Thursday, March 14, 2013

Farming On The Four's

Like my newest addition? I'd love to turn my unique updates into a linky series some day but for now I'll just continue to keep you updated on what's happening around the farm.

While on vacation we got lucky and a cow had another little baby. That's twenty down and just ONE little lady to go! Here's to hoping this lovely cold weather makes mama go into labor, they seem to like calving in cold weather. Now if you put me out there and ask me to drop my drawers and have a baby I'd flip on you and remind you that I don't even like going out to my vehicle to start it when it's cold out!

We're Travis is working on some tractor's and jazz at the moment. Winter projects like prepping the planter, maintenance on the tractors and fixing other's people machinery are the name of the game right now. He currently has a combine in the 60' X 80' shop that he's hoping to finish up later this week. Here's to hoping it'll be finished sooner than later, although we just went on an eight day vacation today I still hate being home alone. It gets pretty boring.

Another fun project that's been going on is hauling off contracted corn out of the bins and to the elevator. We try to contract out some corn just to make sure we'll get a set price (in hopes of big premiums) and then once that contract comes due we need to take the yellow gold to town so we can cash in a nice hunk of change to pay off all the bills that us farmers call operating expenses. We don't contract out a lot, actually, it's suggested you only contract about 1/3 of your crop that way you have the option to sell anything at a moments notice.

Travis was so lucky to be elected to the County Extension Board so occasionally his weeknights are filled with meetings. I'm excited he's taking a proactive approach and trying to get involved in the ag community, makes my little heart flutter to see him get social. :)

That's just a snippet of what's been going on around our little farm. I'd love to hear from other about their farm lifestyle and what they've been up to! Don't forget I'm opening up my Tuesday's to guest blog posts so if you're interested contact me! Until next time,

-Keep On Keepin Up

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  1. AWW I love cows. I grew up on a Angus beef farm and we got to have one as a pet them little critters!

    1. LOVE! I too have grown up with cattle surrounding me :)

  2. We have just started calving have 6 down already had to pull one hope that is the last one we have to pull. It is so funny how they like to drop them in the nasty weather when it truns bad we always know we will be having some little ones. I love getting the little ones but I also once we start calving it is busy until next winter.

  3. Oh, goodness. I wouldn't want to go out in the cold to assist if anything went wrong! I've been asking for chickens and sheep for a while, but I don't think I'll ever get to cows, and even the smaller stuff will have to wait a couple of years. Thanks for stopping by my blog to claim a free ad spot and I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to come by to thank you! I've had a very busy week that involved handing in my notice at my day job, so I've been a little distracted.


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