Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Totally Rad 80's 5k Run Results!

For those of you who stalk er follow me on  Instagram you would have seen the millions of pictures I posted on Sunday from my 5k run. Yesterday was kinda a fog so I didn't really get into blog-land until today.

Here's the "before" shot that we snapped a couple minutes before race time. Cute right?!? Luckily Dawn had me covered, I'm pretty sure my drab was lame to what she had on. She fixed me up and we got to goin. North to Omaha for race day!

So we got there with plenty of time to spare so we decided to take a lil cruise on over to the local Walgreens. Got some awesome stares, cruised back to the race and went to pick up our packets. Mine was mixed up so I had to wait awhile to get my info and registration. No biggie, I've learned patience is a virtue. They were having computer problems so I think they were kind of frantic about having to check everyone in and do it as quick as possible. 

We then just kind of bummed around and stared at the amazing outfits that we saw. I kid you not, there were some pretty good ones out there. Like think Wayne's World, Michelle Tanner, Saved by the Bell awesome outfits. Had I thought of it I totally would have done some kind of Breakfast Club dress-up goodness. Don't believe me about the insanely awesome outfits?! Check out these shots below...

Ya, that'd be "Weekend At Bernie's" and Bernie ran with us too! I can remember about 1/4 of the way into the race that awesome check stopped and started to "check" Bernie, asked if there was a medic and everything. People like that are the reason this race was so awesome! Also, there was the guy that had a Wil-Bol shirt on. I litterally started to get super excited. I stopped to ask him about it and he's like "um, ya, I just found this shirt at a Goodwill." The story behind the shirt is that it's my hometown and we were two hours away from Wilber. My bff's parents own the bowling alley now, so it meant that much more to me too! I mean, who in their right mind would give away this shirt in the first place?!?! (oh and check out his pants, I'm pretty sure he's gotta be squeezing those cheeks right?)

And what kinda 80's rock kinda day would it have been without the tongues out look? Seriously, Dawn made this race super fun and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to spend the day with her. She's such a sweetie and is always looking at the positives in people. I am so grateful we've gotten to know each other and I cannot wait to do more races with her. My goal is to do a 5k every month until December. Here's to hoping I don't fall short and that me and her find some other fun run's to mess around with and make new memories at! Also, she's a tough person. Did I mention that about her? Less than three weeks ago she sprained her ankle while skiing, Sunday she was out running on it?! Nuts!

Check out these guys, they look like they're from Wayne's World I swear! Those two carried that boom box the whole way while it was blaring 80's rock. I struggled running the whole time NOT carrying the boom box so I'm pretty sure these guys are in much better shape then me. The random part about this photo is that I added it to fbook and one of my friends "tagged" one of the guys in the photo. Evidently we're mutual friends and she run's marathons with him. RANDOM!? But funny that this is such a small world.

It was time for the race to start. There were almost 1200 racers so it got kind of packed at the start line. We were in the middle of the pack and our "goal" was to not finish last and to try and hit under one hour for our time. We ran the race and I was actually not dying like I thought I would. I slowed down because I started to get HORRIBLE shin splints because I'm deff not used to running those crazy hills they had us going up and down. That part alone with a major workout. Papillion/Omaha area is quite hilly I learned and the race map was filled with up-downs. Something over in my neck of the woods we don't have. We're all flat ground so training is totally different for me. 

We did pretty good about keeping up with other runners. There were so many positive people encouraging others on the route. I saw several hi-fives going on along with a couple chest bumps. The occasional you've got this shout and some rad runners who had their boom boxes blaring while they sprinted past us.

But, I'm proud to say we finished it in less than thirty minutes! Woop Woop! Like seriously, how awesome is that?!

...Ok fine, I'll tell you the real truth. The course was actually only 2.34 miles, they accidentally mapped it out wrong. But, I re-calculated the time and had we done the entire 3.1 miles (5k) it would have been a time of 36.54 minutes to finish. That's my PR (personal record) so I'm entirely happy with the pace that we went!! That'd make us run an average of a 12.17 minutes per mile. Happy dance!

And here's where you insert my favorite part of the entire race day.... Or a close second anyways. There was a really cool band called 3D In Your Face that played that day after the race. The band was A-MA-ZING! They were an 80's rock cover band but the amount of energy these guys had was over the top. The drummer (Playboy) had some pretty freakin mad skills not gonna lie. My dad's a musician by heart so I've seen him rock it out to some tunes but this guy had obviously been in the rockin world for quite awhile. (no offense dad, I know you're reading this and I promise I still worship your knowledge of music and instruments).

