Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest Post: Michelle from Life On The Horizon

Hello everyone! It's Tuesday, meaning it's time to meet a new guest blogger! My schedule had a couple open Tuesday's but now I'm back and have a fun new line-up of ladies for you to meet! Starting with a lady I've gotten to know and who has inspired me to keep my feet planted in the ag world and keep on promoting what I love. The farm! I've gotten to know Michelle after we discovered we have umpteen million things in common including our farm lovin, photography entrepreneurship and our attempts at cooking. She's a lot better in the kitchen than me I'll admit but I'll challenge her to a garden growing contest anytime! ;)


It is literally the 12th hour and I've been so busy with work and my daughter's graduation stuff, that I have been clueless as to what to write. Kelsey has been so generous to let me be a guest here that I haven't wanted to disappoint her awesome readers. I came across Kelsey and her blog via Kasse at Rural Women Rock.  

My name is Michelle and I blog over at Life on the Horizon. I recently moved to a self-hosted site and write about life in general, faith, family, and photography. I work in higher education during the day and aspire to be a life coach and National Geographic worthy photographer in my spare time. Right now, all of my free time is dedicated to my daughter's high school graduation (which is in a month...eeek!).  

Kelsey and I have so many similarities minus the 20 year age difference! We both love our cameras, cooking, books and are small town girls. I was all ready to about cooking and sharing some recipes until I saw this tweet last night in my Twitter feed that Amber (@taylorfarmwife) posted: 
Watching Ilyana & Oprah talk about how women treat each other so poorly. We women should life each other up not knock each other down. 
This was the start of a Twitter conversation (you know, those back and forth 140 characters at a time tweets?) that resulted in some serious thought and discussion about being the change you want to see in the world. When I went to bed last night, my last thought was, " how can I use the resources I have to make a difference?" 

The great thing about social media now is the wonderful women to connect with via Twitter and blogging (I use those two the most and they are the most personable). I have some awesome women friends who, without asking, are always there with support, affection, prayer, and a good laugh. Funny part of it all? I have NEVER met these women in real life.  

As a woman, and a parent of a teenage girl, it is heart breaking to see the extent girls go to wreck havoc on each other. I was fortunate: I had a few mean girls in high school to deal with, but I was primarily surrounded by boys. Boys don't cause drama. They may be the root of the drama, but they don't cause it. As I entered into adulthood, I was careful to surround myself by women who were going to lift me up, not tear me down. Now, that's not to say I haven't had some adulthood girl drama, but I try to stay clear of it. I'd rather wrestle around in a bed of rattlesnakes than mess with scorned, bitter, jealous, pissed off women! 

Amber and I discussed last night how as women, we should always help each other, not tear each other down. Why is it that it takes until we are well into adulthood to get this? Unfortunately, not everyone does. More heartbreaking is explaining to young women who are often victims of the 'mean girls' as to WHY they are being bullied.   

I know that we may not be able to change the mean girl mentality, but we can help those young women who are willing to be the difference they want to see in the world. We can equip them with knowledge, grace under fire, and stamina to withstand such attacks. We can also model to young women we come into contact with on what it means to be kind, compassionate, understanding, and forgiving. If being a mean girl is a learned behavior, then why can't we create a movement of 'nice girls'? 

There is a passage in Proverbs (4:23) that I recite to myself: " Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life." Being surrounded by women who stand by your side, lift you up, and support all you do definitely aid in guarding your heart against the bitterness that can build up when constantly attacked by women who are looking to tear you down.  

This is definitely not the post I had originally planned on sharing, but I'm so thankful for the community I have built over my lifetime, but also the new community I am creating by meeting women like Kelsey and Kacce: they are kind and supportive and genuine and definitely making a difference in the world and the women who follow them.  

My final thought for the day: " big changes start with small, deliberate acts. No movement towards positive change is ever too small."  - Michelle A. Farley 

Some snapshots of the awesome women in my life: 

262268_10150226207036608_5100075_n 429775_3548021663165_654106464_n




And there you go! She's fun isn't she? I love the fact that she is standing up and showing others how important it is to be strong and stop bullying. I feel that as women in the blogging community we should all unite and encourage each other. Prove that being nice isn't as hard as the social media world makes us think it is.

