Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I've got about 44 days to come up with almost 300 things to be thankful for to hit 1000 in one year. Think I can do it? I'd like to say yes but hitting over 700 is still an accomplishment for me.

  • Lovely vacation to Texas
  • For safe traveling the 2800 mile trip we made
  • The simplicity of a four year old brain and how easy they make life sound
  • The laughter and joy from a two year old all because they're being begged to be tickled
  • The love and hugs from my boy
  • Coming home to a basket full of mail, including freebies and greetings cards
  • Having food still stocked up in the basement although I haven't done a good couponing trip in quite awhile
  • Enough time to sit down and start on my giant grocery/coupon list, I really do love going on these trips but I'm sadly just not finding as much time lately :(
  • Choir practice, and the Ohhhhhh's/Yawn's that come with it (inside joke)
  • The excitement of starting to save food products and try my hand at making homemade cleaners and plant food, hello organic farmer? 
  • Hilarious texts from my mom.... Want proof? Go check out my Instagram acct and see what she posted!
  • A new work computer, goodbye bad posture due to laptop hello wide screen desktop monitor!
  • 68 degree weather, maybe Mother Nature doesn't hate all of us after all?
  • Depositing some Scentsy molah into my account again (always grateful for a second income right?)
  • Bloglovin for taking the place of Google Reader, thanks a lot GR!
  • Selling a bigger ticket item (wii system) on my fbook page, trying to rid my house of items we don't use
  • Leftovers to hold me over until I can really get a good grocery haul
  • A yappin pup who still loves me even why I tell him to pipe down
  • A random call asking me to be a vendor at a HUGE farm sale event


On another note: Google announced they're shutting down their Google Reader. To me personally, it means nothing. I never figured it out in the first place really. I always just used my dashboard on blogger to read blogs and get caught up with my buddies that way. But after seeing all of my blog buddies were using it I can only conclude that it must work and that people must be using it. If you're on of them, please find a new way to keep up with me! I see the easiest way to fix this is to get a bloglovin' account and follow me over there. Here are ways to keep up with me (Kelsey). I'm not saying you have to follow me on all of them but please take the time to find a way to stay in touch. I love all of my readers and want you to be able to continue to come stop by!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Bloglovin' I think you will too!


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