Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nebraska Bloggers Connect

So if you noticed that I added a new tab up there on the right hand side congrats and thank you for keeping an eagle eye out on what's going on over here at KUWK!

I started this link-up and fbook page to really connect with fellow local bloggers. I wanted to find other locals who are in the blogging world and connect as a community. Maybe potentially plan a couple meet and greets? Pretty much anything goes with it!

If you're a Nebraska blogger or know someone who is please check out the tab up there on the right hand side! I've created a form to fill out to help us connect and also make sure you add the blog button to your blog so others can see you're proud to bleed red!!


Also, stick around! We're going to be hosting a BRAND NEW link-up party! I'm excited to co-host it with Suzi from Chores & Chandeliers! The link-up is all about what a normal day in the "good life" state is about (or your own state if you'd like). This is open to pretty much everyone! 

So here's the thing, we're wanting to make this into a series type link up. Subjects will vary and we'll have different topics each time. Some ideas we've came up with include front porch view, family history, favorite part about living in "the good life", show us around you county, best "sker" moment. Do you have some you'd like to blog about? If so, send them to us! You might get lucky and we'll feature your topic in the future!! (meaning you'd be a featured guest-host)

So, stick around. The first link up will open on April 22nd and will stay open for a couple days. Be sure to make your post beforehand so you can link up with us on Monday. We'll keep it open until Thursday to give you plenty of time to link up. We'll get some stats together and the second link-up we'll feature the most clicked on link and some other fun highlights from the previous week.

April 22nd Post Topic: "A Day in The Good Life" 
(tell us about your day, what's the normal thing you do, show us some picture!)

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