So, as an extra special challenge I encourage you to go out of your way and comment on at least FIVE blogs, they don't have to be blogs you follow, in fact, go to my side bar and check out the ladies that sponsor my blog if you want to surprise them. Just send some words of encouragement to people letting them know that they're strong, independent  encouraging ladies and you're proud of them for putting their stories out there for us to read about. Some stories are hard to write so they deserve a little credit!!


Also, don't forget if you're interested in doing a guest post get a hold of me (kelseyhomolka@hotmail.com). We'll figure out a date that works or here's what the schedule looks like so far:

May 7th- Heather Ann from Every Girl Like Me
May 14th- Chrissy from Prayers & Pearls
May 21st- Laura from Bennett Adopt
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June 11th- Open

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Good Life: Front Porch View (Link-Up #2)

Welcome back Good Life-ers! I'm so glad you've stuck around for yet another week of our series! Again, I'll be giving out FREE AD SPACE to those who choose to link up with us. You don't have to be from Nebraska to participate in this fun link-up. In fact, I'd like to see what everyone else's front porch view looks like so feel free to snap a couple shots and explain to us what your daily view is! Also, for those who participated last week, I'm just now getting around to sending out the codes for your free ad space so bare with me :)



Here's a little snippet of what my front porch view looks like then I'll explain it.

This is the view I see looking out my bedroom window. It's pointing towards the road but the scenery is gorgeous. We're lucky enough to have this cute little porch attached to our bedroom so I can walk out on it and get lost in a book when I choose to. Watching the sun come up stinks for those Saturday's that I want to sleep in but I'm so lucky to see the sun shining and reminding me that it's a brand new day and that means there's new hope and joys to go out and see. The evening I caught this shot it just so happened to be raining which caused a gorgeous rainbow. Even better view right?!?!

So, the porch that walks right out of my bedroom, you're probably wondering what it looks like eh? Well, here's what the cute little porch is all about:

Yup, tiny and just the right size for my rocking chair. I like to sit in that chair a lot in the summer. Between that chair and my hammock I get a lot of good books read in those two places. This chair was a bargain find that I spruced up a bit and it's just right for me. It's big enough to grab a pillow and blankie and cuddle up in. I love watching the sunset on our crops in the summer, calm breeze blowing, a book to get lost in. It's almost like my little escape into "dream land" where everything's perfect.

I got artsy one evening when the sun was going down and attempted a silhouette type shot of our yard. I think it turned out really nice and it really describes our yard extremely well. The way you can see our fence up front in the yard, the house, the sheds, the big barn towards the back of the picture. Heck you can even see the rooster weather vein on top our shed on the right hand side of the shot! And, I love seeing the outline of the bins on the right. This shot really sums up what our farm is all about, barns, bins and the house. 

And, for the back door of the place. The main entrance, the door that actually gets used in our house. Here's the crappy landscape job I've attempted. With a potential move in the near future I refuse to plant flowers this year. As a matter of fact, I refused to plant flowers last year too but that was because I have a knack for killing flowers. 

So, there it is. That's my front porch view. It's not an ocean view with sand running right up to my walk-out bedroom french doors. Nor is it a tenth story apartment view overlooking the biggest city in the US. But, it's my small town farm life scene that I love waking up to every morning. We may all have different front porch views but it's not about the scenery but more about how we learn to love what surrounds us. 


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Next Week's Theme: 
5 Things You Love About Nebraska (or your state)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday's

Woops, this didn't get published? Oh well, what do ya do.... Enjoy!

  • Potential new opportunities that will better my life
  • The compassion of a loving embrace, hugs can make or break a day
  • The pride of getting to sit next to my dad and play for a fellow community member who inspired me to become pro-active and do something to better myself and my community
  • The amount of support a small town community can show for someone
  • A gorgeous rainbow on a windy afternoon
  • Thirty-One party lined up for this evening
  • Spending time with my parents
  • The ability to continue running and seeing improvement in myself
  • Finding my voice, although it was tiny I still used it... timidly
  • The sun shining in on this lovely spring day, here's to hoping it's low of 50's from here on out!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Farming On The Four's

Time has been going 1000 miles per hour and I didn't have time to post about what was going on around the farm so I'm playing catch-up with you guys.

We haven't really been up to anything meaningful these past few days, moving cattle here, waiting to get into the field there. Mostly, we've been anxiously waiting to get into the field to start anhydrousing. The boys have a ton of prep work to finish up before we can plant the fields so here's to hoping it stops raining and dries up a bit!

