Friday, April 5, 2013

March Cara Box

Cara Box
This month's Cara Box theme was the first letter of your match-ups name. Mine worked out kind of ironiccally because I was paired with Kayla over at Green Mountain Couple and the person sending to me was Khristena over at Just One Grain.

This is the first time I've participated in the Cara Box exchange so I was excited yet nervous about what type of fun I'd have. I figured I'd just throw a bunch of items into a box, mail it out and then get some goodies of my own. Little did I know I'd make two new buddies and discover some friends that don't live around here.

Now a little history about Kayla. Her and the hubby are preppers. Not the crazy ones that like go all out but the ones who prepare for an actual real-life emergency. I found it fun and their blog was cool to read about their life as a couple. I'm not into blogging as a couple because I feel my point of view is just good enough that you don't need Trav's side of the story but it's good seeing other blogs that do try it out. I also found out she was on vacation about the same time as me last month! Bonus!!

Here's what I all included in Kayla's package:
-Kraft Velveeta Mac & Cheese
-Kit Kat Bar
-Kool-Aid (fun fact, it was created in Nebraska)
-Key Chain
-First Aid Kit
-Kiwi Chapstick

I also included a note to her. I love getting snail mail with actual notes so I figured so do other people. And here's how I wrapped it all up! I thought it turned out SUPER adorable. I tried mailing it in the super cute clear plastic stuff but the mail lady turned me down. She claims that it would tear but I'm pretty sure paper would tear quicker than this plastic cello bag! 

And now for the fun part...

What I got!! I got this super awesome package from Khristena, I was so thrilled when I got home to find a package sitting on my door step. The fact that it was decorated with cow drawings just made me that much more excited to tear into it! 

Once I finally got to open the package up this is what I discovered: Cuteness!! The note was so heartfelt and I'm so lucky we got to know each other. Granted she was kind of busy at the moment with more important things but I won't hold it against her because I know she would have rather been preoccupied with something other than what she was dealing with. Next there was a cute little fabric tote which I'm currently using to keep all my mess in my Tahoe in. I loved it!!

Ok seriously, look at all those sweet goodies I got! She labeled all of them which was even more fun because then I didn't have to guess on what K's were what! I'm not gonna lie, I even tore into the paper which is something OCDer's like me do not do very often. Typically I save the tissue paper.

Here's all the goodies! Some of them were already swiped before I could get a shot because I was hungry and it was right after I got off work. A lot of junk food but I'm 110% fine with it! I can't help it that I LOVE junk! :) The water bottle is so adorbs and I might have filled it up with tea that evening to drink out of. But who knows? Also, we were just talking about how we needed crazy glue a couple days ago, looks like she saved me a trip to go buy some! Oh, and below is a picture of me loving on all of my new goodies. As you can tell I was thrilled to get them!!

I cannot wait to participate in more Cara Box exchanges!!


  1. That looks like so much fun! How'd you get into the Cara Box deal? So cute!

    1. Just click on the "link" to her website and look under the Cara Box tab. Basically you sign up monthly and at the beginning of the next month she pairs everyone up. You mail to someone and some then mails to you. Lots of fun!!

  2. So I noticed the Krabby Patties. Can't say they are my favorite taste but I do love that they are little candies that look like burgers. Gets me every time, why didn't I think of that?

    1. Yes, those are gone.... They've been gone for awhile now. Oops ;)

  3. I really loved everything you sent to me! I don;t understand why the lady wouldn't let you send it in the cute cellophane :(

    1. She was just plain mean I'm thinkin ;) Oh well, I try not to go when she's working. She's ALWAYS finding excuses to not let me use those cello baggies

  4. I haven't even heard of the Cara Box! This looks like so much fun though and I'd love to participate!

    1. Go check out the link, I promise it's super fun!


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