Wednesday, March 27, 2013

She's Finally Engaged!!

I cannot express to you how extremely excited I am that my bestest friend from college is FINALLY engaged. She deserves it, she loves this boy, he loves her and they're gonna live happily ever after!

So this girl, she really is a bestie and she knows the perfect thing to say to make my day better. I mentioned her a couple times on here, including the time we had a little Besties Are The Best conversation, and also I posted about How You Know you have a bestie. Both of those are surrounding the one and only Jessi!

This picture was taken in like 2010ish? OLDIE!

A little bit about our friendship before I fill you in on how she asked me to be a bridesmaid. Well, we met in college, not exactly sure on the exact deets but basically we found out we're similar in that we like to party, we like to laugh, we're both those weirdos that could possibly be mistaken as psyc patients and we both enjoy a lovely night locked in our house doing nothing with our boy. We used to get into trouble in class because we were constantly giggling and would quote random movies. I'M GONNA BEAT YOU WITH A PILLOWCASE FULL OF BARS OF SOAP! And, well, we did some occassionally dumb things. Like the time we watched NFR, sipped on some lemonade ruined by vodka and took a look at some er, magazines.

When she called to tell me about her engagement I literary laughed it off and called her a liar about fifteen times. Reason being, we always joke around and ask so are you prego or engaged yet. It's kind of our convo starter. But then I made her prove it by sending me a picture of the ring, yup, she's legit engaged! I was eating some Taco Bell and I got some hot sauce in my eye, I lied and told Trav the reason for me crying was because I had hot sauce in my eye. Well it was partially true but the tears were actually tears of joy. I've been besties with Jessi and to see her finally happily "in love" with a cool cat just made me over-emotional? I'm lame right?

I can remember the first blind date she went on with him. Not gonna go into deets but I do remember the next day talking to her about it. She said she gave him the ultimate test and then explained, I lol'd (out loud!!) because of course it's what she would do to a guy. He survived, they started dating and now they're obvi getting married!

So, change of subjects, we've got a weird friendship as mentioned above. So weird in fact that we live like maybe 40 miles apart max but yet we haven't seen each other in almost three years. Ya, THREE years. But, after I was notified of this engaged thing I insisted we meet up. I wanted to see the gorg ring in person. So, we met up at our fav mexican restaurant (I can't resist the free chips and salsa) and had a little girls night. Chit chatted about life, the future children we might have, the burn on my thumb that I was soaking in my glass of ice water and about our boys. Then, sheep got serious, she handed me a cute lil box:

That box was too adorbs I just couldn't open it.... Ok, fine, ya I did open it. I actually was so excited when I opened it and saw this!!

Yes, she's cute! I've seen it floating around Pinterest and I just couldn't get enough of it!! I'm so excited, and yes, the diamond is from her Grandma. She's not here right now. Like, not at work with me. But ya, she's fine. Oh forgot to mention, I said YES!

So now where do I start? I'm so excited, I ordered my dress (on the day it was due) and I'm more than willing to plan the bach party. She insisted I do not plan it, otherwise it might get out of hand. I cannot wait for her special day, seriously, I love her to death and she deserves the best wedding ever!

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