Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Guest Post: Stephanie

Alright, so we had ascheduling error and I ended up having a free day! Instead of leaving you guys post-less I decided I wanted a close friend of mine to post instead! I've know Steph for awhile now, ok since high school, and she posted a picture and her comments on fbook and it really struck me. That girl's got a great opinion and I KNOW she knows her stuff cause they have a dairy they own/operate. She's a hard workin country gal and I love the fact that she's always trying to be proactive in the farming/ag community. Oh, did I mention she's a RED lover? Notice the hat she's got on in the pic we took a couple years ago? Yup, love her that much more for it. :) She's not a blogger like me, but she is a friend with a passion for ag. I wish I could somehow link you guys up with her but all I have is her fbook profile. Here's a link to that but not sure how much help it'll be. Without further ado, meet Stephanie


Hey! My name is Stephanie. I don’t have my own blog, but get to be a Guest Blogger for Kelsey due to a Facebook post, but I’m excited to have the opportunity to share my thoughts! To help justify my little rant, I will tell you a little bit about myself!

I am from a small town in Nebraska and grew up on a dairy farm. I am in love with the country life and all things farming. I am an Agriculture Business major at Northwest Missouri. I love anything outdoors, hunting, fishing, gardening, or even mucking out stalls. When weather forces me to be inside I do enjoy reading and sewing, occasionally I attempt to bake.

My biggest pet peeve is the lack of knowledge of the realities of farming and food production in the United States (which led to the rant).  I think sharing the truth about how farmers raise their animals is one the best things we can do to secure a future for farming in the United States.

Hope you enjoy!

And here's the post that inspired me to have her guest post: 

Okay here is my rant for the day....Let me just point out that after we separate our calves from their mothers, we still feed them their mothers milk until they are strong enough to switch to milk replacer. People don't drink the colostrum rich milk, and a cow produces way more milk than her calf will ever need. And, we don't use barbwire to keep baby calves in. They are bedded down in straw in their own stalls until they develop stronger immune systems and can be in pens with other calves with outdoor access to pens to run around. Everything about this picture is basically wrong. It's really frustrating that people don't understand the truth about farmers or the way food is produced in the United States.


Ok, so you love her right? Ya I figured so! She's so honest and direct with the reasoning behind why that photo is completely wrong. Help spread the news about how the farming community is actively seeking ways to keep our livestock and products safe! So many people are against us we need all the help to prove we're doing the best things and using the newest technology out there!


  1. I think the bad farmers/ing are the only ones shed light on (by peta/activists) and that's why these ad's happen. I think that like everything things else there are some good and some bad. I don't doubt there arn't some that pertain to the ad's picture, I am sure that still happens somewhere, but to say every farmer is wrong. There are good and bad in everything.

    1. I agree, I really don't think there's a need for the babies to continue on the milk 100% after they have their colostrum but agree that it's probably more beneficial for them to stay with mama. Thanks for the input :)

  2. Yep...love her!
    Thanks for sharing.
    That picture makes me so mad.

    1. Ya well I couldn't agree with you more on that. People paint up what they want people to believe. Uneducated fools are teh reason the ag industry would flop!!


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