Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Three's A Charm?

Lucky number three's gotta be my year right? Me and my farmer man, Travis, have been together for three long years. It's hard to imagine life without him at this point but it's hard to imagine him taking the plunge into the commitment world and just buying a diamond already. Eh, live and learn. We're really in no big hurry when I take the time and look at the big picture. Why worry about a simple ring, it only means he's mine forever (which he already is) and I'm guessing he'll rarely wear his wedding band anyways since he farms and the chance of it getting caught on machinery could result in finger slicing. Ah heck, I don't blame him.

The best part of hitting my one year mark in the blog world is now I can reference back to what I was doing a year ago! I love reflecting! My post Two Years Later... was truthful and it's exciting to see how much a year has done to our relationship. I cannot believe how horrible my editing skills were a year ago. If nothing else at least I'm doing better on my pics!

This past year we've been blessed with many opportunities and have spent some fun times with family and friends. From going out to dinner with my parents, watching my sister graduate, running around at the county fair, surviving Czech Days and even battling it out in the no-electricity snow days. We've had our fair share of fun and games. But we've always argued quite a bit. To say you've never argued with your significant other is a lie. We do argue but luckily our arguments usually end in a forgive and forget type of arrangement.

So here's the deal, I could give you the "he's been there through thick and thin" post but instead I'll give you the "thank goodness he's hung around long enough to put up with me" post. Here are reason's I still love him:

-He has, on numerous occasions, started my car for me on cold days
-He's learning to love polka music
-He puts up with my OCD tendencies
-He doesn't complain about watching Teen Mom and helps me make fun of the people on the show
-He has recently started to help put dishes into the dishwasher without me having to gripe at him
-He has stopped doing the "I'm annoyed" face when I pull out my camera to take pictures of supper, craft projects, house projects and animals
-He's picking up his dirty socks that get left in the living room more often
-He's willing to throw my dirty undies laundry into the washer, what a trooper!
-He doesn't complain when I use all the hot water on my hour-long soak sessions in the tub

The only real way to sum up our relationship is from a fav actor of mine: Lucille Ball. Perfect right? I honestly feel that Travis fits this description and as crazy/stupid and I get I'm so glad he's right there beside me. He may not be the one getting ready to pull the crazy stunt but I can guarantee he's the one standing there holding the towel or my bag. What a great guy :)

Happy Three Years Travie! Hoping we can survive yet another year without harming each other.


  1. congrats on three years!! woot woot!

    1. Thank you! It took awhile to get here but we're not apart yet, it's gotta be a good sign right?

  2. Love this! Happy Anniversary! KC and my four years is tomorrow! :)

    1. I was excited to learn this and stop over and read your story as well btw :D

  3. I'm lovin' this post! :) Three IS always the charm!

    You're "thank goodness he hung around" moments cracked me up! Sound like Chris and I to a "T"!

    Love you and I'm so happy that you're happy!! <3

    xo, Ashley

    1. Oh I wish I would have added the other billion "thank goodness" reasons after I created the post. I have so many I'm glad he's stuck around to be patient with me :D

  4. Congratulations! You two are so cute!

    1. Thankie my dear friend. I'm not sure "cute" describes us but it's a start lol


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