I got home after work one day and found this little buddy munching away at some prarie hay in the feeder. He reminded me a lot of myself, why eat with the others when I can crawl up on the table and get comfy with my food! 

The picture below is of one of the storm clouds that came crashing through on Sunday evening. I wanted to get a run in so I went out for awhile, I got about 1/4 mile into my run and I see a strike of lightning close to home so I take off sprinting to get back to the house before the storm hits. To top it off, I had to pull my steaks off the grill and get that put away before the winds picked up. No steaks were harmed, I wasn't stuck by lightning and I'm proud to inform you that we did recieve a good 10/100's of rain. Sad I didn't get a good run in but oh well, the shot turned out neat :)

Just gotta keep reminding myself that after every storm God promises us a rainbow. Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on earth. -Genesis 9:16

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Day In "The Good Life" Link-Up #1

Welcome everyone! Oh I'm so excited for this link-up to kick-off! No rules except try to follow the hosts and link-up anything related to a normal day in your life. As a super special surprise I'm doing something as a thank-you to those who link-up. I've giving away a FREE AD SPACE on my blog! I'll shoot you the code once you link-up. ;)



Before I go into detail about my daily routine in the Good Life let me warn you that my schedule changes according to the time of year and what's going on around our farm. In spring for example, I'm usually helping with random things like sorting off cattle, running around on the four wheeler, starting to plant a garden, taking classes, getting in shape for 5k races this summer, sand volleyball league and volunteering for millions of activities. So here's just a snippet of what this time of the year looks like for me.

My day in small town Nebraska, population 592, consists of waking up and getting ready for work. Typically I don't give myself enough time to think let alone do something to make myself look "nice". I'd say about 70% of the time I find something at home to eat, usually leftovers but lately I'm all about the minute meals from Hormel. I then head to work and do the nine to five thing (sing it like Dolly does!!!). I work at an investment firm and we also do taxes so things have finally slowed down a bit at work.

Once I get home I usually find something to keep me busy for a couple hours. I'm usually not free during weekends and on week nights there always seems to be something going on. Monday's are full of photography classes, Wednesday evenings are choir practice at the church, and there's always Scentsy/Thirty-One meetings or sorting orders that come in. Plust you can't forget dropping those orders off as well. But, if I'm lucky enough to have a free night you can find me at home working in the garden or out running those gravel roads to get a good workout in. I usually loose track of time and then boom, I take a look at the clock and realize it's almost nine.

Time for suppa! The boy usually doesn't get home until ten or later depending on the time of the year it is. Since he farms usually Spring/Fall is super late, like eleven, twelve or later most nights. Now I'll admit I'm not  one of those Betty Crocker ladies but I do make a mean tater-tot casserole!! With being involved in so many activities I've come to realize that making time to make a five course feast nightly just isn't possible. Don't judge but we do watch tv while chowing down on sups as well. And yes, that would be Tickle off of Moonshiners on TV if you're wondering. We had a grill-out Moonshiners kind of romantic supper that evening. Classy. :)

Supper quick, shower and attempt to crawl into bed before midnight. With housework being never ending I try to clean-up one mess a night but it just seems when I get up the next morning it gets ten times worse than the night before.

Start it all over again. There's my routine.

Now, weekends, those are a totally different schedule!! If I don't have anything going on I sleep in. I reward myself for going to work and not complaining by allowing myself a sleep-in-till-ten day on Saturdays unless I have an activity. These next three weekends I've got 5k races so no sleeping in for me! If we aren't planting or harvesting and there's not a wedding or other event me and Travis enjoy hanging out on the farm, grilling and just having a night to relax. We don't typically like the get dressed up and go out on a date thing. It's just not for us. Sunday morning are of course church and then cleaning day. Oh, and how can we forget that coupons come on Sunday's too?!?!

So, there you have it. My super crazy normal week. Now, link-it-up and tell me how yours normally goes!!


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Friday, April 19, 2013

Pay It Forward

I have been wanting to join in the Pay It Forward movement for awhile and in light of the event's earlier this week I feel it is the perfect time. 

