Thursday, May 30, 2013

Floating Down The Blue

I'm still alive! I was underwater for awhile, almost needed the arm floaties but I lucked out and just used my goggles and rain boots instead. Over the past week we've received OVER ten inches of rain total. We've been in a drought for almost two years but with all of this rainfall I'm guessing the drought might be coming to an end soon.

Yesterday evening we had quite the storm roll through. I was stuck right in the middle of it driving home from work and I was straight up freaked out. I hate stormy weather when I'm alone, tornadoes aren't so scary with a friend is my theory. I was almost to my gravel road when we were right under the "red" of the storm so I decided to head over to Travis' brothers house to take cover as it was only about two miles compared to the six it would take to get home. I got there and then hail started to come down. Not a lot but enough to make me want to hide under the covers in hopes it leaves me and my Tahoe alone. (no damage thank goodness)

Once the storm let up a little I decided to scidaddle home. I knew it was a stupid idea, I knew we received a ton of rain in a short amount of time and since we've gotten so much rain that most of the rain would be flooding because the ground was already soaked up. The rain had no where to go but on the roads so, as you can guess, there was 1-2 feet of water covering my gravel roads. I can distinctly remember four places that water was rapidly washing over the road way but I didn't listen to the little voice that said wait it out. I wanted to be home asap. I made it through the rapids with the Taco and made it home. But, when I was ready to pull into my driveway, here's what it looked like:

Ya, more flooding going on. FML! So much for all that lovely corn we planted, I guess we should have just waited it out... I didn't notice it driving home but on my way to work this morning I counted a handful of pivots that had flipped over due to the high winds. Scary to think I was right next to one of the mangled pivots around the same time it tipped over. To top it all off, we got a call from the neighbor saying his basement was flooding and he needed to borrow our sub-pump to help get the water to leave him home.

Once home and safe I decided to grab my camera and get some shots of the flooding. I don't have the photos with me since I'm at work and typing this up (don't tell the boss) I'll post them later hopefully but the one shot I did post to fbook last night was the one of me. It's tough shooting in the rain without ruining your expensive camera equipment so I choose to cover it with some plastic. I laugh at the shot now but I'm so glad I took it. I look crummy but I just survived a stressful drive home in junk weather. And yes, I did finish up the rest of Travis' oreo pie, I was a hot mess that was worked up after those dang storms. I'll run it off today when I log the other 5 miles needed to hit my 30 miles in 30 days. Get over it. On another note, it's fun to see the person behind the camera once in awhile!

When we got to the neighbors we were quite surprised to see just how much rain they had got. The picture on the right is actually of their pasture. This sucker is at least 6-7 feet deep filled with water. It's pretty much a pool, as long as you don't hit a tree you could swim around and enjoy it. A LOT of rain had to come to fill this sucker up that fast and bring the banks up that high. I really should go back and get an empty shot to show you once the waters are gone.

So, me being the silly entertainment creature that I am, I brought over my swimming goggles, my floaties, rain boots hip waders and some beer. We sat there all evening helping to haul buckets of water outside in hopes that it doesn't get out of control and fill the basement up. About midnight we finally got it under control and the water stopped coming into the basement. What happened was their water dumped into the pasture. Said pasture above is the one it was going into. That means when the water rose it decided to use that pipe to push water into the house. 

I'm so glad we're "those neighbors." The ones that are willing to drop everything and help out in times of craziness like last night. It's nice to know we've all got each others back and in return expect absolutely nothing. I can only assume that they'd stop back over by our house and do the same had something similar happened to us. Joe's came over and tilled my garden while Trav was out in the field busy so luckily for me, I guess it was my turn to re-pay the favor. I really think the good Lord gives us neighbors to better ourselves. By giving us friends to depend on when things get tough. Dumping down almost five inches of rain wasn't exactly the best way to get us out of the drought but I guess it worked. Let's just pray this junk that's expected to go through tonight will pass with no major storm issues.

PS- I sent in these photos to our local newspaper, and they added them to their storm pics! WooHoo for publishing it?! Just kidding, but I'd like to think I'm an all star. Someday Kelsey, someday. Click HERE to see the shots.


  1. OMG Kelsey!!! You better be careful out there!!!! I am gonna send your ass a boat with a motor on it!

  2. glad you're okay!! that first picture is really cool, although also scary! stay safe!!

  3. Yikes! You be careful! And.... did you open up the carabox? I'm desperate to know if you liked it!

  4. Yikes--that is a lot of water! You're right; it's nice to have good neighbors to help each other out.

  5. Wow! That's insane. Hopefully the rain well let up some! I think we are just now catching it here. You are too funny with your floaties and goggles LOL!

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