Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guest Post: Melissa

Still gone but I wanted to put up a post today. Luckily Melissa is a sweetie and is offering to fill in for me while I'm soaking in a much needed family vacation with cousins down in Texas. Be back soon but until then get to know Melissa, she's kind and has some super helpful tips on her blog about formatting and other fun things. Say hi and don't forget to stop by her blog!!
My name is Melissa and I blog at Eleven Sixty. I'm so happy that Kelsey gave me the opportunity to guest post on her blog! She is a doll.
I am 25 years old and live in Northeast Ohio with my husband, Randy. I started my blog because I needed a creative outlet. I work full-time as an office manager and needed something where I could explore my interests. Since I started blogging a year ago, I have grown to love blogging and sharing my life with you fine people.
Here are a few more things about myself:
  • I love interior design and wish that I went to school for it.
  • I went to The Ohio State University where I studied Film and Communications.
  • I love photography. I own a Nikon DSLR 3100 and still have a lot of learning to do.
  • I have been begging my husband for a dog (or cat) since we moved into our house. 2 years ago. (He said this Spring! Fingers crossed!)
  • I love to cook. I'm no gourmet chef, but I find it therapeutic.
  • I love coffee.
  • I love to cook. I wouldn't say I'm fabulous at it, but I find it therapeutic.
  • I love trash TV. Real Housewives is a big favorite. 
  • I am on Pinterest like it's my job.
  • In high school and college, I was addicted to the Sims franchise. I got tendonitis in my forearm during my Sophomore year of college because I played it too much. True story.
  • Like a lot of us, I rearely shop anywhere other than TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Target.
  • I wear scarves. A lot.
  • I think people would say I am a pretty silly person. I just noticed that I didn't add one serious picture of myself above. There aren't too many of those.
Thanks for reading, you guys! I'd love for you to stop by my blog and say hello! I love meeting new bloggers!
You can also find me on TwitterInstagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin.
See! Told ya she's fun and down to earth, now go check her out!! (You already should have but now you have no excuses!!)


  1. love Melissa, she's a peach! (you can take my word for it.. cause I'm related to her!)

  2. Thanks, Kelsey! So happy to guest post here!

    1. So grateful you choose to! I love supporting others and sharing the blog-lovin! :)

  3. I love Melissa, she's one of my favorite reads!!

    1. Agreed! She always makes things seem so easy!


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