Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Scentsy News

This month's scent I will admit I actually like. It's got a hint of lemon that almost smells like Pledge meaning my house smells like I'm cleaning it! The warmer, adorbs!! Check out all the specials and let me know if you need anything :)

*SPECIAL* - March Madness

From March 2-31, 2013, all Campus Collection warmers will be 40 percent off. Whether you’re a Golden Bear or a Golden Gopher, a Bronco or a Cougar, an Eagle or a Ute, you can stock up and show your school spirit. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Campus Collection warmer will help support programs at your alma mater, too! This bout of madness will only last through March 2013, so place your order today! The list of Campus Collection warmers available at the 40 percent discount may evolve throughout the promotion to ensure we have inventory available through the  Spring/Summer 2013 Catalog season.

How does your garden grow? This charming grass-green warmer is adorned with a stylized metal sunflower. Pair Green Thumb with Hello Yellow for a perfect dose of spring cheer. 

*SCENT OF THE MONTH* - Hello Yellow

Good day, sunshine! Hello Yellow is a sunny floral fragrance of incandescent white petals, golden lemons, and a touch of bright basil — a spring pick-me-up.

Enjoy this month's scent and warmer of the month for 10% off! 
As always you can order directly through me (for free shipping) or you can order off of my websites:

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