Wednesday, May 8, 2013

April Cara Box

This past month's Cara Box was so fun! Seriously, I love getting to link up with other ladies and get to know some pretty nice gals. This is my second go round of the Cara Box gig and I cannot express how meaningful each and every girl is that I meet. Some ladies I still chit chat with while others I read there blog but haven't talked to as much. Each connection means the most though when I look at the big picture and how fun it is to connect with ladies from across the US. This month I was paired up with two lovely ladies. I mailed a package to Carissa over at Lillies & Silk and I got to meet the lovely Sarah over at To Be Mrs. Collier. They were both super awesome and I'm so lucky to find these connections!!

First off, Miss Carissa. She is an absolutely KIND and caring individual who is extremely understanding. She's independent and I'm so inspired to see her living on her own with the hubby away. To take care of two growing boys is a feat within itself but to be a single mom while the hubby is moved has to be even more challenging. You go girl! Also, I found out she loves chocolate, well, we'd be a match made in Heaven because I'm not so big on chocolate. The occasional Hershey's bar yes but I'm not one to munch on chocolate goodies 24/7. 

Now for the goodie box I got from Sarah!! I was like a small child who was ready for Christmas morning when my box came in. I couldn't wait until after work to tear into it so I just started opening right then and there at work. Sorry (but not so sorry) that I wasted about an hour looking over and inspecting all my goodies!!

Check out that crazy loot of stuff? I kid you not when I say I was surprised with exactly how much I got. Or the fact that she must have some kind of ninja skills to get it all crammed in there!

Her note she wrote me made me smile from ear to ear when I saw all of the encouragement and deets she really dug around to find out about me. I mean seriously, you had to really dig to find out that I'm obsessed with Lucy! She even found some of my 101 in 1001 bucket list goodies to help me cross of!

Oh, and I couldn't wait to tear into the mint fingernail polish. I painted my toes that evening. Right on top of the other coat that was still on there!! The mint color was right up my alley, and you bet your butt I'm painting my nails that color after this coat I have on wears off! #winning

I love meeting new ladies and I love the fact that each month I get to know a new connection from a different part of the state. I would love to think that someday I'll be able to visit each and every one of these ladies in person, but if I don't get to at least I know I've left a part of me all over the world. A legacy of some sorts that will forever remember that crazy spunky gal from Nebraska! 


  1. C'mon over to Washington! We'd love to see ya!

  2. Great Cara Box. I love getting to know everyone through this exchange!


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