Sunday, March 24, 2013

Farming On The Four's

WE'RE DONE CALVING!! Coincidence that it happened on the 24th? Not by chance! That little baby wanted me to blog about him! You haven't the slightest clue how excited I am about finally being done with calving! We're so lucky that we've had no issues this year, and as sad as I am about it, we don't have any bottle calves. Less work for us but they're so fun to play with! I always name the first bottle calf of the season but this time I obviously didn't get to name anyone so instead I took a picture with the last baby of the season. (ignore the nasty old coat, I didn't wanna get my workout clothes dirty so I threw it on)

With the snow covering the ground not a whole lot has been happening. I'm late posting but Monday night Travis had another Saline County Extension Board meeting. He got lucky and got to listen to a couple guest speakers from the University. I'm kind of jealous that he gets filled in on ag teaching. I really do miss hearing speakers and the only reason I'd ever elect to go back to college is for the ability to get to listen to those type of speakers.

Travis informed me that there are one out of three students active with 4-H in Nebraska but yet only one out of eight in Indiana. (Indiana is a huge ag state for those who didn't know that) It's great to hear that Nebraska lads and lassies are out staying active in their community and getting to know the ag that surrounds them! Since we are in small town America almost every kid either lives on a farm or has a best friend whose dad farms. That's just the way it is around here. To hear that they're staying educated and involved in the Ag world just warms my heart too!

I started working on getting some indoor plants started. I usually try to plant all my plants outside but decided to give the transplanting thing a go. Travis said he always remembers his grandma planting green beans in a row, I however always saw my mom buying them pre-potted like tomato plants. So this year I put some in those cute little newspaper boxes I made (that took forever). Here's to hoping these year old seedlings will sprout. I figured they're worth a try, can't hurt to use old seeds since they'd get thrown away otherwise.

I also decided to plant some flowers into those paper towel rolls. I'm trying to "be green" I promise I am! Saved a cookie plastic box and the rolls so that's gotta count towards somethin!

On other news around the farm (sounds so official right?!) we've starting prepping for Nerud Farms planting season. Travis has pulled out a couple pieces of equipment and is getting the inspections done. He's all about "preventative maintenance" so for him this is done annually before anything even hits the fields. I agree that stopping a problem before it starts is great but you can't always prevent the unknown variables from breaking down. Here's to hoping we have yet another successful planting season with no major problems. He keeps threatening telling me that he might spend Easter out in the field but I keep hoping that it rains Saturday. There's a 50% chance but I'm praying it hits at least 60-70% chance and that the ever-so-right weather man is indeed wrong. I'd love to spend a holiday with him!

Other than fixing things, planting some indoor seeds and the final calf being born that's not a whole lot of new news to report. Stick around because I'm sure by the 4th I'll have all kinds of new things to fill you in on!

Until next time, 
-Keep on Keepin Up!


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    1. We got a soaker! A whole 90/100's worth!! Can't complain AT ALL :)


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