Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Crete River Run 5k

This past weekend I participated in a 5k that was close to home. I love to support local races so any chance I find a 5k in my back yard I just jump on it! The 5k was the Crete River Run and it supports a local park, they're trying to build up new trails and finance the upkeep so I figured I may as well give to the cause. Plus, if I ever get bored with the gravel road running I can hit these trails and get a little scenic view so an added bonus to know these trails are open to everyone to use.

The race was bright and early on a foggy morning. No complaints because at least it wasn't raining or too cold, it was about 50 degrees out. The race was at 8 am, and if you know me, you'll know that there's no way in heck I'd be up on a Saturday at that time unless there's a race involved or some other important activity. So, there I was, checking in and getting my race bib at 7 am...

Stood around for awhile, watched the other people warm up, froze a bit, then decided to do a little stretching, I figured with it being cold out I should probably do something to help keep my potential legs from cramping up once I get my run on. There was one guy, I kid you not, he had like NO clothes on. No shirt, barely any shorts and those weird looking frog running shoes. I wanted to give him my spare jacket because he just looked like he was in pain.

The time finally came, we heard a "go" and I see people around me literally sprinting! I'm looking at them like you guys are nuts, we're only just crossing the start line and you're sprinting already!?! So, not wanting to get left in the dust I follow like a lost sheep. I can tell that this was going to mess with my pace so once we get away from the main crew of cheer-ers and onlookers I decide to take it down a notch, get into my mode and just focus on my breathing and all that jazz. 

I got my rhythm going and the breathing thing had settled down to a steady rhythm right around the 2k mark. Sprinting that first part really is what shook my mind up because when I hit the 2k mark I was thinking to myself, "ok, you've only got one more "k" to go, just keep this pace and you've got it!" HA... Fool, it's 3 MILES and a 5k, not 3k. I was then realizing that this might have been a major mistake and that this would be the perfect place to keel over. 

Since I felt defeated at the 2k mark and was feeling a bit winded I figured this was just God's way of timing things perfectly. I mean really, I had hit the 2k mark right smack dab in the middle of a cemetery. God? Is that really a sign? It was kind of creepy and fun but we ran through a cemetery that morning, amazing to see all the names I've recognized from our community and see how many people bring flowers out to their loved ones still years after they're gone but creepy to think that all these dead people are watching me jog and flail around trying to get up and down those gigantic hills they've got in the cemetery. Life has such a twisted way of showing you some things. Fun  story to tell I guess, and another one to add to my list of races I've participated in that sent me through crazy locations!

Then, after the cemetery, it was time to get into the woods. The "trail" part of the run so to say. This part was actually quite enjoyable and although I'm not used to running on uneven surface like those trails it was a blast to see all those trails that I didn't even know existed! The was this cute little old fashioned cement bridge that I passed over, had this not been a race, I deff would have stopped to snap a photo to share with you guys. This part of the race really flew by because I was so focused on not rolling my ankle that I didn't even realize how much distance I was making. Keep rollin Kels, keep on rollin.

Just then, the trees divide and I see people standing there, I'm thinking to myself, finally this thing is coming to an end. If you look at my racing stats via RunKeeper you'll see that I was doing an 8:12 but once I re-looked at this I was actually doing a 9:55. Let down but hey, still pretty kick arse for me!

The finish line was crossing over the wooden bridge, it was fun and there was everyone waiting for you and cheering you on once you got closer. Since I was the lone ranger out running by myself I knew they were all cheering for me which meant so much more! 

The final results came in today and I see that I did even better than expected. According to my age division I got SECOND in the girls division! Happy, Happy, Happy! (Make sure you're saying that in your best Si voice!!) This is by far my best time to date, remember my last race I ended up hitting a PR of 36:54, well I obviously kicked that times butt with an 29:30 for my new time!!

Yes, that'd be me, Kelsey Homolka, right there with an official time of 29:30 meaning that's a personal best for me! WooHoo! Kickin rear and takin names...

So, this month I decided to join in with my gals for the 30 in 30 challenge. What is that you ask? Well, you run 30 miles in 30 days! Annnd, I finally calculated my totals! Drum roll .................... I ran 36.97 MILES total!! Happy dance times two! I was so surprised with how well I did and I really didn't think to calculate it all up until the 27th of the month. I was worried I wouldn't have enough miles but low and behold, I had enough plus extras when I crunched in the numbers. I'm excited to calculate these things because it has to do with my nerd-iness. I'm one of those people who needs to see numbers and facts. I keep an excel spreadsheet on Google Docs with all that info and thus far my yearly total for miles logged is at 49.24. I love seeing this number grow, last year was my first full year I focused on running so my total of last year was a measly 63.35 miles. And I'm pretty sure that's inaccurate because I was using a different app and didn't remember to look those numbers up. Oh well, I'm happy with my improvement and the fact that I'm trying to be super active. Thanks for all the support friends and fambam!

Stick around, I've got another 5k this next weekend, I'll be up in Grenta for the Mud Factor Run. Kind of scared about this one actually and to top it off, the weather is supposed to be a high of 51 degrees with a 40% chance of rain. Fab and extra muddy just for us!


  1. That's a great time, nice job!! Running through the cemetery would be really crazy, I probably would take it as a keel over and die sign since I hate running so much.

  2. Way to go!! :) I started the Couch to 5k program last week, so hopefully I can get back in shape and run some races. I ran cross country in high school but that was 9 years ago, so it's gonna take me a while to get where I used to be ha! You're definitely an inspiration!!! :)

  3. It always amazes me that anyone can do this! You rock and congrats!


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