Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Good Life: Front Porch View (Link-Up #2)

Welcome back Good Life-ers! I'm so glad you've stuck around for yet another week of our series! Again, I'll be giving out FREE AD SPACE to those who choose to link up with us. You don't have to be from Nebraska to participate in this fun link-up. In fact, I'd like to see what everyone else's front porch view looks like so feel free to snap a couple shots and explain to us what your daily view is! Also, for those who participated last week, I'm just now getting around to sending out the codes for your free ad space so bare with me :)



Here's a little snippet of what my front porch view looks like then I'll explain it.

This is the view I see looking out my bedroom window. It's pointing towards the road but the scenery is gorgeous. We're lucky enough to have this cute little porch attached to our bedroom so I can walk out on it and get lost in a book when I choose to. Watching the sun come up stinks for those Saturday's that I want to sleep in but I'm so lucky to see the sun shining and reminding me that it's a brand new day and that means there's new hope and joys to go out and see. The evening I caught this shot it just so happened to be raining which caused a gorgeous rainbow. Even better view right?!?!

So, the porch that walks right out of my bedroom, you're probably wondering what it looks like eh? Well, here's what the cute little porch is all about:

Yup, tiny and just the right size for my rocking chair. I like to sit in that chair a lot in the summer. Between that chair and my hammock I get a lot of good books read in those two places. This chair was a bargain find that I spruced up a bit and it's just right for me. It's big enough to grab a pillow and blankie and cuddle up in. I love watching the sunset on our crops in the summer, calm breeze blowing, a book to get lost in. It's almost like my little escape into "dream land" where everything's perfect.

I got artsy one evening when the sun was going down and attempted a silhouette type shot of our yard. I think it turned out really nice and it really describes our yard extremely well. The way you can see our fence up front in the yard, the house, the sheds, the big barn towards the back of the picture. Heck you can even see the rooster weather vein on top our shed on the right hand side of the shot! And, I love seeing the outline of the bins on the right. This shot really sums up what our farm is all about, barns, bins and the house. 

And, for the back door of the place. The main entrance, the door that actually gets used in our house. Here's the crappy landscape job I've attempted. With a potential move in the near future I refuse to plant flowers this year. As a matter of fact, I refused to plant flowers last year too but that was because I have a knack for killing flowers. 

So, there it is. That's my front porch view. It's not an ocean view with sand running right up to my walk-out bedroom french doors. Nor is it a tenth story apartment view overlooking the biggest city in the US. But, it's my small town farm life scene that I love waking up to every morning. We may all have different front porch views but it's not about the scenery but more about how we learn to love what surrounds us. 


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  1. These are such beautiful pictures!! :) Thank you for sharing!!
    :) Rebecca

  2. Those pictures are gorgeous! Love your blog.


  3. I love your little rocking chair!

  4. Wow! I would love to have those views! Very pretty!


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