I saw this idea over at Keep Calm & Sparkle and thought. That's it. That's what I've been needing to do!There is nothing more gratifying than knowing you have made someones day. I don't know about you but I LOVE getting surprise packages in the mail.  Even a simple card can make my day. Now I've been working on a stack of blank cards I bought and intend to snail mail write some close friends and blog buddies. I've been doing these surprise notes for awhile. I'll write one out, add it to the stack and then a couple days later write another one. I'll post about it later but right now I want to do this!

The first 5 people to comment with their email and blog address will receive from me, sometime in this calendar year, a gift - perhaps a book, a baked good, music - a surprise! There will likely be no warning, it will happen when the mood strikes me. The catch? Those five people must make the same offer on their blog.  And who knows... I might decide to do more than 5 so comment away!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In

Alright, we all know I've been known to host a couple parties. Ok, you're right, I've also been known to pull a couple crazy stunts at other people's parties too. But I'll have you know that it's not because I'm drunk and out of control instead it's because I'm awesome and that's just my personality. To get people to laugh at the most outrageous things..... 

Instead of trying to explain it. Let's me show you through some amazingly candid pictures on tips of how to become a successfully fun partier.

Now here's me on a typical summer weeknight. I play in a summer sand volleyball league and this is what I'm normally doing. Goofing off, making fun of us for sucking so bad and drinking Bud Light Lime. A tip to help keep the summer fun exciting, always order the first and last rounds for friends. They'll thank you in the morning.

Another tip is don't wait around for a guy to ask you to dance. It. Wont. Happen. And here's what my friends and I do if you give us free time. We tend to find random things to make fun of. Oh, the skeletons, those were the only men that would dance with us that night. Eh, they were all boned up about it. ;)

Make sure you have a camera ready at all moments so you can capture ridiculous signs. I hope you'd expect me to take a picture like this. I mean who puts a sign like this right next to the bathrooms and expects me to talk by it without giving it a second thought? NO ONE! So, there you have it folks, we indeed kept our beers OUT of the children's area. Besides, the slides were too hot to sit on anyways...

Be open to meeting new people. NEVER brush unkown soldiers off to the side and hope creepers leave you alone. They can be the ones that will give you the most laughs and memories. But ALWAYS use the buddy system in those situations. And what kind of party would it be without us going into a bar in another state, talking the bar owners into giving us free t-shirts, drinks and make us food late at night along with entertaining them so much they ask us to come back again next time? The Snappers guys were awesome and we cannot wait to get back to Kansas soon! :)

Here's a tip, make sure you're all set-up and ready for the next picture perfect moment. Check out this crappy shot of us at my Christmas party a couple years ago. Obvi none of us were really ready for it and I'm pretty sure my facial reaction is due to me falling off the chair in front of me. Eh, gotta love our lovely faces!

Oh, did I also mention in order to entertain people you have to be willing to go up to randoms and request a picture with them? Here's some guy we found in Omaha at a Dwight Yokam concert. He looked exactly like a guy we knew from back home. Even drove the same truck and wore Hurley shirts!!

And last but not least I leave you with tip #903243. You must be willing to adapt and drink from anything if you're in need of alcohol. Yes, this is a jug full of "Grandpa's Lemonade" and yes, it takes like pure Heaven in a jug. (Notice the sign on it says Adults Only)

If you haven't noticed yet in most of those pictures I was wearing a weird looking vest-like structure. No I'm not wearing it to create a fashion statement it's a "Czech vest" and I wear it when I attend Alumni Band events. Yes, I blame them on my involvement of drinking and doing half these dumb things but it was totally worth it!!

So, if you want to be the life of a party make sure to keep my tips in mind. Don't be scared to look like a fool, after all, your friends won't remind you how quiet you were the next time you go out to discuss prior events. Be the one they talk about!!

*Disclosure: Some of these tips are straight-up bad for your health but I've chosen to do them anyways. Always consult a friend before pulling dumb stunts and regretting them in the morning.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nebraska Bloggers Connect

So if you noticed that I added a new tab up there on the right hand side congrats and thank you for keeping an eagle eye out on what's going on over here at KUWK!

I started this link-up and fbook page to really connect with fellow local bloggers. I wanted to find other locals who are in the blogging world and connect as a community. Maybe potentially plan a couple meet and greets? Pretty much anything goes with it!

If you're a Nebraska blogger or know someone who is please check out the tab up there on the right hand side! I've created a form to fill out to help us connect and also make sure you add the blog button to your blog so others can see you're proud to bleed red!!


