Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Party Don't Start Till I Walk In

Alright, we all know I've been known to host a couple parties. Ok, you're right, I've also been known to pull a couple crazy stunts at other people's parties too. But I'll have you know that it's not because I'm drunk and out of control instead it's because I'm awesome and that's just my personality. To get people to laugh at the most outrageous things..... 

Instead of trying to explain it. Let's me show you through some amazingly candid pictures on tips of how to become a successfully fun partier.

Now here's me on a typical summer weeknight. I play in a summer sand volleyball league and this is what I'm normally doing. Goofing off, making fun of us for sucking so bad and drinking Bud Light Lime. A tip to help keep the summer fun exciting, always order the first and last rounds for friends. They'll thank you in the morning.

Another tip is don't wait around for a guy to ask you to dance. It. Wont. Happen. And here's what my friends and I do if you give us free time. We tend to find random things to make fun of. Oh, the skeletons, those were the only men that would dance with us that night. Eh, they were all boned up about it. ;)

Make sure you have a camera ready at all moments so you can capture ridiculous signs. I hope you'd expect me to take a picture like this. I mean who puts a sign like this right next to the bathrooms and expects me to talk by it without giving it a second thought? NO ONE! So, there you have it folks, we indeed kept our beers OUT of the children's area. Besides, the slides were too hot to sit on anyways...

Be open to meeting new people. NEVER brush unkown soldiers off to the side and hope creepers leave you alone. They can be the ones that will give you the most laughs and memories. But ALWAYS use the buddy system in those situations. And what kind of party would it be without us going into a bar in another state, talking the bar owners into giving us free t-shirts, drinks and make us food late at night along with entertaining them so much they ask us to come back again next time? The Snappers guys were awesome and we cannot wait to get back to Kansas soon! :)

Here's a tip, make sure you're all set-up and ready for the next picture perfect moment. Check out this crappy shot of us at my Christmas party a couple years ago. Obvi none of us were really ready for it and I'm pretty sure my facial reaction is due to me falling off the chair in front of me. Eh, gotta love our lovely faces!

Oh, did I also mention in order to entertain people you have to be willing to go up to randoms and request a picture with them? Here's some guy we found in Omaha at a Dwight Yokam concert. He looked exactly like a guy we knew from back home. Even drove the same truck and wore Hurley shirts!!

And last but not least I leave you with tip #903243. You must be willing to adapt and drink from anything if you're in need of alcohol. Yes, this is a jug full of "Grandpa's Lemonade" and yes, it takes like pure Heaven in a jug. (Notice the sign on it says Adults Only)

If you haven't noticed yet in most of those pictures I was wearing a weird looking vest-like structure. No I'm not wearing it to create a fashion statement it's a "Czech vest" and I wear it when I attend Alumni Band events. Yes, I blame them on my involvement of drinking and doing half these dumb things but it was totally worth it!!

So, if you want to be the life of a party make sure to keep my tips in mind. Don't be scared to look like a fool, after all, your friends won't remind you how quiet you were the next time you go out to discuss prior events. Be the one they talk about!!

*Disclosure: Some of these tips are straight-up bad for your health but I've chosen to do them anyways. Always consult a friend before pulling dumb stunts and regretting them in the morning.


  1. Your a goof ball!

  2. Bahahaha!! All these tips are so true. I love talking to random creepers, they offer hours of entertainment. As long as you aren't alone and watch your drink! The photo of you falling off the chair is amazing. Actually, they all are. Love it.

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  3. OMG ...those are amazing! I love the facial expression in all of these!

  4. YES...these tips are MUSTS!!!! Talking to random creepers is the best part!! LOVE these and love that we both love skeltons!

  5. Hahaha these are perfect! Your face is awesome in all the pictures!

  6. hahaha yess! these are fantastic, and I can attest to most of them for making hilarious memories.

  7. Haha! I love this, I wish we lived closer to each other!

  8. I love these! I hope you continue to linkup with Stephanie and I . Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. haha these are great!

    stopping by from the link up!


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