to get to listen to those type of speakers.

Travis informed me that there are one out of three students active with 4-H in Nebraska but yet only one out of eight in Indiana. (Indiana is a huge ag state for those who didn't know that) It's great to hear that Nebraska lads and lassies are out staying active in their community and getting to know the ag that surrounds them! Since we are in small town America almost every kid either lives on a farm or has a best friend whose dad farms. That's just the way it is around here. To hear that they're staying educated and involved in the Ag world just warms my heart too!

I started working on getting some indoor plants started. I usually try to plant all my plants outside but decided to give the transplanting thing a go. Travis said he always remembers his grandma planting green beans in a row, I however always saw my mom buying them pre-potted like tomato plants. So this year I put some in those cute little newspaper boxes I made (that took forever). Here's to hoping these year old seedlings will sprout. I figured they're worth a try, can't hurt to use old seeds since they'd get thrown away otherwise.

I also decided to plant some flowers into those paper towel rolls. I'm trying to "be green" I promise I am! Saved a cookie plastic box and the rolls so that's gotta count towards somethin!

On other news around the farm (sounds so official right?!) we've starting prepping for Nerud Farms planting season. Travis has pulled out a couple pieces of equipment and is getting the inspections done. He's all about "preventative maintenance" so for him this is done annually before anything even hits the fields. I agree that stopping a problem before it starts is great but you can't always prevent the unknown variables from breaking down. Here's to hoping we have yet another successful planting season with no major problems. He keeps threatening telling me that he might spend Easter out in the field but I keep hoping that it rains Saturday. There's a 50% chance but I'm praying it hits at least 60-70% chance and that the ever-so-right weather man is indeed wrong. I'd love to spend a holiday with him!

Other than fixing things, planting some indoor seeds and the final calf being born that's not a whole lot of new news to report. Stick around because I'm sure by the 4th I'll have all kinds of new things to fill you in on!

Until next time, 
-Keep on Keepin Up!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Liebster Award Round 2

Welcome newbies, I see like overnight I had about twenty new followers! I'm so excited to see you all follow along and cannot wait for you to check out what I've been up to.

Buuuut, the real reason for this post is because I was nominated again for the Liebster Award by several AWESOME ladies! WooHoo :) It's so over whelming to know that others think enough of me and my blog to nominate me. I love knowing that others find me funny enough to hand out an award! I suppose that's my "inspiration" so to say as to why I continue to blog. For not only myself but for your entertainment purposes as well! Thankie! And here are the lovelies who've nominated me this time: 
Kristi over at Thankful Me
Megan over at Megan

This award is given to new or up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers...the award is then passed along to other bloggers in the same category to help spread the word and support one another. What to do: 1. Each blogger should post 11 random facts about themselves. 2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award to. 3. Choose 11 new bloggers (with less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them in your post. 4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award. 5. No tag backs.

My Random Facts:
1. I already told you in the last random facts Liebster award that I've got OCD tendencies but did you realize that it's so bad that if I see the shower door open I have to go shut it, if I see my undies not folded right I dump them all out and refold them, my bills (when I have them) in my wallet have to be sorted and in order ($20, $10, $5, $1's is the specific order if you ask), if my headlights are on brights when I go to shut off my vehicle I have to switch them.... The list goes on and on.
2. I have three pair of footie pajamas and I often wear them in the winter. Don't judge.
3. I was born in the wrong decade/era. My obsession with Dolly Parton and Lucille Ball have grown to be almost a concern lately. I hear the name Dolly and get all excited, and I've truthfully seen each and every I Love Lucy episode that has ever aired on tv.
4. I have TEN Pinterest boards dedicated to my wedding and I have yet to get an engagement ring. Again, don't judge.
5. I've created a crazy plan of running one 5k race every month until the end of the year. (already signed up for two of them)
6. I'm not attracted to hunky men I see on tv, reality tells me they'll never be mine so no point in trying to fantasize about them. <insert the don't judge thing again>
7. I sell several direct sales companies, Scentsy, Velata, Grace Adele & Thirty-One
8. I'm a reality show junkie, Honey Boo Boo, DWTS, Teen Mom, Dance Moms, Big Brother, Duck Dynasty, Moonshiners, The Real World, Ax Men, Gold Rush... um, did I mention that's prob only half of my DVR list?
9. I have 2,912 photos on my fbook profile
10. I live a double life, farm girl and preppy girl. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish which I feel like being, it's kind of like feeling bi-polar except you dress differently...
11. I'm pretty good with being fairly frugal with my money, I've been eyeing a pair of work cowboy boots I'm been drooling over for two years and have yet to break down and buy them!

