Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guest Post: Cassie from History In The Making

Guest post Tuesday again ladies! You know what that means... You get to meet a buddy of mine!! I  can't remember exactly when me and Cassie met up but we became buddies and I'm constantly stopping by her blog and I love how she's constantly mixing things up and always blogging about random things. Well, enough about my perspective, get to know her yourself!


hey hey hey! Kelsey has so generously offered to have me guest post on her blog today, thank ya Kelsey! I suppose I should introduce myself, I'm Cassie and I blog over at History in the Making.
yes, those are beer glasses.
Like Kelsey, I too am from a small town, and I love it! I'm currently attending Kent State University for PTA physical therapy assistant, working at a local coffee shop, and coaching middle school volleyball. History in the Making is where I document my life, recent obsessions, the adventures I go on, and everything in between. you'll often find me talking about my family, sports, late night shenanigans, lots of movies, and maybe a book or two. lets be honest.. describing myself in a guest post is way harder than I thought it was going to be. so instead of me just jiber-jabing in giant run-on sentences I'll make this short and sweet...
I'm not a(n),
good chef//cook.
city girl.
interior decorator.
exterior decorator.
tall person.
avid do-it-yourself-er.
morning person. 
but I am, or like to think I am, a(n),
sports enthusiast.
lover of laughter.
 avid movie watcher.
down-to-earth//easy going gal.
country girl.
slightly ocd.
 list maker. obvs.
dessert lover.
short person.
health nut wannabe. big emphasis on the wannabe. 
there ya have it, a little about me. oh, and a birthday shout-out to mi madre, Happy Birthday Momma! okay okay, I'll quit boring you now.. feel free to stop by my blog and say hi. I love meeting fellow bloggers and making new friends! I hope you'll grab a drink and stay awhile :)
thanks for having me, Kelsey! :)


Cutie right?! If you're interested in guest posting let me know. Here's the schedule and any date that isn't filled I'm open for someone posting.

April 2nd- Light & Sweet

April 16th- open

April 23rd- open
April 30th- open
May 7th- open
May 14th- open


  1. Love that girl like a sister (in-law)! ;o)

    1. That's being bias!! ...but then again she said the same about you ;)

  2. how exciting!!! my first ever guest post, thanks for having me Kelsey!! :)

    1. So glad you decided to post on here! I love hearing that the first guest posts are over in my neck of the woods :D

  3. Kelsey I am very interested in guest posting if you would like to do a guest post for me as well?

    -Heather Ann

    1. Absolutely! Just shoot me an e-mail with dates that work for you to stop on over, and I can send you some more info! :) kelseyhomolka@hotmail.com


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