Also, stick around! We're going to be hosting a BRAND NEW link-up party! I'm excited to co-host it with Suzi from Chores & Chandeliers! The link-up is all about what a normal day in the "good life" state is about (or your own state if you'd like). This is open to pretty much everyone! 

So here's the thing, we're wanting to make this into a series type link up. Subjects will vary and we'll have different topics each time. Some ideas we've came up with include front porch view, family history, favorite part about living in "the good life", show us around you county, best "sker" moment. Do you have some you'd like to blog about? If so, send them to us! You might get lucky and we'll feature your topic in the future!! (meaning you'd be a featured guest-host)

So, stick around. The first link up will open on April 22nd and will stay open for a couple days. Be sure to make your post beforehand so you can link up with us on Monday. We'll keep it open until Thursday to give you plenty of time to link up. We'll get some stats together and the second link-up we'll feature the most clicked on link and some other fun highlights from the previous week.

April 22nd Post Topic: "A Day in The Good Life" 
(tell us about your day, what's the normal thing you do, show us some picture!)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon

If you haven't heard yet there was a bombing in Boston earlier today. I've been watching the live ABC News Feed for the past hour straight and I'm just in shock. As of now they've confirmed two deaths and more than sixty-eight people taken to hospitals. Between silent tears, a gut wrenching feeling and the sickening video footage I'm just in utter shock and an emotional wreck.

This bombing has really hit home for me. Although I am not a marathon runner I still consider myself a competition runner and I do participate in various 5k races. The fact that there are so many unanswered questions right now about this bombing is partially why I'm scared but the other reason I'm scared is because I have a fear of being around large groups of people.

Call me selfish but the fear of being around hundreds of people is because I feel it's a target for others to cause harm. I feel like terrorists plot for events where they know they can hurt/kill thousands at once and here is another example of what they're capable of. I think my real fear is that I cannot control the fact that people are out to hurt innocent people. The fact that I cannot avoid it if someone where wanting to harm others and have absolutely no remorse for their actions.

This fear will only grow and turn into anxiety as we continue to watch this event unfold. I will admit I do have anxiety and I should probably get put on medication for it because I can let any small event turn me into an emotional wreck but today's just hit me hard. Maybe it's because I went to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial less than a couple months ago, maybe it's because I'm a runner and I'm realizing that this could possibly happen to me at an event I'm planning on running in the near future, or maybe it's just because with all the mass murders and killings going on lately I have a fear of being caught up in it like so many other innocent victims have found themselves in situations like me.

I've learned over the years that although I cannot live in fear due to terroristic plots I can live cautiously and learn to live like tomorrow is a gift not a promise. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways and I feel so grateful for all of it but today, today is a day that I will forever cherish. I have health, I have a wonderful family and I have friends whom I love to the ends of the earth.

**Side note, just got word that there were 85 runners from Nebraska participating in this race. Just makes it that much more emotional for me to think about.**

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Farming On The Four's

I just wanted to say I had intentions of posting this yesterday but other events were on my mind. I'm still not OK with moving forward, I'm personally still grieving the events that unfolded in Boston but I know I need to push forward, I need to continue on with life. It's not that I'm forgetting the events because I have cried three times today again but it's the fact that other aspects of my life need to push forward.

Facebook status of the day: Call me crazy, but after this Boston Marathon scare I've decided to up the ante a bit. I'm currently running three different 5k's THREE weeks in a row and I'm doing it to over-come my anxiety/fear of letting those disgusting terrorists think they can stop me from doing what I want!


A whole lots been going on around our area but first off I need to start off by saying:


Ok, for those of you non-farm creatures out there to a farmer, this is big news. We obviously need the rain for so many reasons but the entire universe needs this moisture to help pull us out of the horrible drought we're in. We received in total about an inch total over about three or four days in rain. The rain we received over the past couple days will only get us caught up to the moisture level needed October of 2012. So, basically we're still behind by about six months. Here's to hoping we get lots more rain and much less snow!

Remember that shot I added last "fours" of the daffodils getting ready to bloom. Well they've finally bloomed!!! I love seeing new life! I want to get across the road to the abandoned house. The yard is always full of blooming flowers during the spring and summer months from the person that lived there fifty years ago. The yard is just taken over by pretty flowers!! (I had a picture, but its gone, I'll re-add it tonight!)