Kristi's Questions:

1. Which would you rather have, 20 chickens or 1 goat? -Well, I live on a farm and I've had fainting goats growing up. I'd say I'd prefer to have the twenty chickens, they seem to make me happy walking around.
2. Would you rather travel back in time or forward in time? -Hands down back in time, I'm in love with Lucy, my fav singer is Dolly Parton (duh) and I'd love to live "back in the olden days" when my grandma was young and things were simplified. I'm so fasinated with early American living and seeing all of my ancestors would be the coolest thing!

3. If you had unlimited resources, where would you like to vacation, and what would you do? -Hmm, I'd probably choose the Czech Repulic because my family history is important to me and also because both sides of my family are from there. Also, Travis' family is part Czech so I've always dreamed of being able to go back there and be tourists for awhile.
4. Would you rather sleep in or stay up late? -That's a tough one, I'd probably choose to stay up late because it's super easy for me to do. Getting up early is managable if I know there's some important event otherwise just let the bear sleep.
5. Which major would you choose if you were to attend college now? -ha, are you kidding?! I'm finally in my last quarter of school! I've been attending classes since Oct 2008 with no quarters off so for now, no schooling needed by me. If I did however choose to go back it'd be for my bachelor's in agribusiness.

6. If you could visit (or live in) any make-believe land from literature, which would you choose? -Nerd alert: I'd choose Harry Potter world of course! Sometimes the life of a muggle just sucks so HP world would be a blast, always the best ways to entertain yourself :)

7. It's nearly dinnertime, and you forgot to plan. What do you have for dinner? -Well this happens almost nightly but we typically pull out a pizza or something similar.

8. What makes you laugh? -Pretty much anything. I'm all about jokes.

9. What is one character trait you admire? -About myself? The ability to be outgoing and willing to help out anyone when I see they're in need.

10. What are the biggest influences in your life? -My dad, that or my ag teacher in high school who really helped to kick-start me wanting to pursue an ag career

11. Do you still live in your hometown? If not, how far away do you live? I actually do live extremely close to my house. I moved straight north about five miles from my parents in with my boy.

Amy's Questions: 

1. What's the best book you've ever read? -Uh, well it's a series I think. It's called the Yada Yada Prayer Group and I've mentioned it on several occasions. It's really an eye opener and I'm hoping to re-read it this summer :)

2. What's your "hidden talent"? -I'm really starting to think my "hidden talent" might include writing. I haven't discovered until recently that I LOVE to blog, which is basically that I love to write. Simple.

3. How old were you when you had your first kiss? -Some things are meant to be kept as secrets... That and my dad reads my blog and dad's don't want to believe their daughter has ever kissed a boy.
4. What's your favorite blog to read? -Oh goodness, go back to my previous Liebster post to check out who I all added! Too many to count! :)
5. Who is your celebrity crush? -Right now I'm kinda girl crushing on Taylor Swift. Now before you go and start doggin on her take into perspective that she really does have a nice voice, she's made a name for herself and she's working hard to build up an empire. I agree that her personal life is a bit annoying but give the girl a break, I'm not perfect either! (one example, I don't wash my hair everyday)
6. What's your favorite blog post that YOU have written? -Again?! Man these are super hard questions!! I'd have to say probably my Farming On The Four's series. I LOVE writing about agriculture so for me, that's one of my fav's and the reason's why I continue to keep you guys in the loop about our farm. Some of you aren't on farms and have never experienced it so I like to think you're living it through my blogland.

7. What's your dream job? -Either a farm management analysis advisor type dealo or something with agricultural sales. I'm loving ag (obvi) and to think that I could use my social skills (I talk a lot) and my passion for ag just seems to fit me perfectly!
8. What would you do with a million dollars? -Buy more farm ground, use some for improving our house we're moving into, spend a small amount on a pretty new wardrobe and put the rest away to build up a bigger cash value that I could use later to buy me more toys. Oh, and I'd use a little bit of it to re-design my blog and put some ads out on other blogs.
9. Boxers or briefs? -Thongs? hehe ok just kidding, I'm loving the briefs.
10. Snow or rain? -SUNSHINE! I wish the snow would go away and we could always use the moisture so rain it is.
11. Weren't these questions awesome and easy?! -Yup, a breeze!

