Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Farming On The Four's

**I thought this published like a week ago! Ooops! :)**

It's back to busy season again! We officially have dropped the planter into the dirt and it's go go go until we're done, it rains on us or we've broken something.

The boys are almost finishing up with corn, that means Trav has planted about 90 acres of corn. Talk about long nights and early mornings. It makes for a long day when you're sitting in a tractor for 14+ hours. But, the spoiled brat has auto-steer so that makes it a little easier. With auto-steer all he has to do is pick up the planter and turn around at the end of the rows. Talk about loving all this new technology!

After they finish up with corn they'll start on beans. Again they'll plant around 90 acres of soybeans. They do plant more beans than corn and it's mostly because they're a little less than half with irrigated and dry ground. The irrigated ground requires a bit more work because we do have gravity flow pipe but the profit yields are substantially higher. Worth it but a lot more dedication to the fields.

My little onions are growing! They're about 2-3 inches tall and I'm debating if I should get out and water them. There's a 50% chance of storms later this week (which means we won't get anything because the weatherman is always wrong). The only other produce out in the garden as of now are my potatoes, but those take weeks to spout out of the ground.

I'm hoping to find a free day on Saturday or Sunday to finish up getting some other goodies in the ground. I'd like to get in some green beans, kohlrabi, tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos, zucchini, cucumbers, and maybe some peas. I'm sad I couldn't get any radishes in but I'm thinking it's a bit too warm already to get any to produce non-spicy radishes.

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  1. Ha - I haven't even begun planting anything yet! I did weed 4 of my 8 planting beds though. We have plans to get most of it done this weekend, if it isn't raining.


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