Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April Scentsy News

*SPECIAL* - April Host Exclusive
Listen up, Scentsy superfans: April is your month. We’ve brought back the extra-large version of our famous Scentsy Bar — the SCENTSY BRICK — for the month of April 2013, just for our Hosts! Simply use the Host Rewards you earn with a qualifying party of $150 or more to buy limited-edition SCENTSY BRICKS* for $20 each in any of these all-time best-selling fragrances: Baked Apple Pie, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Christmas Cottage, Clean Breeze, Perfectly Pomegranate, Pumpkin Roll, Skinny Dippin, Sugar Cookie, Sweet Pea & Vanilla, Welcome Home

*SPECIAL* - Close-Out Section

Starting Monday, April 1, even more Scentsy Fragrance products are available through our closeout program to Consultants and customers. All closeout products are available while supplies last. These items will be available for purchase at a 20% discount through my website.  Additional products and fragrances may be included at a later date. These discontinued products can be added to any party order and will qualify toward the $150 (USD)/$200 (CAD) minimum to receive free shipping. Also starting April 1, all Scentsy DIY Them Packs on closeout will be 40% off, marked down from the original 20% off closeout price. 

Big Apple is a three-piece warmer with amazing, hand-painted details. Topped with a pair of glossy green leaves, it looks so good you might be tempted to take a bite! Perfect as an end-of-the-year gift for that favorite teacher — or as a gift to yourself! Big Apple uses a 20-watt light bulb. 

*SCENT OF THE MONTH* - Sunny & Share
A sunny shore washed clean by a spring shower — soft sea air, golden citrus, and dewy driftwood scattered with white beach daisies

Enjoy this month's scent and warmer of the month for 10% off! 

As always you can order directly through me (for free shipping) or you can order off of my websites:


  1. Hey sweet girl. Where can I go to look at the complete catalog?

    1. Hmm, did you click on my link at the bottom of that page? The one that has Scentsy at the end should take you to my website? Then on the left hand side a little ways down just click "buy from party" and it'll show you the whole catalog that way!!!

  2. Welp I definitely should be asleep right now figured it just couldn't wait until tomorrow, haha I just stocked up on all of my Scentsy stuff but will hit you up next time I need to re-stock. I'm a creature of habit so as long as I don't lose the sticky note with all of my staple favorite scents on it I'm in good shape! :)

    1. haha Yes, I'm a sticky note fanatic as well.... Those things are the bet invention ever!


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