Megan's Questions: 

1. What was your favorite song as a child? -Uhhh, In Heaven There Is No Beer? haha ok that's a Czech song that maybe 2% of my readers will know what I'm talking about! I'd have to say the only music I can really remember from childhood would have to be listening to polka music. My dad played, my mom played and I was constantly at band events so I grew up LOVING listening to the stuff. (insert weird face)
2. What is something you wish you were better at? -I wish I were better at following through on a task I start. I'm notorious for starting something, keeping up really well then boom, I give up and fall off the train about two to three weeks later. Fail.
3. If you could solve one world problem, what would it be and why? -"I wish I could have world peace" Eh, I'm an advocate of you've gotta help yourself before you can help others so I'd start with small towns, build them up and get the economy going, give incentives for graduates to come back to their communities and then work on things from there.
4. Do you have a claim to fame? -Well, I was the Wilber Czech Queen, that's about as big as my celebrity status has gotten thus far. That and I've been know as Queen-zilla a time or two...
5. What's your favorite makeup product? -Foundation, I can't leave home without it and most days it's the only things I honestly wear.
6. What was the last book you read? -I'm currently in the process of reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp but I've read several others in my Book Club page.
7. What TV show do you watch (or DVR) every week? -Again, please refer to my first Liebster Post, there's just too many to list. Oh and newbies added are Duck Dynasty and Ax Men. Those never get old!
8. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? -CHIPOTLES
9. If you could go back in time, what time period would you teleport yourself too? -Deff the time of Dolly Parton and Lucille Ball. If you haven't already noticed I'm seriously obsessed with these two ladies. That and I love a good Andy Griffth show. I'm a sucker for that oldies stuff. (I still claim I was born way too late)
10. Tell us your biggest pet peeves -Chewing with your mouth open, and I hope Trav reads this post!
11. What is the wallpaper on your computer? -Trav's family picture from when we took those harvest pics last year. I'm really wanting some done of my fambam but it'll have to wait until the weather's a bit nicer.

My Nominations: 
1. Melissa over at Eleven Sixty
2. Filiz over at Light & Sweet
3. Rachel over at Sugar & Spice
4. Kasse over at Rural Women Rock
5. Brin over at Bold Butter Baby (a fellow Nebraska blogger!!)
6. Desirae over at Going With The Flow
7. Ashley over at Horseshoes & Pearls
8. Rachel over at Rachel's Country Roots
9. Sandy over at First Comes Love (shortened it this time)
10. Amanda over at The Barstow's
11. Janet over at A Farm Wife's Life
Jeez, after having to nominate people I've learned that I have a personal relationship with SO many ladies that it was absolutely hard to try to pick and choose!

Questions for the Nominees:
(I'm asking everyone the same questions)

1. What tv series are on your DVR list?
2. Main reason you began blogging
3. Where do you see your blog going in the future?
4. Ever played an instrument?
5. Which social media site are you the most addicted to?
6. Any guilty pleasure's you'd like to air out? 
7. How many fbook pictures are your profile?
8. Reasoning behind your blog name?
9. Have you ever tried to sue someone? 
10. How did you find my blog? (Keeping up With Kelsey)

11. Bath or shower?

Thanks for choosing me ladies! I love having someone think I'm cool enough for such an awesome award. Until next time,

-Keep on Keepin Up


Also don't forget about my super-awesome-of-so-fantastic giveaway! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Three's A Charm?

Lucky number three's gotta be my year right? Me and my farmer man, Travis, have been together for three long years. It's hard to imagine life without him at this point but it's hard to imagine him taking the plunge into the commitment world and just buying a diamond already. Eh, live and learn. We're really in no big hurry when I take the time and look at the big picture. Why worry about a simple ring, it only means he's mine forever (which he already is) and I'm guessing he'll rarely wear his wedding band anyways since he farms and the chance of it getting caught on machinery could result in finger slicing. Ah heck, I don't blame him.

The best part of hitting my one year mark in the blog world is now I can reference back to what I was doing a year ago! I love reflecting! My post Two Years Later... was truthful and it's exciting to see how much a year has done to our relationship. I cannot believe how horrible my editing skills were a year ago. If nothing else at least I'm doing better on my pics!