The boys decided to work calves this past Friday. They had the vet come out and they did four-way shots, castrated them, some deworming pour-on type meds, and the lucky ones were even de-horned. Before you go all PETA on me I'll have you know the reason for de-horning (or our reason for de-horning) is to keep the other cattle safe and to prevent any injuries to us while we're checking or working them. Some people are against de-horning but we believe it is for the betterment of our animals. While castrating the babies it's always a good idea to keep an eye on them to make sure they're not bleeding too bad. Once in awhile we'll have a calf that we'll run back through the shoot because there's too much bleeding going on. FYI- too much bleeding can cause death. Lesson learned the hard way. Although we had him tied back up and thought he was ok evidently he had lost too much blood and the next morning when we went to go check on him he was gone. It's always tough to lose an animal but knowing that you're losing an animal that you're expecting to make money off of is always a little tougher. So, we hauled him out of the pen and called the meat wagon to come pick him up. I kid you not, less than five hours after we hauled him out he was blown up like a balloon ready to explode. It just amazes me how fast decomposing animals can bloat up. Imagine how nasty he would have gotten had it been 97 degrees out in the middle of the summer! Yuck!

Here's a shot I took of the babies, they were all curious as to what antics I was up to. I laughed at how they were all lined up so nicely for me. Everyone kept pushing the person in front of them closer to me but no one wanted to be the first to walk up. Sillies.

Today Travis hauled some crap. No seriously, he hauled crap (manure) all day and he did it yesterday too. They have been hauling it from the pens and where we had the cattle out on stocks (where we fed them by the yard) and taking it out to pastures and other parts of the fields that will soon be covered with crops. This is a FREE way for us to fertilize the ground and helps to rid of the packed crap that needs to get broken up. 

They've also been busy putting dry fertilizer on their pastures. No, not the crap I talked about earlier, but actual fertilizer from the CO-OP. This is to help bring in more nutrients and allow for a greener more lush pasture for the cattle to feed on. There is a waiting period before we can release cattle on there to eat so the chemicals don't harm them so the sooner you put it on the better.

The "preventative maintenance" on the sprayer is done and we're waiting on sunnier days to get out there and get to work. The 2011 Apache AS1020 is ready to roll but right now she's just gotta stay put in the shop until the ground drys out a bit more. Hate to have her sink into a mud hole and be stuck for a day or two. We've got about 2,000 acres that still need to get sprayed. This is all pre-emergence that needs to be done. After we've disced most of we'll till it or stalk chop some of it. This will break down any "foreign matter" (aka dead stalks from last crop season) that are sitting on the soil and will allow the new seedlings to grow and use the tilled soil as fresh fertilizer for itself. 

Today while I was working on my tax information Travis and a neighbor kid were out picking up sticks from a field that they cleaned a bunch of trees out of. It's obviously still a little wet out because I got this text from Kolton. Yes, that'd be our four wheeler and the trailer bogged down in the mud. To say the least I laughed when I got this text and yes, his reply was they did indeed need the truck to come pull it out. No one was harmed and the four wheeler and trailer made it back home in one piece. Boys always gotta push their luck though!

From here on out it'll be go-go-go for the boys. Here's the breakdown of exactly how busy we're gonna be:
After spraying comes discing. 
After discing comes planting. 
After planting comes post-immergence spraying.
After post-immergence spraying comes cultivating. 
After cultivating comes irrigating. 
After irrigating season comes harvest.
After harvest comes maintenance.
After maintenance comes rest.
Here's to a busy seven or eight months!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I'm realizing I'm falling short of 1000 thankful's in one year. But to be honest, I'm not disappointed. I'm excited! I've opened my eyes to see the true beauty on this earth and I've begun to really notice the small details in life. I'm so glad I've done this and I plan to continue these thankful's!

  • Being able to participate in a 5k race, totally rad man!
  • Finally finishing up my taxes with three days to spare
  • Blooming daffodils on the yard, signs of spring!
  • Homemade fully-loaded salad 
  • A night home. Alone. With the boy.
  • Catching up with friends I haven't heard from in awhile
  • The start of a new friendship
  • Going out of my comfort zone and learning to start conversations with people
  • The snowstorm/thunderstorm to remind us that in Nebraska we can be in both a winter weather advisory AND a tornado watch all at the same time (mother nature tends to be bipolar sometimes)
  • Discovering the stainless steel water bottle I have isn't too bad (I got it last Christmas and had yet to use it until yesterday)
  • Seeing green grass poking through the blanket of snow on the ground
  • Thirty-One sales for really taking off. What an unexpected income!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Totally Rad 80's 5k Run Results!

