Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Day In "The Good Life" Link-Up #1

Welcome everyone! Oh I'm so excited for this link-up to kick-off! No rules except try to follow the hosts and link-up anything related to a normal day in your life. As a super special surprise I'm doing something as a thank-you to those who link-up. I've giving away a FREE AD SPACE on my blog! I'll shoot you the code once you link-up. ;)



Before I go into detail about my daily routine in the Good Life let me warn you that my schedule changes according to the time of year and what's going on around our farm. In spring for example, I'm usually helping with random things like sorting off cattle, running around on the four wheeler, starting to plant a garden, taking classes, getting in shape for 5k races this summer, sand volleyball league and volunteering for millions of activities. So here's just a snippet of what this time of the year looks like for me.

My day in small town Nebraska, population 592, consists of waking up and getting ready for work. Typically I don't give myself enough time to think let alone do something to make myself look "nice". I'd say about 70% of the time I find something at home to eat, usually leftovers but lately I'm all about the minute meals from Hormel. I then head to work and do the nine to five thing (sing it like Dolly does!!!). I work at an investment firm and we also do taxes so things have finally slowed down a bit at work.

Once I get home I usually find something to keep me busy for a couple hours. I'm usually not free during weekends and on week nights there always seems to be something going on. Monday's are full of photography classes, Wednesday evenings are choir practice at the church, and there's always Scentsy/Thirty-One meetings or sorting orders that come in. Plust you can't forget dropping those orders off as well. But, if I'm lucky enough to have a free night you can find me at home working in the garden or out running those gravel roads to get a good workout in. I usually loose track of time and then boom, I take a look at the clock and realize it's almost nine.

Time for suppa! The boy usually doesn't get home until ten or later depending on the time of the year it is. Since he farms usually Spring/Fall is super late, like eleven, twelve or later most nights. Now I'll admit I'm not  one of those Betty Crocker ladies but I do make a mean tater-tot casserole!! With being involved in so many activities I've come to realize that making time to make a five course feast nightly just isn't possible. Don't judge but we do watch tv while chowing down on sups as well. And yes, that would be Tickle off of Moonshiners on TV if you're wondering. We had a grill-out Moonshiners kind of romantic supper that evening. Classy. :)

Supper quick, shower and attempt to crawl into bed before midnight. With housework being never ending I try to clean-up one mess a night but it just seems when I get up the next morning it gets ten times worse than the night before.

Start it all over again. There's my routine.

Now, weekends, those are a totally different schedule!! If I don't have anything going on I sleep in. I reward myself for going to work and not complaining by allowing myself a sleep-in-till-ten day on Saturdays unless I have an activity. These next three weekends I've got 5k races so no sleeping in for me! If we aren't planting or harvesting and there's not a wedding or other event me and Travis enjoy hanging out on the farm, grilling and just having a night to relax. We don't typically like the get dressed up and go out on a date thing. It's just not for us. Sunday morning are of course church and then cleaning day. Oh, and how can we forget that coupons come on Sunday's too?!?!

So, there you have it. My super crazy normal week. Now, link-it-up and tell me how yours normally goes!!


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  1. love the link up little lady! :)

    too bad we live like a thousand miles apart....good runs down old dirt roads are my favorite!!!

  2. Busy, busy girl!!! I find it so important to have those "off" weekend days. When the calendar fills up, I usually cross of a weekend day or entire weekend with the "DO NOT SCHEDULE" appointment. I know Mr. Collier appreciates the time off!

  3. I loved reading about your day(s), week(s). Sounds like you have a lot of busy fun!

  4. Love this link-up! I hope I did mine right!!

    Sometimes I wish I lived out in the country... the city gets so noisy sometimes. And you definitely can't go running down the street!

  5. So glad I came across your blog. These themes are great, especially when I get writer's block. I'm already thinking about next week's topic :)

  6. You are so busy, I consider it a good day if I get half of those things done! I about fell over when I saw your gardening picture on Instagram, you named your blog right- keeping up with kelsey couldn't be truer!


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