This past year we've been blessed with many opportunities and have spent some fun times with family and friends. From going out to dinner with my parents, watching my sister graduate, running around at the county fair, surviving Czech Days and even battling it out in the no-electricity snow days. We've had our fair share of fun and games. But we've always argued quite a bit. To say you've never argued with your significant other is a lie. We do argue but luckily our arguments usually end in a forgive and forget type of arrangement.

So here's the deal, I could give you the "he's been there through thick and thin" post but instead I'll give you the "thank goodness he's hung around long enough to put up with me" post. Here are reason's I still love him:

-He has, on numerous occasions, started my car for me on cold days
-He's learning to love polka music
-He puts up with my OCD tendencies
-He doesn't complain about watching Teen Mom and helps me make fun of the people on the show
-He has recently started to help put dishes into the dishwasher without me having to gripe at him
-He has stopped doing the "I'm annoyed" face when I pull out my camera to take pictures of supper, craft projects, house projects and animals
-He's picking up his dirty socks that get left in the living room more often
-He's willing to throw my dirty undies laundry into the washer, what a trooper!
-He doesn't complain when I use all the hot water on my hour-long soak sessions in the tub

The only real way to sum up our relationship is from a fav actor of mine: Lucille Ball. Perfect right? I honestly feel that Travis fits this description and as crazy/stupid and I get I'm so glad he's right there beside me. He may not be the one getting ready to pull the crazy stunt but I can guarantee he's the one standing there holding the towel or my bag. What a great guy :)

Happy Three Years Travie! Hoping we can survive yet another year without harming each other.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy National Ag Day!!

Well if you didn't get the memo this week is ag week! That means I have an excuse to look at silly pictures of farm animals and dream about all the fun I'll have on the farm this summer. Today in particular is National Ag Day! If you're working in the ag world whether it be on a farm, in an agribusiness job or just out cruising through the country side be sure to thank a fellow ag supporter. These people work hard day after day supporting your eating habits!! They deserve a day dedicated just to them! 

If you haven't already gathered from reading on my blog, farming is a major aspect in my life. I'm surrounded by it, I went to school for it and I dream of one day getting back into the ag world and perhaps will be lucky enough to stay home and work on the farm. Below are just a couple shots I've gathered of different random things that are related to our small town farm life. 

As you can tell farming surrounds me. Whether I'm playing in the snow, hanging out with my cousins, cutting alfalfa with the boy on date night, hanging out with my dad at a plowing bee or just cruising around grandpa's farm in the loader with my cousins I'm constantly surrounded with the love of agriculture and the land we farm on. 

I wanted to take time to show you this photo because it may just look like me and Trav sitting on an old tractor, but it's actually a tractor that was on my grandpa's farm sale a couple summers ago. The importance of this tractor is it's history and the future of me and Travis' relationship.

Back when this tractor was a new shiny state-of-the-art gem his grandpa owned it. He worked the ground, plowed up some fields, and farmed full time with it until  eventually, he decided to trade it in to upgrade and get a new tractor.  Around the same time, my grandpa was looking for a nice new-to-him used tractor. It ended up that the dealership his grandpa sold the tractor to is the exact same dealership my grandpa bought his tractor from. Travis' dad can remember that tractor from when he was young!

This tractor is a piece of OUR history!! We were hoping to buy it back but at the sale it was going for way too much. I know I'm a sentimental sap but how cool would it be to drive this tractor home on the potential wedding night in our future? Or even just to own to take fun family photos with? Seriously, the chances of both of our families owning this same tractor, working farm ground on both of our family farms. It's got to be a one in a billion chance right? The person who owns it took it home to realize that it didn't work to his standards and we're hoping that one day he'd consider selling it to us. He's offered to trade us if we can find one exactly like it but after scouring Craigslist and the Tractor House magazines we've come up empty handed for over two years now. (Note to readers: If you find a Case 830 diesel for sale please contact me!)