For those of you who stalk er follow me on  Instagram you would have seen the millions of pictures I posted on Sunday from my 5k run. Yesterday was kinda a fog so I didn't really get into blog-land until today.

Here's the "before" shot that we snapped a couple minutes before race time. Cute right?!? Luckily Dawn had me covered, I'm pretty sure my drab was lame to what she had on. She fixed me up and we got to goin. North to Omaha for race day!

So we got there with plenty of time to spare so we decided to take a lil cruise on over to the local Walgreens. Got some awesome stares, cruised back to the race and went to pick up our packets. Mine was mixed up so I had to wait awhile to get my info and registration. No biggie, I've learned patience is a virtue. They were having computer problems so I think they were kind of frantic about having to check everyone in and do it as quick as possible. 

We then just kind of bummed around and stared at the amazing outfits that we saw. I kid you not, there were some pretty good ones out there. Like think Wayne's World, Michelle Tanner, Saved by the Bell awesome outfits. Had I thought of it I totally would have done some kind of Breakfast Club dress-up goodness. Don't believe me about the insanely awesome outfits?! Check out these shots below...

Ya, that'd be "Weekend At Bernie's" and Bernie ran with us too! I can remember about 1/4 of the way into the race that awesome check stopped and started to "check" Bernie, asked if there was a medic and everything. People like that are the reason this race was so awesome! Also, there was the guy that had a Wil-Bol shirt on. I litterally started to get super excited. I stopped to ask him about it and he's like "um, ya, I just found this shirt at a Goodwill." The story behind the shirt is that it's my hometown and we were two hours away from Wilber. My bff's parents own the bowling alley now, so it meant that much more to me too! I mean, who in their right mind would give away this shirt in the first place?!?! (oh and check out his pants, I'm pretty sure he's gotta be squeezing those cheeks right?)

And what kinda 80's rock kinda day would it have been without the tongues out look? Seriously, Dawn made this race super fun and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to spend the day with her. She's such a sweetie and is always looking at the positives in people. I am so grateful we've gotten to know each other and I cannot wait to do more races with her. My goal is to do a 5k every month until December. Here's to hoping I don't fall short and that me and her find some other fun run's to mess around with and make new memories at! Also, she's a tough person. Did I mention that about her? Less than three weeks ago she sprained her ankle while skiing, Sunday she was out running on it?! Nuts!

Check out these guys, they look like they're from Wayne's World I swear! Those two carried that boom box the whole way while it was blaring 80's rock. I struggled running the whole time NOT carrying the boom box so I'm pretty sure these guys are in much better shape then me. The random part about this photo is that I added it to fbook and one of my friends "tagged" one of the guys in the photo. Evidently we're mutual friends and she run's marathons with him. RANDOM!? But funny that this is such a small world.

It was time for the race to start. There were almost 1200 racers so it got kind of packed at the start line. We were in the middle of the pack and our "goal" was to not finish last and to try and hit under one hour for our time. We ran the race and I was actually not dying like I thought I would. I slowed down because I started to get HORRIBLE shin splints because I'm deff not used to running those crazy hills they had us going up and down. That part alone with a major workout. Papillion/Omaha area is quite hilly I learned and the race map was filled with up-downs. Something over in my neck of the woods we don't have. We're all flat ground so training is totally different for me. 

We did pretty good about keeping up with other runners. There were so many positive people encouraging others on the route. I saw several hi-fives going on along with a couple chest bumps. The occasional you've got this shout and some rad runners who had their boom boxes blaring while they sprinted past us.

But, I'm proud to say we finished it in less than thirty minutes! Woop Woop! Like seriously, how awesome is that?!

...Ok fine, I'll tell you the real truth. The course was actually only 2.34 miles, they accidentally mapped it out wrong. But, I re-calculated the time and had we done the entire 3.1 miles (5k) it would have been a time of 36.54 minutes to finish. That's my PR (personal record) so I'm entirely happy with the pace that we went!! That'd make us run an average of a 12.17 minutes per mile. Happy dance!

