Thursday, May 16, 2013

Color Me Rad 5k Results

It's that time! It's time for me to report how the weekend went and how I did with my 5k race I had this weekend.

First off, I have to basically put this into perspective... Friday night us girls took the afternoon and decided to get up to Omaha for a fun night out. We had to pick up our packets anyways so why not use it as an excuse to get a hotel and party the night away right?!

We made it up there with fifteen minutes to spare for packet pick-up. So we decided to cruise around, find a hotel, check in and go find something to eat. We ended up at Shadow Lake Mall where we enjoyed a super yummy supper at Buffalo Wild Wings after we finished up some hardcore shopping.

Then, we raced back to the hotel, got ready is less than fifteen minutes and called a cab to come get us. Let the crazy evening begin!

First off, I requested that we go see the best 80's rock band ever 3D In Your Face. I was seriously, over the top excited to go see them! I saw them at the last 5k I participated in, the Totally Rad 80's Run. They rocked back then and they rock even harder when they're in their element on stage with all their equipment.

I already told you I was majorly crushing on that rocker Spade but it was nice to hold a conversation with him in person. He's such a nice guy whose always going out of his way to get to know people who follow their band. The rest of the band was just fun, straight up fun! They always have that over the top energy and I am amazed at how awesome they are at involving the crowd.

The girls weren't as obsessed as I was with this band and demanded er requested we go to the "club" type atmosphere. So, there we were, calling a cab at 12:30 to take us to a club...

Hands down, not. my. thing. Like seriously, I'm not into people spilling drinks all over me, guys trying to bump and grind it up. Ya, just not for me. But I dealt with it, I put on my big girl panties, slammed a cranberry vodka mixed drink and did the dance thing.

Got back to the hotel around 3:30ish and I was literally wide awake. The girls were out and there I was, alone and wide awake. I finally crashed around 4:30ish and we had to be up by 7:15, it was quite the morning. But, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to race! :)
The "before" picture


We were super worried about running behind, we got there about half hour before the race, and like most races, they ask you to get there early but yet there's not a whole lot to do. We were freezing, it was only like 50ish degrees out. No clothes, plus wind equals goosebumps! We got in line to start the race and we started to get excited.

Boom, time to go! We were in front of the pact so we kind of had to sprint to get past the big rush, once we were out on our own we tapered back and the girls wanted to walk a bit. I didn't want to give in and walk it so I did a super slow jog-like run. I ran slow enough that the girls could keep up but it wasn't so slow that I would consider it a walk. I mostly practiced maintaining my breathing, but with the cold it kind of made the running not as much fun.

Again, I'm kicking myself for not realizing it until now but I used some phone covers to seal up my cell. I didn't want it trashed but I felt the need to bring it to record my time and snap some fun shots so sorry about the crappy blurry pictures. NEXT time I'm taking my point and shoot, I never use it so I may as well grab it and get a little use out of it for events like this. Epic fail for Kelsey.

RESULTS: Well, again I was let down and the race was cut a bit short. This race isn't timed by Color Me Rad so I choose to take my phone along to track it via RunKeeper. (come be my friend if you use RunKeeper!) According to my app the route was only 2.65 miles not the full 3.1 that it should have been! I was kind of disappointed, this is the second race that was cut short. If you look at the map above, you'll see the green is where the race supposedly was going to go, but the map we ran was in red, meaning it was cut a bit short. Eh, whatever, it was all for fun right!?

Overall the atmosphere was happy, the people were friendly and I came to find out I knew some people in the 9:00 time wave so that was a win. As much fun as these color runs are, if you're running for time these aren't the best events to participate in. I'm all about these for fun, and I intend on doing future color runs with friends, but I would love to stick with the whole 5k's for time. I've found an interest in hitting better times each race and I'm so pumped to get out there and get in more races in the future.

The "after" picture

I'm so happy I have finally found something that I love to do that's also keeping me healthy. Running has been my escape, so to speak. No matter how rough of a day I have at work, or how bored I am  sitting at home, I can lace up my running kicks and get to goin. It's a sense of calm when I'm out there all by myself. I cannot depend on anyone but myself to reach that 5k mark. I love knowing that the task at hand is accomplished by me and no one else can steal my fame or glory.

Oh, and check out these sweet babies, yup, those would be the socks I wore! Loved them :)


  1. Great job!!! RAD races look like so much fun! But, I can't believe they didn't lay the course out correctly, I bet some people were really upset about it. I totally agree with you, running is a def escape. It's so nice to get out there and only have one thing to do, run!

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  3. A Color fun run looks like a lot of fun. I kinda want to do one. :)

  4. Hey Girl Hey!

    I am doing the Color Run in Minneapolis the summer and I am SOOOO excited! :)

    Looks like fun! :) I wish we were closer so we could run together!

  5. I ran the color run last year and the color powder stained my face for days! It looked like I got repeatedly punched in the face by Teletubbies.

  6. It seems like there is a 5K somewhere every weekend! I'm not a runner so I think I'd probably die after the first 1/4 mile so I don't know how you did it after a night out! Good job!

  7. I just signed up for my first 5K and it's the color run in october! I just finished the first week of C25K and I am super excited!


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