The lead singer (Hot Rod) had a pretty amazing voice and the fact that he could hit the different ranges  while keeping the crowd going impressed me. I've sung a couple times in my life and it's tough to continuously sing like he did without needing a break, my vocal chords would have been worn out after the first five numbers let alone to come back and do it for another twenty songs. I also was in complete awe of his attire. I swear I stepped back into the 80's when I saw this entire band but his outfit really just kept me staring. On the way up there I told Dawn it didn't matter how mis-matched we were because that's what the 80's was all about right?!?! He obviously was the living legend of the mis-matched fashion.

The lead guitarist (Sniper) was pretty sweet and we were impressed by his rather tight leather pants. He was fairly great at hitting some good chords. We were on the opposite side of the "stage" area so we didn't really get too close with him but he deff was workin that crowd of leotarded-born-in-the-90's girls. You could tell he's been rockin it for at least three years if not twenty-three by the way. ;)

Ok now for my fav person in the band. Spade. The bass player. (he should change his stage name to Ace instead, I mean really, he's not a Spade by any means!) I became obsessed with this guy and I really think he's quite the hotty. It's gotta be the mystery behind the guy, I want to know his story. I wanna know more about him. Does he rock 24/7 or does he go home and live a somewhat normal week day life? How often does he tour? Do girls constantly flock him and does he choose randoms or is he a guy of character whose respecting those girls who are obviously not respecting themselves?

He had this laid back personality that you could tell he was totally in his element and loving playing in front of the crowd.  I'm pretty sure he's just a great "actor" and flirts with any/every person that watches his shows, but I was still oodling him. Oh what a heartbreak! He brought out the teenage Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, Sixx Am, Pearl Jam obsessed grunge in me and I'm thinkin that's why my crush was over-the-top. The thoughts took me back to my days of doing what I wanted, when I wanted with no cares in the world. The me back when I wasn't a major planner who stayed up late just blaring music pretending to be in a separate world. 

The guy has talent and skills, he was born with rock in him. I've always been a sucker for a good bass player, the one whose is in charge of making the link between the harmony and the rhythm of the music. He's in charge of keeping time and giving everyone something to base the beats per measure off of. I did see him counting out and keeping track in 4/4 time too! What blows my mind about the bass is how tough it is to continuously play for long periods of time. My fingers would KILL if I were strumming that long. I get it that your fingers build up some calluses but come on, it's still gotta hurt right!?

He had this rock about him that when he looked at you while playing it was almost like he was saying, "I want you but I'm too busy rockin it". Yup, the obsession grew once we left and as soon as we started doing the small town bar hop thing I began to realize that I was still talking about him. While on the bar crawl home I even asked some locals what they thought of Spade and showed them this picture. They weren't so impressed with a guy who had longer hair and more make-up on then me. (Obvi they didn't realize my obsession was so big!) 

So enough about Spade, you probably think I'm a nut-job anyways right!? Well while bar hopping we ran into several people who made us laugh. We kinda got "lost" on the way home and ended up in Milford, Sunday's at ten they're already closed. Before the Milford excursion we found P.Dale and luckily for us we snapped a shot with our fav friend Spencer! Such a sweetie and he's always got that "happy" grin on his face. He must have thought us 80's lads got lost in the time machine because he straight up started laughing when we walked in the door. Mean! Made it to a couple other bars and then finished up the night by girls chat and laughter. A promise to chase down 3D again and go see them along with making a pack to do more 5k's just because they are so fun. 

The Totally Rad 80's Run was a blast. Between the big hair, the loud rock, the bright neon clothes and the happy smiles from fellow runners this might have been hands down the most fun I've had at a 5k run thus far. You can bet your teased ratty hair I'll be doing this race again next year!!

Forgot to mention, wanna do a 5k with me or team up and do one at a different location to "compete" against each other?! Let's make a challenge out of it. You could always borrow this guys "bag phone" from 1986, just CALL ME MAYBE!


  1. Oh that looks like SO much fun! We need to get together and have a blogger's run sometime in the area!

  2. Oh man this is all so great! You look hilarious, I love it. Everyone's outfits are amazing. Your time is good! I would just tell everyone it was totally a 5k :)

    1. OMG agreed! I thought I looked "sexy" enough to pull the look off right?! ;)


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