And here's where you insert my favorite part of the entire race day.... Or a close second anyways. There was a really cool band called 3D In Your Face that played that day after the race. The band was A-MA-ZING! They were an 80's rock cover band but the amount of energy these guys had was over the top. The drummer (Playboy) had some pretty freakin mad skills not gonna lie. My dad's a musician by heart so I've seen him rock it out to some tunes but this guy had obviously been in the rockin world for quite awhile. (no offense dad, I know you're reading this and I promise I still worship your knowledge of music and instruments).

The lead singer (Hot Rod) had a pretty amazing voice and the fact that he could hit the different ranges  while keeping the crowd going impressed me. I've sung a couple times in my life and it's tough to continuously sing like he did without needing a break, my vocal chords would have been worn out after the first five numbers let alone to come back and do it for another twenty songs. I also was in complete awe of his attire. I swear I stepped back into the 80's when I saw this entire band but his outfit really just kept me staring. On the way up there I told Dawn it didn't matter how mis-matched we were because that's what the 80's was all about right?!?! He obviously was the living legend of the mis-matched fashion.

The lead guitarist (Sniper) was pretty sweet and we were impressed by his rather tight leather pants. He was fairly great at hitting some good chords. We were on the opposite side of the "stage" area so we didn't really get too close with him but he deff was workin that crowd of leotarded-born-in-the-90's girls. You could tell he's been rockin it for at least three years if not twenty-three by the way. ;)

Ok now for my fav person in the band. Spade. The bass player. (he should change his stage name to Ace instead, I mean really, he's not a Spade by any means!) I became obsessed with this guy and I really think he's quite the hotty. It's gotta be the mystery behind the guy, I want to know his story. I wanna know more about him. Does he rock 24/7 or does he go home and live a somewhat normal week day life? How often does he tour? Do girls constantly flock him and does he choose randoms or is he a guy of character whose respecting those girls who are obviously not respecting themselves?

He had this laid back personality that you could tell he was totally in his element and loving playing in front of the crowd.  I'm pretty sure he's just a great "actor" and flirts with any/every person that watches his shows, but I was still oodling him. Oh what a heartbreak! He brought out the teenage Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, Sixx Am, Pearl Jam obsessed grunge in me and I'm thinkin that's why my crush was over-the-top. The thoughts took me back to my days of doing what I wanted, when I wanted with no cares in the world. The me back when I wasn't a major planner who stayed up late just blaring music pretending to be in a separate world. 

The guy has talent and skills, he was born with rock in him. I've always been a sucker for a good bass player, the one whose is in charge of making the link between the harmony and the rhythm of the music. He's in charge of keeping time and giving everyone something to base the beats per measure off of. I did see him counting out and keeping track in 4/4 time too! What blows my mind about the bass is how tough it is to continuously play for long periods of time. My fingers would KILL if I were strumming that long. I get it that your fingers build up some calluses but come on, it's still gotta hurt right!?

He had this rock about him that when he looked at you while playing it was almost like he was saying, "I want you but I'm too busy rockin it". Yup, the obsession grew once we left and as soon as we started doing the small town bar hop thing I began to realize that I was still talking about him. While on the bar crawl home I even asked some locals what they thought of Spade and showed them this picture. They weren't so impressed with a guy who had longer hair and more make-up on then me. (Obvi they didn't realize my obsession was so big!) 

So enough about Spade, you probably think I'm a nut-job anyways right!? Well while bar hopping we ran into several people who made us laugh. We kinda got "lost" on the way home and ended up in Milford, Sunday's at ten they're already closed. Before the Milford excursion we found P.Dale and luckily for us we snapped a shot with our fav friend Spencer! Such a sweetie and he's always got that "happy" grin on his face. He must have thought us 80's lads got lost in the time machine because he straight up started laughing when we walked in the door. Mean! Made it to a couple other bars and then finished up the night by girls chat and laughter. A promise to chase down 3D again and go see them along with making a pack to do more 5k's just because they are so fun. 

The Totally Rad 80's Run was a blast. Between the big hair, the loud rock, the bright neon clothes and the happy smiles from fellow runners this might have been hands down the most fun I've had at a 5k run thus far. You can bet your teased ratty hair I'll be doing this race again next year!!

Forgot to mention, wanna do a 5k with me or team up and do one at a different location to "compete" against each other?! Let's make a challenge out of it. You could always borrow this guys "bag phone" from 1986, just CALL ME MAYBE!