Sunday, April 14, 2013

Farming On The Four's

I just wanted to say I had intentions of posting this yesterday but other events were on my mind. I'm still not OK with moving forward, I'm personally still grieving the events that unfolded in Boston but I know I need to push forward, I need to continue on with life. It's not that I'm forgetting the events because I have cried three times today again but it's the fact that other aspects of my life need to push forward.

Facebook status of the day: Call me crazy, but after this Boston Marathon scare I've decided to up the ante a bit. I'm currently running three different 5k's THREE weeks in a row and I'm doing it to over-come my anxiety/fear of letting those disgusting terrorists think they can stop me from doing what I want!


A whole lots been going on around our area but first off I need to start off by saying:


Ok, for those of you non-farm creatures out there to a farmer, this is big news. We obviously need the rain for so many reasons but the entire universe needs this moisture to help pull us out of the horrible drought we're in. We received in total about an inch total over about three or four days in rain. The rain we received over the past couple days will only get us caught up to the moisture level needed October of 2012. So, basically we're still behind by about six months. Here's to hoping we get lots more rain and much less snow!

Remember that shot I added last "fours" of the daffodils getting ready to bloom. Well they've finally bloomed!!! I love seeing new life! I want to get across the road to the abandoned house. The yard is always full of blooming flowers during the spring and summer months from the person that lived there fifty years ago. The yard is just taken over by pretty flowers!! (I had a picture, but its gone, I'll re-add it tonight!)

The boys decided to work calves this past Friday. They had the vet come out and they did four-way shots, castrated them, some deworming pour-on type meds, and the lucky ones were even de-horned. Before you go all PETA on me I'll have you know the reason for de-horning (or our reason for de-horning) is to keep the other cattle safe and to prevent any injuries to us while we're checking or working them. Some people are against de-horning but we believe it is for the betterment of our animals. While castrating the babies it's always a good idea to keep an eye on them to make sure they're not bleeding too bad. Once in awhile we'll have a calf that we'll run back through the shoot because there's too much bleeding going on. FYI- too much bleeding can cause death. Lesson learned the hard way. Although we had him tied back up and thought he was ok evidently he had lost too much blood and the next morning when we went to go check on him he was gone. It's always tough to lose an animal but knowing that you're losing an animal that you're expecting to make money off of is always a little tougher. So, we hauled him out of the pen and called the meat wagon to come pick him up. I kid you not, less than five hours after we hauled him out he was blown up like a balloon ready to explode. It just amazes me how fast decomposing animals can bloat up. Imagine how nasty he would have gotten had it been 97 degrees out in the middle of the summer! Yuck!

Here's a shot I took of the babies, they were all curious as to what antics I was up to. I laughed at how they were all lined up so nicely for me. Everyone kept pushing the person in front of them closer to me but no one wanted to be the first to walk up. Sillies.

Today Travis hauled some crap. No seriously, he hauled crap (manure) all day and he did it yesterday too. They have been hauling it from the pens and where we had the cattle out on stocks (where we fed them by the yard) and taking it out to pastures and other parts of the fields that will soon be covered with crops. This is a FREE way for us to fertilize the ground and helps to rid of the packed crap that needs to get broken up. 

They've also been busy putting dry fertilizer on their pastures. No, not the crap I talked about earlier, but actual fertilizer from the CO-OP. This is to help bring in more nutrients and allow for a greener more lush pasture for the cattle to feed on. There is a waiting period before we can release cattle on there to eat so the chemicals don't harm them so the sooner you put it on the better.

The "preventative maintenance" on the sprayer is done and we're waiting on sunnier days to get out there and get to work. The 2011 Apache AS1020 is ready to roll but right now she's just gotta stay put in the shop until the ground drys out a bit more. Hate to have her sink into a mud hole and be stuck for a day or two. We've got about 2,000 acres that still need to get sprayed. This is all pre-emergence that needs to be done. After we've disced most of we'll till it or stalk chop some of it. This will break down any "foreign matter" (aka dead stalks from last crop season) that are sitting on the soil and will allow the new seedlings to grow and use the tilled soil as fresh fertilizer for itself. 

Today while I was working on my tax information Travis and a neighbor kid were out picking up sticks from a field that they cleaned a bunch of trees out of. It's obviously still a little wet out because I got this text from Kolton. Yes, that'd be our four wheeler and the trailer bogged down in the mud. To say the least I laughed when I got this text and yes, his reply was they did indeed need the truck to come pull it out. No one was harmed and the four wheeler and trailer made it back home in one piece. Boys always gotta push their luck though!

From here on out it'll be go-go-go for the boys. Here's the breakdown of exactly how busy we're gonna be:
After spraying comes discing. 
After discing comes planting. 
After planting comes post-immergence spraying.
After post-immergence spraying comes cultivating. 
After cultivating comes irrigating. 
After irrigating season comes harvest.
After harvest comes maintenance.
After maintenance comes rest.
Here's to a busy seven or eight months!!!


  1. Kelsey, I may be on the other side of the world but we are all affected by the events at the Boston Marathon - so random, so horrible. Thinking of all my friends in the US today.

    1. Thank you for the kind words! It means so much!


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