Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Texas Traveling

I am currently 110% checked out of reality and playing in dreamland. We've made it to Texas successfully and have been playing, eating and relaxing ever since.
We stopped at the Oklahoma City Memorial Site and toured their lovely museum.
We had a beach party with Larry and Puddles the morning after we got there. They even had bottles to sip from while we enjoyed a little bit of Chugington.
We visited a Baptist church on Sunday morning. Not what I expected, stay tuned for more info later.
And Trav napped on the way down there for awhile, left me in charge of driving...
I promise that I'll post about all the fun we've been having eventually but until then just keep stopping by and checking in on me...


  1. It's always interesting visiting a church when you go out of town. I've seen some pretty different stuff... I'm wanting to plan a trip to Dallas soon. I love it there!

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    1. I was scared of Dallas! The traffic there was HORRIBLE so it's kind of soured my taste of the Dallas area. Maybe someday I'll get out and explore it a bit more when we go down there. Maybe...

  2. Wyatt and I are Lutheran and Methodist and as much as we want to- still haven't had the courage to muster up going to a Baptist church, looking forward to that post!

    1. This one was quite simple and I'd consider it more contemporary then a true Baptist like I wanted to experience. I'm Methodist too!!

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