Here's something you can do today in honor of National Ag Day: Try finding someone in the ag world and thanking them by doing a random act of kindness! My act of kindness will include sending some snacks over to a local hardware store I'm thinking. Try something out for yourself! You'll be surprised at the expressions on their faces, all because you took the time to recognize them for doing such a great job :)

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Guest Post: Amy from Fashion & Beauty Finds

So those of you who have known me since I was little have known that I was a dancer since I was three. Not any specific style of dancing, just loved it all, tap, ballet, jazz, lyical and pointe. The basics right? Anyways, while blog hoppin I cam across Fashion & Beauty Finds and I found out she's a dance teacher. HOW COOL I thought to myself, then self found out that she's also a part time SAHM and I instantly became jealous. How fun would that be? Anyways, I'll let her introduce herself and let you guys get to know her:


Hey everyone! My name is Amy and I write the blog Fashion and Beauty Finds. I'm obsessed with fashion and I love blogging about it, and of course a little shopping here and there.

I'm a part-time dance teacher, wife, and mama to two sweet little boys.
My sweet baby making a few of his many faces
My 'big' boy that just turned 4
My little boys are my life and they make my life so very full, fun, and a bit tiring. (Not going to lie about the tiring part!)

When I'm not at home with them I'm either taking pictures for my blog, or teaching dance.
F21 romper and sweater, Steve Madden clutch, handmade necklace, bracelets from Dillards, Nine West heels
I'd hate for people to think that I am dolled up all the time like in the pictures above. I do love to get dressed up since I stay at home with my boys but most of the time I look like this:
Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to stop by. A huge thank you to Kelsey for letting me take over her blog for the day! Have a great day!


Yup, she's a fun one I tell ya, best part is, she takes silly pics just like me! Go check her out!! And, don't forget every Tuesday I feature a new guest post so if you're interested here's what the schedule looks like: 

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Review

Haven't done a weekend review in awhile and I feel compelled to do one. I'm wanting to get back to the real reason I started this blog, to have others follow me on this journey called life.

Friday- The Czech Kick-Off was a blast! I love this event because it's a time when all my Czech family and friends get together and celebrate being Czech. Ironically it was also on the same weekend as the Irish holiday, St. Patty's day. I'm not Irish obvi so I only celebrated with a couple Shiner Bock's and that's about it. Fun had by all and the bar hop was of course fun too.

Saturday- Didn't accomplish much, stayed out way to late the night before and had to get ready for my Scentsy craft show I was doing on Sunday. Made a trip to Lincoln to get some stock and then headed out to Saline Center to set up my booth. Got lucky and we went out for supper with Travis' parents as well as my parents. It's a rare treat for us to all six go out together so of course I enjoyed hanging out with them all!! I'm so lucky that our parents not only get along but love us unconditionally.

Sunday- I was up bright and early to go out to the Saline Bohemian Fair. It's an event that draws in thousands of people, weirdos included. Basically everyone sells their old used junk, and people buy the old used junk. Then the next year they bring back the junk and sell it again. Quite the event. But, I was inside doing my craft show thing. Wasn't too bad inside but rumor has it that it was quite chilly out there. Did great, sold a lot of goodies and ended up coming home with a profit. That's always a good thing. Came home to finish up my FINAL assignments of my college career. (thus far) I'm officially a graduate of TWO degrees come Wednesday! Woop Woop!!

This week is filled again with a lot of things to do, a Scentsy/Thirty-One party on Tuesday, choir practice Wednesday, church fish fry on Friday, Pheasants Forever banquet on Saturday, Palm Sunday service on Sunday. Jeez, I just want a night to myself!??!

Friday, March 15, 2013


Who is ready for a giveaway?! I'm excited to announce that since I've hit over 170 followers I'm doing a BIG giveaway. I wanted to thank each and every one of you for Keeping Up and this was the only way I could possibly think of! I won't be doing giveaways all the time because I feel I shouldn't have to bribe my readers to Keep Up With Me but I do feel a special one year blog birthday and hitting over 150 followers does deserve a fun little prize.

The people who have helped to put this giveaway on I truly do cherish and they're all special blogger friends of mine. I really hope you take the time to participate in this giveaway and check them out. I'm truly blessed to be able to give away all these goodies. I promise that each and everyone of these ladies that have offered something are super awesome and I love them all! Woop!

But here's the catch, since I'm giving away so many things, I'm going to split it all up into TWO packages. That's right, you have an even better chance of winning something! Here are all the sponsors and what you've got a chance at winning:

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Be sure to follow the mandatory entries and the rest are optional (but I strongly encourage you to follow all the other lovelies who have sponsored this giveaway). If you'd like a link to share this giveaway on your blog by all means contact me and I'll send you the code! Thanks for following me and I cannot wait to do more giveaways!!

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