Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I have less than 30 days to hit 279 more things to be thankful for... This goal is looking like it's out of reach, I'd have to find 9 daily to hit it. I'm still sticking to my guts, it doesn't matter how fast I get there it just matters what the quality of thankful's I've come to appreciate!

  • Having connections to people who can help do good things for me (crossing finger's yet again)
  • An open evening to spend with family at a local event
  • Getting to see a live drama about Jesus, it really puts it into perspective
  • Patience while I fold a billion tiny newspaper boxes to start planting my garden seedlings in (trying this go green thing)
  • Making a new friend who I can genuinely connect with, in this bloggy world some people seem fake, so to really connect feels exciting!
  • Sunglasses to shade my eyes from the bright morning
  • Mandisa for reminding me it's a GOOD MORNING, shining on a brand new day! (video below)
  • The Bible tv series, I've had it on DVR because I didn't have time to watch it but the episode I did have time to watch has me hooked. I cannot wait to finish it and see what else is in store.
  • Google Calendar for keeping my life on track, I'm so noodle brained lately
  • RunKeeper for keeping me going, and the fitness program I started through their app
  • The nicer weather for allowing me to take a nice 3.1 miles jog/walk
  • Lunch with the girls, Mexican food, yummy
  • The laughter that I hear when I'm enjoying family time
  • Hearing that people miss me when I'm not in church
  • Fresh made tea, from tea bags (and if you know of a use for the used tea bags please let me know, I'd like to re-purpose them!)
  • Being able to run still after banging my knee hard on my Tahoe door jam
  • Getting signed up for a photography class, here's to hoping I enjoy it!
  • A local bargain find on a pew from a church, I cannot wait to turn it into a cute entryway bench!


  1. The mere exercise of writing down things for which you are thankful has probably shaped your daily outlook--I know it has mine!

  2. That song always puts me in a good mood when I hear it on the way to school! Looking forward to hearing about how the photography class goes..and! I am glad to hear the weather is being nicer and the sunglasses are being used to shade the sun and not used to block reflections from heaps of snow :)

    1. I'd have to admit that they're still used to hide the snow but at least nowthesnow if FINALLY melting ;)


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