Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Guest Post: Chrissy from Prayers & Pearls

Well sweet buddies of mine, I've done it again! I've sweet talked someone into stopping by and writing up a little tid bit about themselves to steal my blog for the day. Now I'm not complaining because I love Chrissy and she's so fun to chit chat with and, she's from Tennessee  a place I've always longed to visit. Plus, she gets to plan a wedding! Have I told you that I'm obsessed with wanting to plan a wedding since I was like ten? Ya, it's true. Still don't believe me? Go look at my fifteen plus Pinterest boards filled with wedding jazz! Get to know Chrissy and then go stop by Prayers and Pearls. She won't disappoint I promise! 


Hey Y'all, My name is Chrissy and I'm the mind behind Prayers & Pearls
If you're reading this, you're one of Kelsey's followers which means you're already awesome in my book! :) 

A little about me, I am a southern mess from Nashville, Tennessee.  I'm currently a college student studying Organizational Communication and Human Resources at Middle Tennessee State University and I cannot wait to graduate! :) I twang, I craft, and I'm not sorry. :) I am engaged and planning my wedding to my High School Sweetheart, Jackson.

That brings me to my topic for today; today, I bring to you The Top Ten Tips for Collegiate Brides.
When I got engaged, I had soooo many people tell me how impossible it was planning their wedding during college. 
I'm here to tell you, it's not. It's so much fun when you find a balance.

1. Sign up for theknot.com; it's the best! Once you plug in your wedding date, it gives you TONS of deadlines and tools to make sure you're getting things done in a timely fashion and not cramming it all in at once.  It works whether you're engaged for four months or for twelve.  Put all of the deadlines in your planner right next to your term paper and your exam.

2. Subscribe to bridal magazines! You'll get ideas while reading through magazines. Who doesn't love magazines during Geology!?

3. Decide on bridesmaids early, and consult them often.  Having backup on things like dresses and flowers and things like that saves a headache when you have things like exams and research to do.

4. LET YOUR FIANCEE HELP! I cannot tell you how important it is to let him help.  So many women have grooms that think they just have to show up and say "I Do" which makes your interested man a treasure. TREASURE HIM! 

5.  Do NOT talk wedding 24/7.  Your family, fiancee, and friends would like normal people time with you. Bride time is overwhelming for everyone, including yourself.  Talk in moderation because your classmates don't need to hear about your garters or your lingerie parties. 

6.  Set aside one to two hours per week to make lists, calls, research, etc.  If you don't get everything done in your time, oh well. DO NOT STRESS ABOUT IT! It will get done. Try it next week.  

7.  Do not hesitate to ask opinions, but understand you're opening the floodgates.  Ask your bridesmaids between two dresses which they would like.  More than likely, they'll be split and you'll be confused.  At least you'll be learning math.  Six bridesmaids, two options. They split equally. How many are on both sides? THREE! 
You need a tiebreaker

8. Have fun with it.  If you're a DIY bride, enjoy craft night with your bridesmaids.  It will give you time to gossip, talk about how much homework you're putting off, and 

9. Once you buy your dress, don't look at it all day everyday. As hard as it is, don't watch say yes to the dress. You're going to find flaws and start to hate your own dress.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Leave it at your parents' house if you live out of town or at a friend's apartment.  

10. Sleep.  The last thing everyone needs is you in class being a bridezilla because you're exhausted. 

I hope that helps all of you brides in college planning your dream weddings! :) 
Stop on over at Prayers & Pearls and say hi! I'd love to have you! 


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  1. You're too sweet! :) Thanks for having me! :)

  2. Great tips! I planned my wedding during my senior year of college and yes, it was stressful. But it can be done!


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