Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday's

Woops, this didn't get published? Oh well, what do ya do.... Enjoy!

  • Potential new opportunities that will better my life
  • The compassion of a loving embrace, hugs can make or break a day
  • The pride of getting to sit next to my dad and play for a fellow community member who inspired me to become pro-active and do something to better myself and my community
  • The amount of support a small town community can show for someone
  • A gorgeous rainbow on a windy afternoon
  • Thirty-One party lined up for this evening
  • Spending time with my parents
  • The ability to continue running and seeing improvement in myself
  • Finding my voice, although it was tiny I still used it... timidly
  • The sun shining in on this lovely spring day, here's to hoping it's low of 50's from here on out!

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