Saturday, May 4, 2013

Farming On The Four's

So what do you think of it?! I decided to try my hand at editing and this is what I got. I thought it turned out great!! I'm hoping to go ahead and do more fun photos like this in the future. If you have ideas of quote suggestions to add by all means send them my way.

So what's all new around our coop? Well, we were lucky enough to have the ground dry out enough to get out in the field for just a little while. Since we have just enough time to get a little field work done Travis and Dan we busy clearing out a tree line from a couple fields. Pivots are the new "in" thing so to make them go in full circles you need flat tree-less ground. Trav talked me into helping pick up the smaller sticks but I'll admit I slacked off and didn't put much effort into it. I suppose I could blame it on not feeling good but I truthfully sat on the four wheeler most of the time and pulled the trailer that we were throwing the sticks onto. Oh well, we finished it up!

On Sunday, April 28th I got a surprise visit from my mom, sis and her bf. They stopped over with mom's tiller to come till my garden. The day before I was talking to her about how I really wanted to get my garden started but with Travis being so busy getting things done in the field he wouldn't have time to till our garden until things were slowing down. I felt defeated because it seemed that my garden wouldn't get planted before all the rain that was coming our way towards the middle of the week. It truly made my day when mom came with the tiller in tow. To top it off, Dan stopped with his big boy tractor and offered to drop it in first to loosen it up. That's the way we get things done!! Unfortunately, the ground was still too wet so he started to sink down. No worries, mom thankfully finished it up for me and I even had enough time to get some goodies into the ground!!

Above is a side-shot of everything once I planted the goods. I started to work on planting my garden. I've heard you're not supposed to plant things back in the same location twice but I decided I'm doing it anyways. I'm going to plant my potatoes and onions in the same area. I spaced them out a little more but I also choose to plant almost half of my garden in just potatoes and onions. Here's to hoping that they'll all grown and produce some goodies that I can store and use over the winter months!! Here are a couple shots from when I was planting everything.

Little onions plants. I planted 180 bulbs by the time I was done with it all. I did 60 yellow onion bulbs and 60 white onion bulbs. And here's the potatoes. I didn't count these I just know that I did six rows of these suckers!! (click on the picture to really see them up close and personal)

Here's my "helper" of gardening season. As you can tell he wasn't so much interested in helping but instead decided to strike a pose when I told him to smile. Fool!

It's hard for me to imagine that last year on April 3rd I posted about how I was starting my garden the night before. HA! It's currently MAY 2ND and there's still SNOW on the ground! Come on Mother Nature, you can't hate us that much can you?!?! Check out this shot that I took Thursday morning. See what I mean! That's my current garden covered in snow. Poor onions and potatoes!!

And to update that picture, I want to inform you that later that evening, I was out running, with no snow on the ground and it being almost 45 degrees out. I swear Nebraska's weather is giving us a dose of payback because we were allowed to plant so early. Why can't we have a normal year for once?!

On another, totally related, topic. Check out those tanks above. You're really not supposed to haul more than two tanks, and reasonably you shouldn't haul more than one but we were in a time crunch to get them out of the field with potential rain coming our way. If it had rained those suckers would have been stuck in the field for days on end so the boy decided to hook up and pull all three home. With one completely full, one halfway full and the other empty it was a heavy load!! Full, those tanks can weigh almost 7,000 to 11,000 pounds. The poor truck was tired after that workload!

Here are a couple shots of my flowers growing. If someone could identify that lovely little purple gem that'd be fantastic! I have no clue what it is and I've never seen it before on our farm! They're so vibrant and if they're not weeds I've love to plant more of them sometime soon. HELP!!

The one to the left is of an Asylum flower, it was transplanted from Travis' grandmas house. I love it when it blooms and I hope that the snow didn't kill it off!! I'm fully intending on moving it with us. I think the fact that it's been given to us through his grandma makes it that much more special. I know he really doesn't care too much for my flower wants/needs but it still means a lot to me to have some flowers from both sides of the family. How fun is it to bring two families together?

No pictures of cattle today, but I'm sad to report that the baby calves were loaded up and are heading to the sale barn a couple days ago. Goodbye 80+ pairs, it was nice hearing you cry consistently for four days while you were getting weaned off from your mamas. Until the fall, we won't have too many more babies. We've still got 30+ pairs over at the other farm that we'll have around but it's kind of sad knowing all those babies are gone.

With the rain putting a damper on us getting out to the field here lately we've been gearing up for jumping in and getting the 24/7 routine going. Once the fields dry out it'll be go time and we will have no time for us. I hate it. But that's the life of farming. I'm ok with it knowing we'll have a little down time after everything's planted so I might just get lucky enough to see him again soon someday!

The shot below was taken a day before the big rainstorms hit us. I love fun shots of equipment. Perhaps I'll be able to capture more fun shots of the farm in the weeks/months to come!!

Don't forget to stick around until the next "four" to find out all the new projects we've got started! Until then -Keep On Keepin Up


  1. He posed so cute, how could you not love that face?!
    I like the graphic you made, it looks good!

  2. Great pics! My hubby started planting today. I love pics of the farm equipment too!! :)
    We also have those purple flowers and have been wondering myself what in the world they are!!
    I have a verse for perfect for farming..I've always known it is "The farmer's verse."

    "To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted." Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

  3. I think the flowers are muscari, otherwise known as grape hyacinth.


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